Nowadays, it seems like everyone is trying to lose a few pounds. However, there are some people who take this to the next level and lose so much weight that they look like a completely different person. This is not an easy task and it requires strength and a will of steel.

These are the most amazing before and after weight loss transformations that will shock and motivate you at the same time. Without any further ado, let’s see how much losing some weight can change someone’s appearance. #17 and #14 are our favorites!

25. Happily Married

It seems like this couple wasn’t lying when they swore to be together in bad and in good times during their wedding ceremony. Nonetheless, congrats to them! Check out the next picture to see what losing 175 lbs does to a man!

24. 175 Pounds Lighter

The man in this picture is Jason Cohen and he weighed 300 lbs. Jason decided to make an important change in his life and started cycling as a hobby which helped him lose 175 lbs during the course of two years. Make sure to stick around for #18 because that transformation will make your jaw drop!

23. Brighter Smile

Not only does this woman looks more amazing after losing 45 lbs, but her smile got brighter! The next girl on our list lost so much weight that she looks like Marilyn Monroe!

22. Marilyn Monroe Look-a-Like

This woman looks so wonderful after losing weight that someone might mistake her for Marilyn Monroe. Jokes aside, she made an amazing change and this didn’t only affect her looks, but it also made her healthier and happier. Get ready because the next picture will show you how much confidence losing weight gives you!

21. Boost of Confidence

As you can clearly see, this woman’s weight loss filled her with confidence. Losing 120lbs is pretty impressive and she should be proud of this. Check out the muscles on our next girl!

20. Showing Off

Not only is her smile brighter and bigger, but her muscles are also impressive. She definitely has the right to show off every time a camera is around. You know who else loves to show off? Check out the next picture and see for yourself.

19. Hard Work Pays Off

If you ever have doubts about hitting the gym, look at this picture! In case this woman’s transformation is not motivational enough, then make sure you check out #15!

18. Strong Mother

This young mother is an inspiration to everyone who is struggling with losing weight. The after picture looks so much different from what she used to look like! We’re sure that she put a lot of work into achieving her goal. Don’t forget to check out the next picture if you want to see how good curves can look on a woman.

17. Curves

Why does the media insist that people like Kendall Jenner and other super slim celebrities are the standards for beauty? This woman shows us that beauty comes in all forms. The next transformation will definitely blow your mind away!

16. From Nerd to Bad Boy

Isn’t this amazing? If you put these two men together we wouldn’t be able to tell that they’re the same person. If you think this picture is shocking then you need to get ready for what’s coming next!

15. Reasons to Go Shopping

As you can see, losing weight can also be a good reason to go shopping and change your wardrobe! This should be some good motivation to start exercising and sticking to a healthy diet.

Make sure to stick around for the next picture because it will show you the amazing weight loss story of a 21-year old girl who turned into a beauty!

14. Lifestyle Change


This is Jessica Beniquez and she weighed in at 320 lbs during her 21st birthday. Jessica claims that she used to sit in bed and watch TV shows all day long, but this lifestyle wasn’t going too well for her. However, one day she decided to change her lifestyle and the results are amazing! Jessica’s weight loss is truly incredible but the next woman really took it to the next level by losing 370 lbs!

13. Losing 370 lbs in 3 Years

Can you imagine losing 370 lbs? That’s how much two medium-sized adults weight! This is an insane weight loss and it doesn’t look like she is going to stop anytime soon.

12. Completely Different Person

It’s pretty clear how much this girl enjoys looking in the mirror now. These pictures were taken eight months apart and she lost 92 lbs! Stick around for the next transformation because it will leave you in awe!

11. Happy Selfies

This is what I love about seeing before and after weight loss transformations! The smirk on his face and his confidence level are amazing when compared to the original picture. You know who else loves to take pictures? The girl from the next picture.

10. From 233 lbs to 144 lbs

Esbeidy Barrera decided to challenge her looks and start hitting the gym hard! She quickly started seeing results and this motivated her to keep exercising. This is what she looks like after two years of cardio and heavy weights training. Don’t forget to check out the upcoming picture to see how a woman became a personal trainer after going through a massive weight loss.

9. Becoming a Personal Trainer Herself

This is Jovana Borojevic and one day she decided that being overweight is no longer an option. She quickly started working out and dieting which led to a weight loss of 139 lbs. Jovana was so successful with her weight loss that she became a trainer herself! The next picture shows us a man who reached the ideal weight in 10 years, but it was totally worth it!

8. Losing 295 lbs Over a Decade

This man lost 295 lbs over a decade! While that might be a lot of time, losing 295 lbs is surely one of the toughest things someone can achieve. He looks amazing now, especially since he also packed some muscle mass in the process.

7. From Weighing 300 lbs to Becoming a Marathon Runner

Isn’t it crazy how someone can go from weighing over 300 lbs to becoming a marathon runner? Now, this is what a strong power of will can do. While this is impressive, you still won’t believe what’s coming next!

6. Slimmer and Younger!

This amazing weight loss doesn’t only make them look better but younger as well! Who knew that dropping a couple of pounds will make you younger? What the next woman did for her children will make your jaw drop!

5. A Mother’s Love

There’s nothing a mother wouldn’t do for her children and Tara Kavanagh is the best example for that. After giving birth to her second child, she felt like her weight was holding her back from playing and spending time with her kids. This is what drove her to lose 145 lbs. Stick around to see another woman who was also motivated to lose weight by her children!

4. Sophia Vergara Look-a-Alike

Is it just me or she looks like Sophia Vergara? Nonetheless, this is an amazing transformation and huge dresses are just a bad memory from now on. The woman from the next picture needs a new wardrobe as well!

3. One Year Transformation

Now, this is what I call a shocking transformation! Just look at how much thinner she is now, this is truly amazing! Check out the next picture to see another amazing one-year transformation!

2. The Difference One Year Makes

If you ever lack motivation then you just need to look at this picture. This is how much of a difference one year of dieting and exercising will make. The upcoming picture will show you how creative a woman got with her stretch marks.

1. Not Ashamed of Her Stretchmarks

This woman looks astonishing after her weight loss and her method of dealing with stretch marks is quite creative. She looks so good that I bet she could get hired as a model!

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