When animal rescuers were alerted to a random German Shepherd hanging out in a cemetery they knew they had to head over there immediately. As they approached the grave they did, in fact, find the dog that was reported standing over a grave. However, the reason why the dog was keeping guard was highly unexpected.

20. Viral Photo

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Back in 2015, a photo became a viral sensation amongst the animal loving community. The picture originated from Serbia and showed what looked like a German Shepherd mourning the loss of its owner. Everyone immediately felt sad over the photo…

19. Social Media Response

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Everyone on social media shed a tear for what they assumed was a loving dog guarding over their owner’s grave. After all, it’s not completely unheard of, as many dogs have been known to mourn their owners. However, in this situation that just wasn’t the case.

18. True Story

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One of the most famous stories of a dog guarding the grave of its owner was that of Skye Terrier, Greyfriars Bobby. The dog allegedly stood over the grave of his owner for 14 years until he died himself in 1872. So do dogs feel emotions the same way we do?

17. Emotional Development

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Anyone that owns a dog will tell you just how much their dog loves them and is happy to see them, but is there truth to that? According to Professor Stanley Coren of Psychology Today’s Canine Corner, dogs do love their owners. Dogs have the emotional development of a two-year-old and thus can love the ones that care for them.

16. Serbian Dog

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While it has been proven that many dogs can and have mourned their owners, this wasn’t the case with the Serbian German Shepherd. The real reason for the dog’s appearance in the cemetery was lost in translation. So why was the dog there? You’ll be surprised when you find out.

15. The Call

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When the call about a dog hanging around unattended in the cemetery was made, animal rescuer Vesna Mihajloski answered it. Mihajloski headed to the cemetery to find the dog with the intention of finding her a new home. Eventually, she stumbled across the grave.

14. Observing

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Although she spotted the dog near the grave, Mihajloski didn’t immediately disturb the dog. Instead she observed from a short distance in order to see what exactly the dog was doing near the grave. Why was the dog hanging out there?

13. Paying Attention

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As Mihajloski continued to watch she made a very interesting observation. The dog wasn’t actually sitting on top of the grave but was actually burrowing under. She would leave the hole and then come back periodically. Mihajloski quickly grew curious.

12. The Reason

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When she walked over to the hole, Mihajloski quickly discovered why the dog was staying there. It seems that the dog had given birth and created a den for her puppies to stay safe in. It was incredibly lucky that the rescuer did not disturb the dog before finding out about the pups.

11. Fortunate Circumstances

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You see if Mihajloski had been too rash in her actions the puppies would have been left all alone with no one to fend for them. It would be unlikely that they would have survived since they were so small and were still very dependent on their mother.

10. Imgur User

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An Imgur user called FakeToupet was the original user that posted about the graveyard dog. He commented on the photos he posted, saying, “You can see the den [she] created and just how compact it was. While it wasn’t ideal, it was the best she could find.”

9. Lucky Pups

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Although the mother was trying her best to take care of them, the puppies were still struggling in their surroundings. “The puppies were very frail and were lucky to have been found,” FakeToupet wrote on imgur. However, once Mihajloski discovered them it was the start of a new life.

8. Saving Grace

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Mihajloski quickly took the puppies and the mother in and made sure that they were taken care of. They were placed into a warm bed with blankets and fed on a regular basis and given medical treatment. Faketoupet, however, attempted to contact Mihajloski to find out more information on the mama and her pups.

7. More Information

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Faketoupet found out that the dogs were given names as they waited to be adopted into their new homes. They lovingly called the mother dog “Mama” because of how well she worked to take care of her puppies when she ultimately had so little to give.

6. Updates

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She was quite the lovely mother to the puppies,” Faketoupet posted. “And it appears she is very sweet towards humans as well.” However, no one knows what exactly her life was like before she was discovered at the cemetery.

5. The Babies

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The only things that were known was that Mama had two beautiful girl pups named Eli and Grace and two handsome boy pups named Freddie and Boomer. Faketoupet wrote, “I’m not sure on [Eli’s] personality, but it appears she is a sweet little girl. [Grace] is quite the stunner in my opinion, looking quite similar to her mom.”

4. Personalities

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Freddie was described as a ‘serious, gentle and kind’ puppy who would be good in a family. He’s got such a sweet little face,” wrote Faketoupet. Unfortunately, little Boomer soon caught ill…

3. Illness

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Out of nowhere, Boomer became incredibly ill with a parasite called Babesia canis. While it took him a bit of time to get better, Boomer made a full recovery and was back to himself in no time because of his little fighter spirit. Without the proper medicine and food, who knows what could have happened to him or the other pups…

2. No Updates

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Unfortunately, since their rescue none of the pups have been able to get adopted. The last update was posted on September 4, 2016 and no one has stepped forward with any new information on Mama and her four pups. Everyone has been left wondering what has happened with these four pups and their mama.

1. Kindness

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Thanks to the kindness and compassion shown by Mihajloski the mother and her pups were able to get out of the cold with barely any food into the comfort of a bed and regular feedings. It just goes to show you how a small act of kindness can go a long way in improving the world we all live in.

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