Sometimes, as a dog owner, you face difficult choices when your dog gets old and sick. It’s very tough to make the right choice or to figure it out when it’s better for your pet to be put down and not struggle with pain anymore. It’s a very difficult choice, but you must make up your mind. The Coats family had to make this choice for their 10-year old boxer, Zoey.

They said their goodbyes to their old friend and took her to the vet. Little did they know that a few months later after Zoey was put down, they’ll see her again!

20. Terrible News

It came a day for Tawny Coates to say goodbye to her old friend, Zoey. She has had her boxer for 10 years and when her family heard that their pup had a serious tumor that was deadly, they had to decide…

19. A Serious Situation

The family was heartbroken. Zoey’s surgery was very expensive, and they didn’t have the money. They couldn’t afford it, and knowing there wasn’t much to do to make Zoey’s life better, they agreed to get her to a vet.

18. It Was Heartbreaking

The family was in a tough spot. Tawny’s husband has been recently sent to jail for bank robbery, the family lost their home and now the family dog was slowly passing away due to its tumor and seizures.

17. Getting to the Vet

With no hopes left, Zoey was taken to the vet. Little did the family know that walking into that office would turn their lives upside down. Was it a miracle or just a weird turn of events? It shocked everyone…

16. A Final Stab

“This felt like a final stab,” said Tawny Coates. “Like it was just one too many things. I knew it was going to be what pushed my kids to their breaking point.” Her kids loved Zoey a lot and losing her was too much.

15. Saying Goodbye

Jaxton, Coates’ 11-year-old son said he ‘slept with Zoey almost every night. She was my best friend.’ But the kids had to say their final goodbyes. Tawny couldn’t do it herself, so she asked her father to drive Zoey to the vet.

14. The Bayview Animal Hospital

Larry, Tawny’s father, arrived with Zoey at the animal clinic and talked to Dr. Mary Smart. The two talked about the dog’s condition and at the end of the meeting, Zoey was getting ready to be put down.

13. Receiving the Bill

Larry received a $215 bill for having Zoey euthanized and cremated. They even received a sympathy card for their loss from the clinic. But little did the family know that this would happen…

12. Helping Her Kids Heal

After a few months, the family started looking for another dog that would help them get over their loss. They were looking on a rescue organization page that had boxers: ‘I knew we wanted a boxer’, said Tawny.

11. The Boxer Town Rescue Page

‘I knew a boxer would help my son heal,’ said Tawny. So, checking the Boxer Town rescue page, Tawny saw a dog that looked like Zoey: ‘That looks like my dog.’ Then she said that she felt crazy, but as she zoomed in the photo…

10. ‘No, That’s My Dog!’

Taking a closer look at the photo, Tawny saw her Zoey! She then started searching for the truth and realized the story was very strange. So, she called Dr. Smart and asked about her departed pooch. You won’t believe what she said!

9. She’s Alive!

Then the doctor admits that she didn’t put down the dog. That was actually Zoey, she was alive and she was searching for a new family. But how did this happen? Was it a miracle? Some people think otherwise…

8. A Successful Surgery

Dr. Smart couldn’t bear the thought that she will put down a healthy dog and believed she could remove the tumor. So she took the $215 fee, operated the pooch, and as soon as Zoey was feeling better, she was going up for adoption. You won’t believe what happened next…

7. Then Tawny Called

After Dr. Smart talked with Tawny, she realized she did a mistake: ‘I should have called the family. Had I any inkling that they might at all be interested in having the dog back, I would have for sure called.’

6. A Problem of Communication

Apparently, the vet understood that the family didn’t want the dog anymore. Dr. Smart said that after talking with Larry, ‘it just seemed very obvious to me that they didn’t want the dog.’ But Larry had a different story…

5. We Did Not Say that

Larry claimed that he never told the vet that they wanted to get rid of Zoey. Tawny was stunned to hear the vet’s belief… But Dr. Smart’s choice was well intended, she said. Something had to be done!

4. Saving Zoey

Dr. Smart wanted to give the pup another chance and, believing that the previous family didn’t want Zoey anymore, she tried to look for a new family. If Larry’s and Tawny’s story are accurate, Dr. Smart could face serious charges!

3. A Great Outcome

The great thing about this confusion is that Zoey is still alive and healthy, back with the Coates family! Everyone is finally happy, all thanks to the vet’s decision not to follow procedure. This is what Dr. Smart said…

2. Following Protocol or Being Sensible About It?

‘If I had followed protocol, if I had done what Mr. Coates asked me, they wouldn’t have their dog, their dog would have been euthanized and this family would be without their dog’, said the veterinarian.

1. A Happy Ending

All’s well when it ends well! Zoey is back home with her family and she’s healthy and happy! The vet could be sanctioned by the Veterinary Board, but the family chose not to file an official complaint.

After all, they have Zoey back alive!

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