Jen Chervin always knew that she was adopted. Her story even made the front pages of newspapers in her town. She had no idea who her biological parents were or why they chose to abandon her. With no starting point to go off, Jen figured that finding them would be impossible. That was until she got a DNA test done and finally figured out, 40 years later, who her parents were. You’ll be shocked when you find out the truth.


20. Jen

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Jen Chervin is a 45-year-old teacher living in Beaverton, Oregon. While her life is pretty normal now, it didn’t start off that way. You see Jen was abandoned on the steps of Fremont Hospital in California on December 18, 1971. No one knew where she had come from…

19. Stormy Night

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It was a stormy night, and I was wrapped in two blankets,” she told KOIN. But that’s all Jen really ever knew about her birth. Everything else she knew was from information printed in the local papers.

18. Christmastime

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She learned that the nurses had found her outside of a fire door because she was crying and they named her Holly Fremont because Christmas was coming up. But that’s all she knew as the mystery behind where she came from rocked her and the entire town.

17. Adopted

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Officers looked into her case, but were unable to find any leads. In the meantime, Jen was adopted by a loving family and grew up to become a math teacher for autistic children. However, despite her caring upbringing, she struggled with her past especially during Christmas.

16. Holiday Sorrow

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Every year on my birthday at Christmastime I would wonder, ‘Is my mom thinking about me?’ Because I would think about her,” Chervin told KOIN. When Jen reached adulthood she began to look for her birth parents but it didn’t turn out well and she got no closer to discovering her roots.

15. Social Media

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After two decades of hopelessly searching with no leads, Jen decided to post onto social media with her birth details. Finally, there was some hope for her after one woman messaged her asking if she had a search angel.

14. Search Angel


I had a woman reach out to me. She sent me a message, and she said, ‘Do you have a search angel working with you?’” A search angel is a person that volunteers to spend time to help individuals who have been adopted. They use their talents to hunt down answers.

13. Search Angel Suggestion

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She said, ‘Have you tried DNA?’ And I thought, ‘What do you mean, DNA?’” Chervin told CBS Sacramento about her conversation with her search angel. Thanks to her search angel’s suggestion, Chervin sent off samples of her DNA to two testing companies. The results she received were unbelievable.

12. Relatives

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I had hundreds of DNA cousins, hundreds,” Chervin explained to CBS Sacramento. “And I’m looking at this page, and it’s people I’m related to, and that was surreal to me.” She then began to piece together her family tree, bit by bit.

11. The Uncle

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As she looked through all of her potential relatives she began to find ones that were willing to have their own DNA tested as well. She finally stumbled across an uncle who volunteered to have his DNA tested. Then his brothers offered to as well and that’s when Jen made the biggest discovery of all.

10. A Match

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Finally, one of the men matched up as her biological father.  “He was shocked and tongue tied,” Chervin described the moment she told her biological father of her discovery. Her father then began to open up about the dark secret that produced her.

9. An Affair

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They’re still married to the same individuals they were married to at the time, so I’m a product of an affair,” Chervin told CBS Sacramento. Her father’s honesty also revealed whom her biological mother and more DNA tests were done. Finally Jen had another uncomfortable phone call to make.

8. Denial

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All the signs lead to you,” Chervin told the woman on the phone that she believed to be her mother. However, her response was far from supportive or even joyful.

She said to me, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’”

7. Trying Again

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Chevrin refused to take that for an answer and so she began to try and win the woman over with her honesty. “I don’t want to hurt you, I just want answers. That’s when she broke down and started crying, and she said, ‘I’m so sorry, and I thought about you every day.’”

6. The Truth

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Her mother then explained the backstory of how Jen ended up on the steps of the hospital alone and abandoned. It seems that Jen’s mother’s husband was serving a tour of duty in Vietnam and during that time her mother stayed in North Carolina with her parents. There she had an affair.

5. The Birth

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Pregnant with another man’s baby, her mother returned to California and gave birth alone in her living room to Jen. After that she abandoned the baby on the hospital steps, hoping to leave the entire incident behind.

[After my mom gave birth to me] she said she held me for a couple of hours. And then she woke up her daughters and put them in the back of the car and took me to the hospital and dropped me off.”

4. All the Details

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Finally, after decades of searching for the truth she was finally given all the answers she needed. On top of that she discovered a bunch of half-brothers and sisters that she had, however, it still wasn’t so simple.

3. Hidden Details

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Her biological mother’s family still had no idea that the affair ever took place.

I know she was shocked that I found her,” Chervin told CBS Sacramento. “One of the first things she said was, ‘You can’t be a part of my family,’ and she said it panicked her, and I said, ‘I know, it’s okay.’” Chervin still hopes to meet with her mother in person one day.

2. Guilt Ridden

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She said she had a lot of guilt and shame that she’s been carrying all these years,” Chervin said. “I told her she needed to let that go.”

Her mother did reach out to her during Christmas after they spoke and sent her a gift: a cross necklace accompanied with a note that said “The cross is a reminder that you are always in my heart.”

1. Closure

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Despite the surrounding events, Jen feels closure after finally discovering her roots and the story of her birth. “It’s my mystery solved,” she told KOIN, happy that she was no longer just the baby that was abandoned in front of the Fremont Hospital so many years ago.

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