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Videos in channel "Wrestling Classics"

Wrestling Classics has a total of 8 videos

WCW Monday Nitro 12/29/97

Thumbnail of WCW Monday Nitro 12/29/97

Bill Goldberg vs. Glacier Chris Benoit vs. Van Hammer Ultimo Dragon vs. Eddie Guerrero (Cruiserweight Title Change) DDP vs. Mortis Disco Inferno vs. Booker T (TV Title Change) Curt Hennig vs. Chris Jericho Lex Luger vs. Buff Bagwell Sting vs. Hollywood Hogan

Language: English; Views: 2781; Length: 85:25; Rating: 33300
Submitter: ecwliveson

1986 WWF.Wrestlemania.2.cd2.

Thumbnail of 1986 WWF.Wrestlemania.2.cd2.

wrestlemania 2 cd2

Language: English; Views: 3510; Length: 64:04; Rating: 55555
Submitter: andy19_

1986 WWF.Wrestlemania.2..cd3.

Thumbnail of 1986 WWF.Wrestlemania.2..cd3.

wrestlemania 2 cd3

Language: English; Views: 2957; Length: 55:41; Rating: 55555
Submitter: andy19_

WWE Vintage Collection 2009/06/28

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Classic matches from the vault.

Language: English; Views: 1180; Length: 45:58; Rating: 33300
Submitter: ecwliveson