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#1 2011-02-21 07:24:01

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plugin crashed

trying to downlaod a film, clicked on thumbnail and a message pops up stating that the plugin as crashed for the divx web player... redownloaded the divxplus and still get the same ... plz help



#2 2011-02-21 12:50:29

Registered: 2011-02-15
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Re: plugin crashed

I know that I shouldn't try to help anyone considering that recently people have not been appreciative of it. But I will try again in hopes that you will figure this out for your self. Most of this information is already here for you to read. Here is a post from another helpful member.

esCo456 posted this:

"Maybe someone can sticky this??? because there's a lot of people having a problem and instead of checking through posts they just make a new one...

If you're suddenly having a problem with streaming most people if not all have switched to the older version of the DivX Web Player which has fixed it. So I would try this first... If this don't work, I'm listing some other threads where this was discussed... PS - thank Grant for the fix and providing links, I'm just compiling it in one thread wink

Try this first- it should fix your player...

http://download.divx.com/divx/oldversio … lerv15.exe

http://download.divx.com/divx/oldversio … Macv14.dmg

Similar Threads Regarding Issue:

http://stagevu.com/forum/viewtopic.php? … 0111"

In case you don't like to dig for info I have compiled this information:

"Downloading Videos:

Often, when you click on the "Download" link, your browser may attempt to open the video in its default media player. In Windows, this is Windows Media Player; in Mac OS X, it is Quicktime.

To actually be able to download a file in these situations, right click on the Download button, and click "Save as..." or "Save Target As...". A dialog box should then appear asking you for where to save it to."

It is better to use DIVX to download in my opinion. Here is an easier way to download movies. I cut and pasted this from another post I made in another thread:

You can set DIVX to automatically download the movie to your My Documents video folder for later viewing. You just have to let the movie fully load till the end for it to complete the process. Just find the movie and then press play and let it load then press pause or just watch it in full. It should load on its own after you press pause or while you are watching it.

Here is how you do it:
Right click the video window and in the right click menu  find  preferences at the bottom and click it. Then find Auto-save all video downloads and tick it. Then you should have downloaded your movies in your My Documents video folder.

I hope that helps. If not then good luck figuring it out. wink

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