Canada ehCanada is among the best countries you could live in. In fact, they have three of the most habitable cities in their territory. With universal healthcare, not to mention a great number of opportunities for different professions, you could make an argument that it is better living in Canada than in the US. If you’ve been living in Canada for a while, there will be some habits that you will develop. Here are 10 signs that you’ve been living in Canada for too long.

You use Eh in your sentence

If Australians use “mate” in every sentence, you have Canadians using “eh”. This makes Canada distinct on how they talk. You’d easily be able to tell if he or she is living in Canada for too long if you hear “eh” every five minutes of your conversation.

You don’t worry about health insurance

With universal healthcare, Canadians don’t worry about their going to the hospital without health insurance. As long as it isn’t just for aesthetics such as nip tuck, or cosmetic surgery, expect the Canadian government to cover all the expenses.

Automatic tipping

If you are going to a restaurant, you may be accustomed to just tip how much you want depending on how good the service is. If you are living in Canada long enough, you’d probably be tipping around 15-20% of the actual price. This is typically practiced regardless if the service is mediocre or not.

You somewhat learn how to understand French

If you go to Quebec, most likely, you won’t have a decent paying job if you don’t speak French. For Canada, they have French immersion wherein subjects are taught completely in French. Even for someonewho hasn’t undergone French immersion, if you’ve been in Canada for quite some time, it is expected that you have an understanding of the language to some degree.

You begin to love hockey

canada hockeyIf you have Americans go crazy about American football especially during Superbowl, you have Canadians who love watching hockey! In fact, you may have heard about riots that transpired coming from hockey games.

You become politically correct

Canadians are conscious to the words that they use. For instance, they make sure that they are always politically correct. If you are used to using terms like “Native American”, this is not used by Canadians. Instead, they prefer to call them “First Nations”.

Adorable and unique slang phrases

Canada is also known for their adorable slang phrases. If you’ve been in Canada for quite some time, you will unconsciously hear yourself referring to the toilet as biffy. Or, you may start referring to a 24 pack beer as two-four.

Comfort foods

Canadians have a different kind of preference when it comes to comfort food. In fact, Hershey’s Chocolate developed a creamier version of chocolate meant for the Canadian market. Among other things that they love is a peanut butter ice cream and cookies.

You get irked when you Canada is compared to US

Canada and USAnother sign that you are already a legit Canadian by heart is when you get irked when you hear people compare Canada to the US. Being compared to the US is at times a touchy subject for most Canadians. Regardless if it is about the health care system that Canada implements or about Hockey, most Canadians won’t like being compared to the US.

You get goosebumps singing “O Canada”

Lastly, if you are having goosebumps when you hear O Canada, most likely, you have immersed yourself too long in Canada.



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