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Introducing Stagevu

Here, you can watch and share all your favourite videos, but at a higher quality than on an ordinary video site, thanks to the DivX Web Player. Find out more here.

The DivX Plus Web Player

Better-looking videos!

More than two years ago, Stagevu was created with the goal of delivering better-looking videos than the rest of the web. As a result, we're proud to announce that we have raised the bitrate, or the size of video files, by over 60%. The more data we allot to a video, the less we have to throw out, and we preserve more of the original picture.

This means that newly-uploaded videos on Stagevu will have:

  • Clearer, less blocky pictures!
  • Smoother action!
  • Better-preserved colours!

Upload a new video to see for yourself, and watch your videos the way they should be watched.