This story starts back in 2013 when Reiner and Silke Schimpf who are photographers and marine guides spotted Sira, a disabled orca. After taking a couple pictures of Sira, the underwater beast ran away. The two photographers were saddened to see that Sira is disabled and knew that the odds were stacked against her, but this wasn’t the last time they would see her!

20. Meet Sira

Rainer and Silke Schimpf got on a boat ride in 2013 and that’s when they first spotted Sira. This poor whale was badly injured and things were not looking good for her. However, the two photographers crossed paths with Sira once again, and she wasn’t alone!

19. Meeting For The Second Time

A couple of years passed since the two photographers parted ways with Sira and they forgot about her. However, something amazing happened when they decided to take a boat ride out at sea in Algoa Bay, South Africa.

18. Maritime Guides

The job of maritime guides is not an easy one, but it’s surely beautiful. Keep reading and you’ll see what I am talking about.

17. Taking Amazing Photos

As we can clearly see, working as a maritime guide goes hand in hand with being a photographer. The couple knew how to choose their jobs. Let’s see how the couple crossed paths with Sira.

16. South Africa

The couple was cruising along the waters of South Africa following a pod of 1000 dolphins. Little did they knew, those dolphins were running away from something. What could that be?

15. Running Away

The huge 1,000 pod of dolphins were running away from something. This was quite strange because the maritime guides didn’t see anything chasing them. You won’t believe what happened next!

14. Splashing Water

The dolphins were panicking so hard that they started splashing water. Yes, those are not waves! They are actually just scared dolphins. Let’s see what Rainer Schimpf had to say about this.

13. Dolphin Documentary

“We had been following this massive pod of dolphins for a couple of months with different film crews as well as tourists and on this particular day when we encountered the dolphins they were very nervous”, said Rainer. Something strange was happening and Rainer was sure of that.

12. Killer Orcas

Rainer realized that the dolphins might be chased by orcas because he and his filming crew spotted them 5-6 days ago around the same area. This is when something weird really happened!

11. Huge Orca

As Rainer and his team were filming the dolphins, a huge orca popped out of the water. The weird thing about this is what Rainer recognized the orca! Could it be Sira?

10. Distinctive Marks

Rainer was sure that the orca he saw is Sira! The reason why he was so sure is that Sira had two distinctive marks such as the missing right fin and…

9. Dorsal Fin

The second distinctive mark that helped Rainer realize that Sira is next to him is the fact that this orca’s dorsal fin was damaged, just like Sira’s.

8. Familiar Face

The craziest thing about this whole encounter is that Sira was leading the other orcas in their hunt! Rainer was happy to see this, especially since he thought that Sira’s injuries would make it hard for her to survive underwater.

7. Amazing Reunion

The couple couldn’t believe their eyes what they were seeing and they started taking more pictures. The next couple of photos will leave you in awe!

6. Doing Tricks

Sira loved the attention she was getting and she put on a show for the photographers! The next photo is even more incredible than this one.

5. Huge Splash

This huge water splash should give you an idea of how heavy orcas can be. The dolphins don’t stand a chance against them.

4. Overcoming The Odds

What’s truly incredible is how Sira overcame the odds and became the leader of the pack despite her disabilities.

3. Leading The Pack

Orcas are very picky about who they choose to lead them and this means that they fear and respect Sira. Can you imagine how strong Sira must be if the other orcas let her lead even though she is missing her right fin?

2. Hunting Dolphins

Sira’s pack was made from five orcas in total and they all were set on hunting dolphins. We’re lucky this incredible moment was captured on camera because no would believe how one disabled orca managed to get four others to follow her.

1. Against All Odds

The most important thing that we can take from this amazing experience is that we should never let our disabilities get in the way of our success. Not only that, but Sira’s story shows us that no matter how bad things are going, we can always overcome our problems.

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