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The Last Samurai (2003) 720p BluRay

Thumbnail of The Last Samurai (2003)...

In the 1870s, Captain Nathan Algren, a cynical veteran of the American Civil war who will work for anyone, is hired by Americans who want lucrative contracts with the Emperor of Japan to train the peasant conscripts for the first standing imperial army in modern warfare using firearms. The...

Language: English; Views: 0; Length: 154:11; Rating: 55555
Submitter: barrybrennan

The Core (2003) 720p BluRay

Thumbnail of The Core (2003) 720p BluRay

The Earth's core has stopped spinning. Disasters are appearing all over the world: Birds acting crazy, powerful thunderstorms, 32 people die within seconds of each other when their pacemakers quit working. Dr. Josh Keyes and his crew of five (total members: 6) go down to the center of the Earth...

Language: English; Views: 0; Length: 134:58; Rating: 33300
Submitter: barrybrennan

White Wolves - A Cry In The Wild II FreeOnlineMoviesForum.com

Thumbnail of White Wolves - A Cry In The...

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Language: English; Views: 2338; Length: 78:01; Rating: 55555
Submitter: 2borno2b

A Cry In The Wild 1990 FreeOnlineMoviesForum.com

Thumbnail of A Cry In The Wild 1990...

Alt Links at FreeOnlineMoviesForum.com Over 10,000 Movies & TV Shows Online, Video Games,1500 Classic Arcade Games, Chat, Customizable Profiles, Many Great Features on The Web Site! Requests are 95% found and posted within 48 Hours! Quick Response To Users Needs! 100% Free!

Language: English; Views: 26823; Length: 81:53; Rating: 33300
Submitter: 2borno2b

Pi 1998

Thumbnail of Pi 1998

Max is a genius mathematician who's built a supercomputer at home that provides something that can be understood as a key for understanding all existence. Representatives both from a Hasidic cabalistic sect and high-powered Wall Street firm hear of that secret and attempt to seduce him.

Language: English; Views: 216; Length: 83:47; Rating: 33300
Submitter: eviltv

Creepozoids 1987

Thumbnail of Creepozoids 1987

The year is 1998, six years after the nuke wars reduced the world to rubble and a few bands of wandering survivors. One of these groups stumbles into an abandoned government research facility, where they were working on making the body capable of creating its own amino acids, thus obviating the...

Language: English; Views: 254; Length: 71:58; Rating: 55555
Submitter: eviltv

Night Of The Ghoul aka The Ghoul 1975

Thumbnail of Night Of The Ghoul aka The...

Peter Cushing stars as a former priest who harbors a dark and horrible secret in his attic. The locked room serves as a prison cell for his crazed, cannibalistic adult son, who acquired his savage tastes in India during his father's missionary work there. Cushing fears that his son will escape to...

Language: English; Views: 860; Length: 80:33; Rating: 44440
Submitter: eviltv

Major Dundee (Extended Version) 1964

Thumbnail of Major Dundee (Extended...

During the last winter of the Civil War, cavalry officer Amos Dundee leads a contentious troop of Army regulars, Confederate prisoners and scouts on an expedition into Mexico to destroy a band of Apaches who have been raiding U.S. bases in Texas.

Language: English; Views: 258; Length: 135:51; Rating: 44440
Submitter: eviltv

The Man From Earth

Thumbnail of The Man From Earth

The Man from Earth is a 2007 science fiction film written by Jerome Bixby and directed by Richard Schenkman. The film is rated as one of the top 50 films on IMDB, the internet movies database. Higly recommended.

Language: English; Views: 40872; Length: 87:06; Rating: 44440
Submitter: isam242

Cyborg 2087 aka Man from Tomorrow 1966

Thumbnail of Cyborg 2087 aka Man from...

In the future world of the year 2087, freedom of thought is illegal and the thoughts of the world's populations are controlled by the government. A small band of "free thinkers" send a cyborg back in time to the year 1966 to prevent a scientist from making the breakthrough that will eventually...

