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Classics Collector

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43 year old
Joined:March 7, 2012
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Location: Region 2 (UK)
http://stagevu.com/user/Classics Collector

Hi guys,thank you all for your generous uploads.
Seriously into Martial Arts,Love C-G-I Movies.

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4 days ago: favourited Man vs Wild - S01E01 Rockies
4 weeks ago: favourited Ichi the Killer (2001) Eng Subs
4 weeks ago: favourited THE TWELVE GOLD MEDALLIONS
4 weeks ago: favourited Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu (2011) Eng Subs

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8 months ago: published InsidetheWhore2012BBRip
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channie Y.N.W.A
4 months ago: added a video, Entity 2012 DvDRip, to channie's movies
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Dan Addi
11 months ago: published Dont Look Down - Series 1 Episode 1 (HD)
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3 months ago: published Aqua - My Mamma Said
Classics Collector wrote 1 year ago: Hi nYx-64,i am so sorry its taken so lon
Hi nYx-64,i am so sorry its taken so long to reply,5 months.you're welcome.i'm still learning how to use this site.we're friends on another site.
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nYx-64 wrote 2 years ago: Hey there, thanks for the friending! :)
Hey there,
thanks for the friending!
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