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Five Fingers Of Death (1972) Lo Lieh Wang Ping

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Added February 1, 2011Video Info

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FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH aka 5 Fingers of Death, Hand of Death, Invincible Boxer, King Boxer, King ...FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH aka 5 Fingers of Death, Hand of Death, Invincible Boxer, King Boxer, King Boxer: Five Fingers of Death

A budding young master must face the challenge of his training and his foes. Chao Chi Hao is told by his master that if he improves his fighting technique training elsewhere, he will be given the hand of the master’s daughter in marriage. But when Chi Hao enters a tournament representing his school, a rival school, bent on winning at all costs, sends a few Japanese heavies to help give them the winning edge. Will Chi Hao, with his hands now broken, be able to finish the tournament?

King Boxer aka Five Fingers of Death (Chinese Title:Tian xia di yi quan (天下第一拳) "Number One Fist in the World"), is a 1972 martial arts film directed by Chang-wha Chung (鄭昌和 정창화) and starring Lo Lieh. Made in Hong Kong, it is one of many kung fu-themed movies with Lo Lieh in the lead. He appeared in many similar efforts from the 1960s, pre-dating the more internationally successful Bruce Lee.

Released in the USA by Warner Bros. in March 1973, the film was responsible for beginning the North American kung fu film craze of the 1970s,[1] though it is overshadowed by Enter the Dragon released later that same year. The film has a cult following in the U.S

1972 Kung Fu Movie Classic
Starring: Lo Lieh, Wong Ping, Chiu Hung, Bolo Yeung –
Directed by: Chang-hwa Jeong




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SharkTime wrote 5 years ago: great upload. good background also. than
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great upload. good background also. thanks.

This movie (along with Enter the Dragon, with Bruce Lee, which came out later that year in 1972) sparked the whole wave of interest in martial arts flicks to the N. American general audience.
Warner Bros continues the tradition today with the epic saga of Batman, the enigmatic, skeptical crimefighting realist and master of ninjitsu with a shrouded past and code of nobility.
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