Introducing your dog to a baby kitten could make anyone nervous, and it’s absolutely normal. There’s no way you can guess how they react, especially when they’re of different species. The kitten could react aggressively and hiss or claw the pooch and your dog could bite it, just to keep himself safe. But, fortunately for Alto, the beautiful and fluffy pooch, he got lucky with a tiny kitten and they even became best friends!

The kitten was abandoned one early morning in front of the door and it woke up the entire house with its tiny meows. What happened next?

20. Alto, The Amazing Dog

Alto is a white Swiss shepherd, and he lives with his family in Warsaw. He is quite a star, winning many prizes in dog shows. He jumps fences and he makes his mommy proud. Look how happy he is in the next photo.

19. Happy to Get Treats!

It was all about cuddles and treats for Alto. He would go, jump, run and then get his reward. But little did he know that he would get a different kind of reward on that morning when the meows started…

18. A Tired Kitten

Basia, Alto’s owner, was a bit confused when at 5 am in the morning, she heard a kitten meowing near her house. She woke up and got out to see what was wrong. You won’t believe what happens next!

17. Spare a Bed?

At her doorstep, the kitten asked for a place to crash… Basia took a video with the kitten and started explaining: ‘A few days ago a small kitty showed up at my doorstep and refused to leave’

16.You Got Chosen

When a kitty comes to your house and won’t leave on its own, then you know that you’ve been chosen. Basia took the kitty inside the house and the meows soon stopped. But who could sleep, with a dog and a kitten unsupervised?

15. How Would Alto React?

In the beginning, it seemed that Alto was too eager to meet his new sibling, so he couldn’t wait to check the smell and give the kitten a lick and see what it is. Was it a toy? He would soon find out…

14. A Good Father

‘I was pretty worried how my dog Alto would react to her but to my utter surprise they got along pretty well,’ said Basia, but she then realized that everything would be alright. Alto was the best father a kitten could wish for.

13. A Sigh of Relief

Alto was a well-behaved pooch, being trained to listen to his owners, so even though the couple feared Alto won’t get along with the kitten, they tried to get them close, one step at a time. Then, Alto did this…

12. My Baby!

When Alto got closer to the ball of fur, he started licking and tending to the orphan. Usually, baby kittens cannot survive without their mothers or without someone to take care of them. But this baby was safe!

11. She is Apache

Basia said ‘I called her Apache and I introduced her to my young shepherd, Alto’. When you see Alto and Apache, it instantly looks like these buddies have known each other for years. And Alto surprised them all…

10. Alto, the Big Goof

Basia said that their pooch Alto is a ‘big goof, a sucker for water and a great dog overall.’ And when he saw Apache, he started giving the tiny kitty tons of wet kisses and love. In the meantime, Alto had to learn a few things…

9. The Excitement!

‘He was absolutely thrilled to be able to sniff her and get close to her,’ said Basia. And Apache absolutely loved the attention, waiting to get her baths and kisses. This is what Alto’s mommy said about her pooch…

8. Wet Doggy Love

Basia said that the kitten ‘took all that wet doggy love pretty patiently! Still working on Alto being a tad more gentle with animals smaller than him.’ And with a caring friend by her side, Apache would grow happy and healthy…

7. Having Fun

Little Apache grew into a beautiful cat and she wouldn’t stop playing with Alto all day long. And when their energy was drained, they’d take a nap together with their mommy!

6. Cuddles and Love

They still cuddle every day and Alto also licks Apache every day. And when night time comes, Alto even allows Apache to sleep in his bed, as he takes the floor. He is quite the caring father.

5. Comfy and Cozy

When Apache would fall asleep next to Alto, the pooch wouldn’t move, fearing his baby will wake up. He was so considerate! And in the meantime, he taught Apache how to do a bunch of stuff, as all parents do.

4. An Adorable Pair

This pair of fluffs is too adorable! Looking back on how Apache was just a tiny ball of fur to now, all grown up, and close to her best friend, it melts our hearts. Sometimes, Apache would do this…

3. Out for a Walk

One day, when Alto and his mommy went on their walks, Apache followed them. So, Basia took Apache in her sweater and continued their walk. This is true friendship and we’re certain that Basia feels very lucky!

2. It’s a Blessing

Watching these two best friends cuddling and sleeping together, playing all day long and following each other through the house is heartwarming. This kitty is very lucky to have found a family that took her in.

1. The Cuddly Fluffs

Alto and Apache are an adorable duo that taught everyone how important it is to have a friend when you’re helpless. It’s an inspiring story!

For more photos of Alto and Apache, check for Alto’s Facebook page, where Basia shares all their stories.

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