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The Actor's Checklist serves as a news and information source for media arts and communication ... More

The Actor's Checklist serves as a news and information source for media arts and communication professionals, and entertainment entrepreneurs. It achieves this by providing networking, connection and video exposure tools site visitors use to accomplish their goals. Chief among this are dynamically updated news and information items found throughout the sites many pages as typified by the news and events page at: http://www.actorschecklist.com/news.html. There is also a site blog archiving all events, an RSS/XML feed to plug into a news reader, an SMS text alert group that signals your cell or Blackberry of news and information updates, and now a podcast directory featuring audio and video podcasts to view or download to your ipod or iPhone at http://actorschecklist.com/loudblog/. 

The focus is on media and entertainment industry news, conferences, networking events, talent competitions, media financing, workshops and contests, new digital media distribution technologies, and upcoming event information for all media professionals in aligned entertainment and communications industries. The Actor's Checklist has launched its free home video showcase at http://www.actorschecklist.com/video/. Less

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