It’s difficult to find the perfect friend, but once you find her, you should never let her go. These two Chimpanzees are BFFs and they showed us that they will literally never stop holding hands. If that’s not adorable, then we’re at a loss!

However, the two Chimps had difficult lives, and it’s heart-warming to see them happy and clutching onto one another. Let’s meet Terry and Jeannie…

20. Holding Hands

The two Chimps, Terry and Jeannie, have been filmed from the moment they met. But the staff at the sanctuary wouldn’t have thought they will see this adorable moment.

19. Won’t Let You Go

When they first met, Jeannie and Terry held hands and didn’t stop for a long while, even though one of them was eating. They even change positions and still swap hands to keep contact! Terry’s past will have you in tears.

18. Hugging Each Other

When Terry met Jeannie at the sanctuary, Molly Polidoroff, executive director at ‘Save the Chimps’ sanctuary, said that they ‘went to each other and hugged’.

17. Finding Comfort and Happiness

Even when one of the Chimps needs to lay down or switch positions, they just swap hands to keep holding each other’s hand. But why are they so obsessed with staying together? Here’s why…

16. A Heart-Melting Moment

‘Save the Chimps’ organization wrote on their Facebook page that ‘’Terry recently met Jeannie and they didn’t want to let go of each other’s hand’. But this need of having contact is connected to their unhappy past.

15. Chimps Are Not Loners

Chimpanzees thrive in families, where they can socialize by playing and grooming each other, but neither Jeannie nor Terry got the chance to experience it. So, when they met, they did what their instinct told them…

14. It Was Meant to Be

Talking about their story, the Save the Chimps website wrote: ‘Terry and Jeannie meet for the first time and immediately bond, affectionately taking each other’s hands and holding on tight’. Here’s how Terry got to the sanctuary…

13. Terry the Chimp

On the official website of the sanctuary –, Terry has his own biography. His story begins with being born in California. He was meant to appear in the Ice Capades, being trained by a man…

12. Didn’t Get the Part

Terry didn’t get to perform in the show, so in 1995 his trainer moved him and his Chimp friend Simon to the Las Vegas Zoo. Unfortunately, Simon died a little after getting to the zoo, and Terry was left alone.

11. Getting Regular Visits

Terry was visited by his trainer a few time a week over the 18 years, but animal advocates were outraged because the poor chimp was living alone at the zoo and the living conditions weren’t good enough.

10. A Happy Home

That’s when, after 18 years of not seeing another Chimp around him, Terry was taken to the Save the Chimps sanctuary. The zoo had been closed and Terry needed a place to live.

9. Terry’s Life Would Be Amazing

Terry received a new home, decorated with a lot of blankets, toys, and streamers and the most amazing thing was that he would soon be in the presence of other Chimps like himself.

8. Making New Friends

It was not very difficult for Terry to make new friends. He not only met Jeannie, but he also bonded with Indie and Cayenne. They all got introduced into Bobby’s family and now he and Bobby play all day long.

7. Meeting Jeannie

Jeannie was an elderly female that Terry had the pleasure to meet and had a difficult time to let go of her hand! The other two ladies, Indie and Cayenne have helped Terry learn how to be a Chimp. Here’s how everything started…

6. Learning How to Be a Chimp

For Chimps that lived in isolation for years, it is challenging to learn Chimp behavior, but Terry received a lot of help from the other female Chimps and he was now giving back some love to Jeannie too.

5. Asking for Attention

Terry was a bit suspicious of the staff, but after a while, he got friendly with humans and he even plays with the staff. Now he’s a jealous goofball! When the caregivers only pay attention to another Chimp friend, Terry gets jealous!

4. A Lonely Life

Jeannie’s life was horrible for the past 40 years of her life. She was raised in a laboratory that conducted medical tests on her. She never stepped foot on grass or had contact with another Chimp…

3. Rescued and Living the Perfect Life

Now Jeannie has been rescued from the notorious testing lab and she gets to live the rest of her life with other Chimps. She’s now happy that she found Terry, and they’re both forming a pair. They love to kiss, play and groom each other!

2. The Pair Became an Internet Sensation

The video uploaded by the Save the Chimps sanctuary became an internet sensation and it made its way to the news and to animal websites. Terry and Jeannie continue to love each other still.

1. We’re Getting Our Happy Ending

My former trainer and dear friend is still a part of my life and visits me often,’ said Terry’s biography on the ‘Save the Chimps’ website.

It’s so lovely that these people saved so many Chimps and offered them love, care, and companionship. Terry’s and Jeannie’s stories have touched everyone’s hearts and we’re all happy that they now lead a fulfilling life!

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