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Metal: A Headbanger's Journey (2006)

Thumbnail of Metal: A Headbanger's...

A 2006 Rockdoc film on Heavy Metal music scene/lifestyle by degreed anthropologist Sam Dunn. Written by Sam Dunn & Scott McFadyen. Features mostly rock of the Heavy Metal & Hardcore genres and the sub-genres they spawned. Begins with roots of heavy metal i.e. Black Sabbath. Lots of interviews...

Language: English; Views: 6145; Length: 98:08; Rating: 55555
Submitter: HUNKPAPA7
Language: English; Views: 968; Length: 28:34; Rating: 55555
Submitter: TOMMY D
Language: English; Views: 422; Length: 7:26; Rating: 33300
Submitter: BloodLust

Fight the New World Order with Global Non Compliance 2008

Thumbnail of Fight the New World Order...

(http://www.thecrowhouse.com/ftnwo.html) The German Philosopher Johann Von Goethe, once said, there are none more hopelessly enslaved, than those who falsely believe they are free... The Revolution is not coming... The Revolution is now... (http://www.thecrowhouse.com)

Language: English; Views: 2054; Length: 27:07; Rating: 55555
Submitter: nYx-64

Journey To The Edge Of The Universe [National Geographic][HD]~Ipsit-Akshi~

Thumbnail of Journey To The Edge Of The...

Anyone who watches this documentary and does not walk away feeling absolutely humbled or at the very least - completely blown away needs to re-evaluate their mind. This is just such a piece of work. I have seen countless documentaries on astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology etc. but nothing has...

Language: English; Views: 20687; Length: 93:21; Rating: 55555
Submitter: ipsit

witches hammer.BDIVIDZ

Thumbnail of witches hammer.BDIVIDZ

A very popular movie on the medieval persecution of witches (inquisition).

Language: English; Views: 4288; Length: 91:21; Rating: 33300
Submitter: robertdempster


Thumbnail of God.on.Trial.2008.avi

A must see film.

Language: English; Views: 3044; Length: 85:20; Rating: 55555
Submitter: princessdeanna

phantom tollbooth.avi

Thumbnail of phantom tollbooth.avi

The Phantom Tollbooth is a live-action/animated film based on Norton Juster's 1961 children's book The Phantom Tollbooth. This film was produced by Chuck Jones and the live action portions by Dave Monahan, produced by MGM Animation/Visual Arts, and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to movie...

Language: English; Views: 11871; Length: 89:14; Rating: 55555
Submitter: vibes

Sam Kinison - Why Did We Laugh?

Thumbnail of Sam Kinison - Why Did We...

Why Did We Laugh? A Documentary of Sam Kinison Written & Directed by Larry Carroll 1997.

Language: English; Views: 3604; Length: 93:50; Rating: 55555
Submitter: redblunt09

Christopher Titus: Love Is Evol (2008)(DVD Rip)

Thumbnail of Christopher Titus: Love Is...

Divorce, dysfunction, and a Diesel jeans model all add up to another painfully funny stand-up performance by Christopher Titus. With apologies to Barbra Streisand, not for Titus is love soft as an easy chair. It is, to hear him tell it, a dark, dark abyss that inspires thoughts of suicide and...

Language: English; Views: 15045; Length: 83:58; Rating: 55555
Submitter: Brandon_006

Dave Chappelle: For What It's Worth

Thumbnail of Dave Chappelle: For What...

8.3/10 Imdb Score. One of Dave Chappelle best stand-up's

Language: English; Views: 26547; Length: 57:50; Rating: 55555
Submitter: bboybram


Thumbnail of scrubs.8.11.720p

re1ease.net the latest releases uploaded

Language: English; Views: 3432; Length: 21:09; Rating: 33300
Submitter: bonyjoe

AC/DC "It's A Long Way To The Top [If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll]" (1975)

Thumbnail of AC/DC "It's A Long Way To...

AC/DC "It's A Long Way To The Top [If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll]" (1975)

Language: English; Views: 2908; Length: 5:19; Rating: 55555
Submitter: Uncle Spellbinder

AC/DC "Highway To Hell" (1979)

Thumbnail of AC/DC "Highway To Hell" (1979)

AC/DC "Highway To Hell" (1979)

Language: English; Views: 2527; Length: 3:26; Rating: 44440
Submitter: Uncle Spellbinder

Police Squad - 05 - rendezvous at big gulch (terror in the neighborhood).avi

Thumbnail of Police Squad - 05 -...

The mob sets up an "insurance" scam that threatens several businesses and residents. Frank and Nordberg go to investigate. After a dance instructor is beaten up, they set up their own shop - a key-making and locksmith store - and go undercover. When the mob stops by to offer them "insurance,"...

Language: English; Views: 2038; Length: 22:20; Rating: 55555
Submitter: lexaris

The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

Thumbnail of The Star Wars Holiday...

Online Video Community: http://www.ministryofunderworld.com/portal.php

Language: English; Views: 13293; Length: 107:32; Rating: 44440
Submitter: GCypher

iPhone SIM free - unlock.wmv

Thumbnail of iPhone SIM free - unlock.wmv

iPhone SIM free - unlock

Language: English; Views: 1777; Length: 10:09; Rating: 33300
Submitter: nas

Rush - Exit Stage Left (1981)

Thumbnail of Rush - Exit Stage Left (1981)

Canadian power-rock trio Rush (Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson & Neil Peart) perform live. 1. limelight 2. tom sawyer 3. the trees 4. xanadu 5. red barchetta 6. freewill 7. closer to the heart 8. YYZ 9. by tor and the snow dog 10. in the end 11. in the mood 12. 2112

Language: English; Views: 4365; Length: 59:18; Rating: 55555
Submitter: webpro

LED ZEPPELIN - Live on Copenhagen TV

Thumbnail of LED ZEPPELIN - Live on...

LED ZEPPELIN - Live on Copenhagen TV

Language: English; Views: 6231; Length: 31:41; Rating: 55555
Submitter: Alrock

AC/DC - Baby Please Don’t Go (TV April 1975)

Thumbnail of AC/DC - Baby Please Don’t...

AC/DC - Baby Please Don’t Go (TV April 1975)

Language: English; Views: 3256; Length: 3:52; Rating: 55555
Submitter: Alrock