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#26 2011-03-05 09:15:44

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Re: What about our missing videos

Rosa Bohemia wrote:

Bye Bye admins, Rosie is done, I'm giving out my sources, listing the sites I use to get videos, anyone who wants them can have them. I'm done defending you, I'm done bolstering your site and I'm done with you. All I asked was for the courtesy of a response and you have failed to provide that. I will start posting links to other sites where people can find the videos that I had here that are now missing.....and if you want to delete my accounts for doing that, then go right ahead.
most of my videos came from Megaupload, but MU is not searchable, you need a third party site to do that. These sites might not be as user friendly as SV but I'm sure most of you will figure them out.
and you can also get lots of great stuff from Rapidshare, but you need to learn how to unrar the files. Here is a great site for links to Rapid
http://bolt.org/board/index.php   here you will not only find videos but also music, audio books, magazines.... I use Jdownloader to download from Rapid, and it unrar's the vids for you.
This site I'm not sure about but others use it
and please follow the links from Icefilms to their partner sites.
And if you want a site with a great community like we have here at stagevu,
lots of good folks there.
BTW...a paid membership at Megaupload is totally worth the money. The downloads are fast, the quality is usually better than SV....and oh, did I say FAST......I can download 12 films from Mega in the time it takes me to download 4 from SV..... using Icefilms for the links and downloading from mega, the only thing I don't get is community and the fun of uploading... I can live without that.

Now frankly, what I just did, I consider that rude and totally inappropriate to post those links on this forum.....and that's what you get admins for being rude and totally inappropriate by flat out refusing to answer our questions and deal with the problems this site is suffering from. Terminate me if you want, I don't care.

Rosie I would really like to thank you and ALL uploaders on this site that have spent untold hours just so "WE SLUGS" can have something to watch.I wish I could figure out how to do what you guys do. I understand your frustration.I have been on this site for sometime not and I have seen it go downhill.I hope things get straight.



#27 2011-03-05 16:37:34

Rosa Bohemia
From: Mexico
Registered: 2009-12-03
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Re: What about our missing videos

Thank you mantis and all other members who have been supportive of the uploaders here, we appreciate it. I just read in another thread
that there is a reason behind the disappearance of vids and site troubles, and I just want to say that I wish the admins well, I hope the problems resolve in their favor, and I hope they can rebuild this site to the level it was at before the 'troubles' began. And thank you to esCo456 for updating us on this situation.



#28 2011-03-06 03:11:33

Registered: 2011-01-14
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Re: What about our missing videos

Rosa Bohemia wrote:

And thank you to esCo456 for updating us on this situation.

No problem wink You've been a great member and a rational voice on the forum which as you can see has lots of irrational people. As you can see from the msg I gave that was emailed to me and others it wasn't before long that I was attacked with such comments as, "I don't know from under what rock you crawled, but I find and have found, your presence here to be like a bad case of the runs. Always spewing shit." - always from the same person but it's a shame people have become so uncivil...

If I was a betting man I'd bet that whatever happens - SV will never return as a sharing site. That's just from my experience, I've never seen a site like this be able to continue after this happens... It does suck. This site has become a place with more than movies. I met a lot of great people here. 3 years is a pretty good run though and if you've been around a long time have probably gone through this before, so everyone that has friends will still be able to keep in touch, and there's other sites with our friends.

At least it didn't happen instantly - like coming here one day and finding "page not found." So at least even now the site is still up so we can contact our friends so we can keep in touch, and find out about new sites and where everyone's at wink

"Believe in none of what you hear and half of what you see"... - Assata Shakur



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