Language: English; Views: 466; Length: 85:36; Rating: 55555
Submitter: eviltv

Parasite Eve (1997) Eng Subs

Thumbnail of Parasite Eve (1997) Eng Subs

Toshiaki Nagashima is a biologist who is doing major research on mitochondria. When his beautiful young wife is tragically involved in a car accident which leaves her brain dead in desperation he steals her liver from her body in order to recieve the mitochondria from it to resurrect his wife...

Language: Japanese; Views: 0; Length: 120:58; Rating: 33300
Submitter: cotaman7

Flesh And Blood 1922

Thumbnail of Flesh And Blood 1922

A convict hiding in Chinatown assumes the identity of a cripple to track down a businessman who framed him 15 years previously. He discovers that his daughter has fallen in love with the businessman's son.

Language: English; Views: 67; Length: 73:18; Rating: 33300
Submitter: eviltv

Metropolis 1927

Thumbnail of Metropolis 1927

It is the future, and humans are divided into two groups: the thinkers, who make plans (but don't know how anything works), and the workers, who achieve goals (but don't have the vision). Completely separate, neither group is complete, but together they make a whole. One man from the "thinkers"...

Language: English; Views: 154; Length: 117:54; Rating: 33300
Submitter: eviltv

Hallucinations 1986

Thumbnail of Hallucinations 1986

Three brothers (one who is slow and another who is adopted) have disturbing and violent hallucinations while their mother is at work.

Language: English; Views: 55; Length: 59:01; Rating: 55555
Submitter: eviltv

The Pyx 1973

Thumbnail of The Pyx 1973

A detective investigating the death of a heroin-addicted prostitute uncovers evidence pointing to the existence of a murderous devil cult.

Language: English; Views: 0; Length: 104:34; Rating: 44440
Submitter: eviltv

The Wanderers (1979)

Thumbnail of The Wanderers (1979)

Starring: Ken Wahl, John Friedrich, Karen Allen, Linda Manz and Jim Youngs........ The high school scene of the Bronx in 1963 is ruled by rival gangs. The Wanderers are the Italians-only gang, ruled by a group of streetwise, fast-talkin' boys looking for good times and pretty girls in the...

Language: English; Views: 840; Length: 112:09; Rating: 55555
Submitter: Texasdude

Parasite Eve [Parasaito Ivu] (1997)

Thumbnail of Parasite Eve [Parasaito...

Parasite Eve (1997) [VHS Rip English Subbed] Starring: Hiroshi Mikami, Riona Hazuki, Tomoko Nakajima IMDB:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119860/

Language: English; Views: 3856; Length: 121:05; Rating: 33300
Submitter: Werewolf

THE TALL MAN~HDRip~Horror/Thriller

Thumbnail of THE TALL...

When her child goes missing, a mother looks to unravel the legend of the Tall Man, an entity who allegedly abducts children. Trailer~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_QqA0sDMec

Language: English; Views: 0; Length: 105:59; Rating: 33300
Submitter: kevibhoy67

Tombstone (1993)

Thumbnail of Tombstone (1993)

Starring: Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Michael Biehn, Powers Boothe, Robert John Burke and Dana Delany....... The life and times of the famous cowboy outlaw turned town-taming marshall, Wyatt Earp. Story focuses on the build up to the gunfight at the OK Corral, located at the outskirts of the town...

Language: English; Views: 232; Length: 129:48; Rating: 55555
Submitter: Texasdude

Def Con 4 1985

Thumbnail of Def Con 4 1985

Two men and a woman circle the globe in a satellite armed with a nuclear device. The third world war breaks out, and a few months later the satellite crashes. They survive the crash but one man gets killed by survivors and the other man gets caught. The woman stays by the remains of the the...

Language: English; Views: 555; Length: 89:37; Rating: 44440
Submitter: eviltv