A wild story about a man jumping into a frozen lake to save a helpless duck has been making its rounds on the Internet. If there’s anything all of us love, it’s an amazing animal rescue story. You’ll be amazed at the sheer selflessness that this man clearly displayed all for the life of a tiny duckling. You’ll be blown away by how quickly the situation almost turned sour for the both of them!

20. Frozen Lake

Image: 68 North

Thanks to the cold winter climate in Norway, where it can sometimes reach as high as 28°F, frozen lakes are impossible to avoid. In fact, sometimes drivers even drive their car across frozen lakes, hoping to be the masters of nature. Sometimes this works out okay… other times it doesn’t.

19. Driving Through

Image: Daily Mirror

In Norway, people have walked, driven, and skated across frozen lakes. Singer, Ellie Goulding, has recounted how she almost fell into a frozen lake in Norway while driving over in sub-zero temperatures. She even shared an image on her social media account of the lake. Can you imagine plummeting through?

18. Dangerous Situation

Image: NHI.no

As you can see, falling into a frozen lake can be a very scary situation. In fact, it can ultimately be a life or death circumstance. This is why when Lars Jørun Langøien jumped into ice-cold waters to save a duck, it was such an astounding reaction.

17. The Duck

Image: Bored Panda

See the adorable duck pictured above? You see, this wild duck was just minding his own business while taking a walk on the frozen lake. He had no idea that his life would be in danger in just a few seconds.

16. Stuck

Image: Bored Panda

Suddenly the poor duckling fell through a hole in the ice. The duck had no idea that the hole was there and he plummeted underneath the ice and began to freeze and drown. Langøien knew right away what must be done…

15. Langøien

Image: The Rifle Bird

You see, Lars Jørun Langøien, a 38-year-old Norwegian native, had come to the lake with a camera and was initially taking photos of the area. When he spotted the duck he began to focus primarily on the web-footed animal, giving the duck its very own photo shoot. Things were going smoothly until the duck fell through.

14. Hope

Image: A Travel Junkie!

Langøien had come to the lake with a buddy, Yngvil Søholt, and both men were horrified when they saw the duck fall through. Langøien and Søholt watched the duck for a few seconds hoping that it would find its way back up on the surface. However, the duck only became more and more disoriented and was not able to break through the ice with its beak.

13. Quick Reaction

Image: Bored Panda

Langøien knew at that point that he could no longer sit back and idly watch the duck drown to death. In fact, he already had swimwear on! He quickly threw off his clothes and broke the ice and jumped into the freezing cold lake to grab the duck.

But that wasn’t enough to save the duck’s life…

12. Out of the Ice

Image: The Rifle Bird

Finally, Langøien was able to pull the duck out of the water. He placed the duck onto land and then began to pull himself out. However, once they were both on land he noticed that the duck wasn’t breathing!

11. CPR

Image: Bored Panda

Langøien, being the brave rescuer that he was, wasn’t about to give up on the duck’s life that easily. Especially after diving into the water for him. He quickly gave the duck some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

But did it work?

10. Shocked

Image: Bored Panda

When interviewed, Søholt said, “I stood a bit paralyzed and didn’t quite understand what happened. I didn’t have time to think before Lars jumped in and broke the ice towards the duck. He managed to pull it up on solid ground, give it a towel and a bit of mouth-to-mouth, actually.”

9. Langøien’s Words

Image: Vart Land

Langøien who considers himself to be quite the animal lover stated that he knew this was the right decision to make. “It felt like the right thing to do,” Langøien said in an interview.

So did the duck make it out alive?

8. Alive & Well

Image: Bored Panda

Thanks to Langøien’s bravery and love of animals, the duck made it out healthy and alive! Take a look at how happy the duck looks after his life had been saved. Talk about having a guardian angel! You won’t believe the title that Langøien has earned!

7. The Title

Image: Bored Panda

People in Norway are now calling Langøien the King of Ducks. It seems that the title is quite appropriate after such a daring rescue. Langøien’s buddy has even dubbed his pal a real hero for acting so boldly.

6. Happy Situation

Image: YouTube

Thanks to Langøien, this adorable duck gets to live another day! It’s stories like these that remind us that there are truly some amazing people out there in this world.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a duck has found itself in a scary situation. Check out what happened to these next ducks for a shocking tale.

5. Abandoned Ducks

Image: Newsday

Back in 2015, two pet ducks named Cheech and Chong, were abandoned in Lake Ronkonkoma. Animal rescuer volunteers, who knew that the domesticated ducks stood no chance of surviving once the lake froze over, discovered the beautiful white ducks.

4. Duck Rescue

Image: TBR News Media

The entire lake will freeze; they don’t stand a chance,” said Caroline Lee of Douglaston. “There are not that many people willing to come out, but to me, there’s nothing cuter than a big, fat Pekin duck.”

But the ducks weren’t so willing to go…

3. Resisting

Image: Newsday

The ducks put up a bit of a resistance out of fear, but the animal rescuers knew that there would be no food or shelter for these white beauties when the harsh winter made its way. The rescuers assumed that they were most likely abandoned by elementary schools that raise them briefly or by families they get them as novelty pets for Easter.

2. Rescue Done

Image: Newsday

Eventually, the rescuers were able to scoop up the two ducks and place them into the proper care. Everyone cheered as the ducks were saved, knowing that they helped to extend their lives! Who knew there were so many caring people out there?!

1. Amazing Ending

Image: Imgur

It’s amazing to hear so many animal rescue stories that just go right! There are so many amazing people out there who put their lives at risk because the thought of an animal suffering is just too much to bear.

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