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The Execution of Private Slovik

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Added November 18, 2009Video Info

Category:Films and Movies
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WWII U.S. military deserter faces the firing squad.



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shirregular wrote 3 years ago: I remember being very moved by this movi
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I remember being very moved by this movie, when I saw it on Tv a long time ago. The idea of the US military being so afraid of one man's change of conviction, during WW2. That they decided to make an example of him, by executing him for desertion. Which wasn't true. He only didn't want to fight anymore. And chose to die himself, rather than continue killing. Who then was more courageous? Slovik, or his executioners, who just follow orders, without thinking what they do? Some are willing to die for their conviction to stop an evil by killing it. And some are willing to die for their conviction, not to become something evil, thru killing. So what does that make an Army that singles out one conviction, over another? And executes "deserters", in order to eradicate it? The problem with the War Crimes act, is that it only applied to the losing side. Plenty of those of the winning side's Army, got away with murder. And were even commended for it. War is insanity, when viewed in peace time.
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