Our story starts when a code compliance officer received a call that sent him to a location where some trash was illegally dumped. As the officer got close to that location, he saw something moving next to a tree. The man decided to check out what was happening and he couldn’t believe his eyes what he saw!

20. Nearby Woods


The “thing” that was moving in the background was in a nearby forest. Luckily, this didn’t scare the code compliance officer and he went straight into the woods. Although, he was surely not ready for what he was about to find.

19. Dog Tied to a Tree


The man couldn’t believe his eyes. It was a dog tied to a tree! Who would do such a thing? Things got even weirder when he saw that there was something next to the dog.

18. Bag of Food


The person who tied this dog to the tree left an open bag of food right by his side. This meant that the person didn’t want the dog to die. What the man saw next was even more frightening than this!!

17. A Handwritten Note


The man found a note on the tree. This is when he decided that it was time to call the local Prince George County Animal Shelter so that they can check it out. You won’t believe what was written on that piece of paper.

16. Message for the Rescuers


The note included a handwritten message to the people who would rescue the dog. Luckily for the pooch, John Greene who is the animal services supervisor at Prince George County Animal Shelter found the note. Let’s take a better look at what it says.

15. His Name is Zeus!


“Hi my name is Zeus. I am a very good dog. My owner just can’t afford me anymore. She tried to find me a home, but nobody would take me” said the note. This is a heartbreaking note and it tells us the story of how Zeus ended up in the woods. Fortunately, things started looking good for him because he was taken to the shelter. Check out how happy he looks after being rescued!

14. Zeus is Rescued


Without giving it a second thought, the folks at the rescue center took Zeus in. Just look at how happy this dog is after eating his first meal at the shelter. But what will happen to him now? It was time to look for a new family…

13. The Animal Shelter


Even though Zeus was at the animal shelter, he was happy to have a home. Being in a shelter is way better than tied to a tree anyways. However, this is not the end of Zeus’s story because the folks at the shelter decided to post his story on social media where everyone coud see it.

12. Looking for a New Family


The shelter employees took a couple pictures of Zeus and posted them on social media in hopes that he might find a new family. Luckily for Zeus, a woman named Katherine Elliot was looking for a new family member!

11. Katherine Takes Zeus In


Katherine knew right from the moment she saw Zeus that she wanted to adopt him. “I was like, I have to go get him”, said Katherine when asked what she thought of Zeus. You won’t believe how happy Zeus looks now that he has a new family!

10. Happy Boy


Zeus is the happiest boy ever since Katherine decided to take him in. Don’t believe me? Just check out the next photo and see how big his smile was on the ride home.

9. Heading Home


As you can clearly tell, Zeus was more than excited to see his new home! To make things even better, Katherine took her young children with her and Zeus loved to play with them. Katherine says that it was amazing to see how quick Zeus and the children got used to each other.

8. Quick Accommodation


Another interesting thing is that dogs usually need a couple of days before they get used to their new homes. Well, this wasn’t the case for Zeus because he started goofing around right from the moment he stepped into the house. Check out what Katherine has to say about his goofy behavior.

7. Big Puppy


“He is like a big puppy. He runs like a horse. He actually gallops”, says Katherine. The reason why Zeus is acting like this is because he is happy that someone wants him and that he is not alone in the woods anymore. Curious to see how Zeus gets along with Katherine’s kids?

6. Belly Rubs


Zeus loves to play around and get belly rubs from Katherine’s kids. But then again, is there any dog that doesn’t love getting belly rubs? Nonetheless, it’s great seeing how happy Zeus is in his new family.

5. Sweet Dreams


This story reminds us of a pair of huskies that were left in the park also accompanied by a handwritten note. This note is even sadder than the one found next to Zeus. Let’s move on to the next picture and see what this note says.

4. Sad Note


“Our names are Jada (black) and Layla (Brown). We are nice 1-year-old dogs. Please don’t split us up. Layla gets scared without her sister”, said the sad note. Fortunately, the dogs were found by a man named Ahmed who just couldn’t leave them out in the park and took them in.

3. Rescuing Jada and Layla


Luckily, Ahmed did the right thing and took Jada and Layla into his car. He then went to the Fresno Furry Friends which is an organization founded by him that takes care of abandoned dogs and helps find them a home.

2. New Lives


Now that Ahmed got Jada and Layla into Fresno Furry Friends’s care, he promised to get them spayed and microchipped in hopes of finding a new home for them. The two huskies got lucky because the park where they were abandoned at was just next to a road where cars were passing by and they could’ve got hit.

1. Looking for a New Home


The Fresno Furry Friends organization still has Jada and Layla at the moment. However, we can hope that they get lucky once again and find someone who is willing to take them both in.

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