Some cats don’t seem to know how tiny they are against bigger animals, but they won’t ever back down. This brave housecat had it in for a lion and she proves her courage while she takes in her enemy. After checking out the lion, the kitty decides: it’s time to strike! Prepare for a great face-off, where the two felines are up for a fight…

And don’t worry, the tiny kitty still ‘stalks’ the yard and bullies some big cats!

20. Baggy the Housemeow

It was one morning, where Baggy had enough! Her human wasn’t paying her enough attention – meaning all the attention, so she had to take out the competition. Even though it was a huge competition…

19. Ready to Stalk the Prey

So, Baggy squirmed out of her owner’s back rubs – quite shocking, right? – and she slowly walked to measure the strength of her enemy. She would soon regain her glory and be left the only ruler of that land.

18. Filming the Great Battle

On his YouTube channel, Derek Krahn filmed and uploaded the whole scene and to everyone’s delight, Baggy became the star of the show. The housecat trots fearlessly to the caged lion and Derek couldn’t be more amused.

17. Noey the Lion

If you’re wondering why there’s a caged lion near a man’s house, Derek Krahn is the director of a feline sanctuary in Texas, where he takes care of big cats. And when his little housecat challenges the lion, Derek’s reaction is priceless!

16. A Regular Day…

Derek usually films his daily chores and posts them online, but little did he know that Baggy would squirm out of his hands to go and attack one of the lions! He would soon see that size doesn’t matter when you’re a brave cat.

15. Behind the Fence

Fortunately for Baggy, her enemy or her ‘prey’ was behind a chain-link fence. Noey was a new resident and perhaps, Baggy wanted to show the big cat who’s the boss around. So, after Derek stroke his housecat, this happened…

14. Running…

The housecat runs toward her prey and stares at the lion. She looks like she’s been training her whole life for that moment! In the back, Derek is not very supportive, shouting: ‘you will lose’ to Baggy. Oh, come, on… Show some support!

13. ‘Baggy, Abort’

In the video, you can hear Derek saying ‘Baggy, abort. There’s nothing to be gained.’ But the cat won’t back down. She has to finish the newcomer and show her who’s the boss in there. ‘That is unnecessary’, continues Derek…

12. The Perspective

Clearly, Derek understood that size, in this battle, really mattered: ‘I don’t think you understand, there’s this perspective and then there’s this perspective,’ said the man, sizing the opponents. Clearly, Baggy was very determined!

11. Going for It

Baggy was now ready to pounce on his prey… If you ever need to get inspired or to gather some courage, come back to the video and let Baggy show you the way. But you have to watch it until the end to understand it…

10. The Kitty DNA

Both animals are felines, so basically Baggy has the heart of a lion. But, unfortunately, the size is all wrong, and not helping her case. However, the housecat won’t back down so fast. Here’s what Derek asks the lion…

9. Showing a Little Perspective

Derek gets close to the fence and shows everyone how big Noey is to the little housecat. He then offers his hand and asks Noey: ‘Why do you have to be instigating these things?’ The lion’s face is so funny!

8. It Wasn’t Me!

Noey looks apologetic and also a bit confused as if he’s saying: ‘But she started it!’ Of course, Derek knows who’s the one with the issues, saying about Baggy that he knows, ‘she’s got little kitty syndrome, she’s got little Napoleon kitty syndrome’.

7. This Isn’t Over!

As if actually realizing that Noey is too big, or not worth the effort, Baggy struts back to the house with her tail up, as if nothing actually happened. That’s one chill cat! But did the issues get settled? Let’s hear it from Derek.

6. A Crazy Housemeow

Derek knows that Baggy ‘has always been a tough little cookie’, but seeing her act like that and challenge a lion, he ‘never thought she was this degree of crazy’. Did he manage to solve the conflict?

5. The Hatchet’s Been Buried

‘All is well, everything settled, and her and Noey are back on speaking terms’, said Derek happy to see that Baggy is no longer trying to attack poor Noey. However, the whole footage became viral and people love it!

4. Millions of Views

The video became so famous after it was watched for over 3,9 million times. Fans were in awe of the brave little cat and commenters wrote all kinds of funny things. One person asked for ‘More Baggy vs. monsters plz’…

3. Miniature Size

Another person added ‘It’s crazypants in miniature size!!’ And a wise person really added some charm to their words: ‘It’s not the size of the cat in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the cat’. And they’re all true!

2. Don’t Mess With Baggy

The main lesson would be not to mess with Baggy because you will probably lose the fight before it even began. Noey tasted the bitter taste of defeat, even though he didn’t get to touch the cat…

1. The Center for Animal Research and Education

Settled in Texas, the sanctuary takes care of over 40 animals like big cats – lions and tigers, but it also houses ring-tailed lemurs and llamas! And you might have also realized who’s the boss of them: Baggy, the Brave Housemeow!

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