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Videos submitted by Gone_Around_The_Bend

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I Was A Teenage Zombie (1987)

Thumbnail of I Was A Teenage Zombie (1987)

This ultra low-budget, punk-rock-style zombie flick sets a group of teens against an evil drug dealer. After his tainted goods kill one of their friends, the group scrags the dealer, but immersion in a toxic swamp turns him into a bloodthirsty zombie. How can our heroes triumph? Simple: Pit...

Language: English; Views: 0; Length: 91:25; Rating: 33300
Submitter: Gone_Around_The_Bend

El Crimen Perfecto 2004 (Eng. Subs)

Thumbnail of El Crimen Perfecto 2004...

Also known as Crimen Ferpecto or The Perfect Crime. Rafael (played by Guillermo Toledo), a seductive and ambitious top department store salesman with his pick of the comely female staff, thinks he has the perfect life -- that is, until a bitter rivalry with older co-worker Don Antonio (played by...

Language: English; Views: 0; Length: 98:27; Rating: 55555
Submitter: Gone_Around_The_Bend

Lady Snowblood 1973 (Eng. Subs)

Thumbnail of Lady Snowblood 1973 (Eng....

Set in turn-of-the-century Japan, the samurai cult classic Lady Snowblood stars Meiko Kaji as the avenging assassin Yuki, a young woman whose father is murdered and her mother raped and imprisoned by a sadistic gang of criminals. The prison-born Yuki is trained from birth to be a ruthless...

Language: English; Views: 0; Length: 97:04; Rating: 44440
Submitter: Gone_Around_The_Bend

A Killing In A Small Town (1990)

Thumbnail of A Killing In A Small Town...

Inspired by actual events, Candy Morrison (played by Barbara Hershey), a bible-school teacher and quiet respected member of a conservative Texas community, initiates an adulterous affair with a neighbor. When he breaks it off, his wife is found brutally mutilated by an ax, and Candy is charged...

Language: English; Views: 0; Length: 92:42; Rating: 44440
Submitter: Gone_Around_The_Bend

A Lizard In A Woman's Skin (1971) Part 1

Thumbnail of A Lizard In A Woman's Skin...

Lucio Fulci's "Lizard In A Woman's Skin" earned the director a measure of infamy because of a very believable scene involving disemboweled dogs. So believable, in fact, that Fulci had to prove before a judge (with special effects man Carlo Rambaldi) that their dogs were, in fact, fake. A giallo...

Language: English; Views: 241; Length: 52:16; Rating: 33300
Submitter: Gone_Around_The_Bend

Ghost Town (1988) Part 2

Thumbnail of Ghost Town (1988) Part 2

This interesting fusion of the horror and Western genres involves a modern-day sheriff (played by Franc Luz) whose search for a missing heiress leads him into the title locale, a frontier-age Arizona township whose residents are cursed with immortality. He eventually discovers that the abductee...

Language: English; Views: 80; Length: 42:58; Rating: 55555
Submitter: Gone_Around_The_Bend

The White Ribbon (2009)

Thumbnail of The White Ribbon (2009)

A year before World War I, a series of strange and brutal pranks threaten to shatter a northern German town's orderly existence. But the residents' response may have even more disturbing implications for the future. Celebrated Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke helms this deeply unsettling,...

Language: English; Views: 669; Length: 137:23; Rating: 44440
Submitter: Gone_Around_The_Bend

Prayer Beads S01E09 - Apartment

Thumbnail of Prayer Beads S01E09 -...

The previous eight episodes come together in this final "bead" about an abusive husband and father who receives his long overdue comeuppance after torturing his loved ones over dinner.

Language: English; Views: 33; Length: 30:03; Rating: 33300
Submitter: Gone_Around_The_Bend

Prayer Beads S01E08 - Cat's Paw

Thumbnail of Prayer Beads S01E08 - Cat's...

Young Shota’s life is dismal indeed. His father is abusive, his parents fight endlessly, he’s bullied at school, and now he is in very deep water with a couple of ruffian classmates for ratting them out to the principal. He’d simply like to curl up and hide from life, until he stumbles upon a...

Language: English; Views: 54; Length: 30:04; Rating: 33300
Submitter: Gone_Around_The_Bend

Prayer Beads S01E07 - Echoes

Thumbnail of Prayer Beads S01E07 - Echoes

When beautiful Yumika is violently murdered at the hands of a hooligan, her grandparents set out to track him down. It would seem a rather daunting task, but these grand folks are armed with some uncanny and formidable skills. Its not long until they are on the killer’s trail with an explosive...

Language: English; Views: 30; Length: 30:04; Rating: 33300
Submitter: Gone_Around_The_Bend