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Doctor Who S04 E04 The Highlanders III

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Added August 1, 2010Video Info

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The Highlanders is a serial in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was ...The Highlanders is a serial in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in four weekly parts from December 17, 1966 to January 7, 1967. This serial is the first appearance of Frazer Hines as companion-to-be Jamie McCrimmon The Doctor meanwhile has adopted the guise of a kitchen maid as well as a German and uses these identities to move freely around. He is reunited with Polly and Kirsty and, shortly afterward, Ben who has swum to safety. The Doctor boldly returns to Grey, having concocted a story about Bonnie Prince Charlie’s ring and him knowing the fugitive Prince’s whereabouts. Indeed, he names the prince as the piper Jamie. This is all a ruse to distract Grey and Trask while the girls free the prisoners from the hold and supply them with arms for an uprising. When Grey and Trask go examine Jamie in the hold they are captured by the armed highlanders and a revolt begins. Trask flees and ends up wounded and in the sea. Willie McKay takes control of the Annabelle and determines to sail her to freedom in France, happy to accept Perkins as a willing volunteer for this journey. Kirsty and her father are also passengers on the ship as it makes its bid for freedom. First aired on December 31st 1966.Part 2 of 4.




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juicy_fruit wrote 6 years ago: thank you so much for posting this
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thank you so much for posting this
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