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#1 2011-02-17 13:18:36

Registered: 2009-10-28
Posts: 214

Server n61 is Down

First 30 vids I uploaded to (after upload being enabled for a while) ALL went to server n61 and this server is down, giving the same "Cannot be connected" message like usual. So I thought I have to re-upload everything again, but then upload is disabled. So basically, wasted all these efforts and time to upload for nothing, since the server the vids land on isn't even working. And now I cannot fix it either, seeing that upload is down again.I don't mind all these problems, but my question is: Is it at all possible to move all vids that are on n61 to other working servers? Or is server n61 going to be fixed any time soon?



#2 2011-02-17 21:50:11

Registered: 2011-01-14
Posts: 236

Re: Server n61 is Down

Sorry Generic, you've worn out your welcome. You upload way too much!!! Share too much!!! People like you need to be put on a leash and limited to just a few downloads a day because it's your uploads that fill up the site and make it go down... You are completely out of control... A serial uploader - that's what you are... You got nerve bringing such great content to the site!!! Shame on you!!!

LOL... Me and Gen are good buddies I'm jus' jokin' with him smile ... Without people like him there wouldn't be anything on this sight... I cannot believe people are complaining that the top uploaders are the problem cause they upload too much!!! To funny!!! Anyways, catch you later homie wink

Do people realize there's probably no more than 10 people here, out of more than probably 100,000+ users, that share the new releases that come straight from the release groups. 6 months ago there was maybe 20 people that did this... What's going to happen when the remaining 10 (at best) leave? Well, the site will probably function much better because there won't be much traffic or storage issues... Won't be much to download either... You can always buy more storage but can't buy more uploaders wink

Thanks for your great contributions to the site and being a very friendly person to everyone wink Luckily I can post in the forum without retribution from trolls because I don't upload anymore wink

By now the biggest contributors to the site have learned to avoid the forum because god forbid they disagree with someone next thing they know their uploads are trashed, reported, pages spammed, etc...

Much Respek,



"Believe in none of what you hear and half of what you see"... - Assata Shakur



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