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"You're lying to me" Jake Tapper EXPOSES Kellyanne Conway's lies
Trump Truth Watch
Feb 7th 2017, 01:02pm pst
Duration: 00:25:26
3.5M views 11.9K comments
14.3K likes 4.0K dislikes
Carson Endorsement Cold Open - SNL
Saturday Night Live
Mar 13th 2016, 01:03am pst
Duration: 00:06:54
3.0M views 2.3K comments
18.0K likes 1.6K dislikes
"Stop WHINING!" Jake Tapper DESTROYS Donald Trump on CNN
Trump Truth Watch
Feb 16th 2017, 01:02pm pst
Duration: 00:02:59
1.9M views 9.7K comments
19.0K likes 5.5K dislikes
Jake Tapper's Job Isn't To Be Liked
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Feb 9th 2017, 12:02am pst
Duration: 00:08:04
1.3M views 1.0K comments
13.3K likes 421 dislikes
Rainn Wilson: 'The Office' had to end
May 9th 2013, 10:05am pst
Duration: 00:01:06
1.2M views 785 comments
7.1K likes 112 dislikes
Exclusive: Obama talks about pot
Jan 31st 2014, 04:01am pst
Duration: 00:02:35
920.2K views 2.4K comments
3.5K likes 534 dislikes
Kellyanne Conway's full interview with Jake Tapper
Feb 7th 2017, 03:02pm pst
Duration: 00:25:20
885.8K views 3.2K comments
4.3K likes 429 dislikes
CNN Host Called Me a Liar, Then Had to Admit I Was Right. - Mark Dice vs Jake Tapper
Mark Dice
Sep 9th 2016, 02:09pm pst
Duration: 00:05:15
844.8K views 3.5K comments
21.6K likes 887 dislikes
Jake Tapper calls out Kellyanne Conway for false 'assassination attempt' claim
Raw Story
Nov 6th 2016, 07:11am pst
Duration: 00:04:07
559.8K views 1.6K comments
1.7K likes 1.1K dislikes
CNN's exclusive Obama interview
Jan 31st 2014, 03:01pm pst
Duration: 00:22:19
477.8K views 357 comments
923 likes 482 dislikes
"YOU are fake news" Jake Tapper DESTROYS Donald Trump on CNN
Trump Truth Watch
Feb 15th 2017, 02:02pm pst
Duration: 00:03:46
439.1K views 2.6K comments
5.2K likes 1.0K dislikes
Donald Trump doubles down on Clinton and judge (Full CNN Interview)
Jun 3rd 2016, 02:06pm pst
Duration: 00:07:21
417.9K views 4.1K comments
1.6K likes 878 dislikes
CNN's Jake Tapper: Why Trump's 'fake news' claim is wrong
Jan 11th 2017, 09:01am pst
Duration: 00:02:49
393.6K views 9.2K comments
2.6K likes 26.7K dislikes
Trump Toys with Reporters at Press Conference Today
Mark Dice
Feb 16th 2017, 07:02pm pst
Duration: 00:05:00
369.9K views 6.5K comments
32.6K likes 862 dislikes
Donald Trump on trade, healthcare and more (CNN interview with Jake tapper)
Jun 28th 2015, 07:06am pst
Duration: 00:08:33
332.6K views 2.4K comments
1.6K likes 702 dislikes
Conan on Cuba: Me being an idiot is universally funny
Mar 4th 2015, 03:03pm pst
Duration: 00:04:50
301.3K views 130 comments
1.4K likes 26 dislikes
Watch "Lone Survivor" Marcus Luttrell's Insanely Tense Interview with Jake Tapper
John Iadarola
Jan 12th 2014, 12:01pm pst
Duration: 00:04:33
300.7K views 861 comments
570 likes 744 dislikes
CNN Jake Tapper's Bizarre #PizzaGate Outburst
David Seaman
Dec 6th 2016, 01:12pm pst
Duration: 00:04:11
262.4K views 2.9K comments
9.2K likes 488 dislikes
CNN Host BLASTS Kellyanne Conway On Terrorism Hypocrisy (VIDEO)
The Young Turks
Feb 7th 2017, 07:02pm pst
Duration: 00:07:07
254.0K views 1.9K comments
6.3K likes 498 dislikes
FULL CNN Obamacare Debate: Bernie Sanders vs Ted Cruz (part 1/5) on Affordable Care Act
Feb 7th 2017, 06:02pm pst
Duration: 00:35:10
218.7K views 4.9K comments
1.7K likes 76 dislikes
Fact Check: Hillary Clinton still spinning emails
May 11th 2016, 07:05pm pst
Duration: 00:02:41
213.2K views 370 comments
901 likes 54 dislikes
Tapper calls out Trump on conspiracy theories
Feb 15th 2017, 01:02pm pst
Duration: 00:03:46
206.2K views 2.1K comments
4.6K likes 867 dislikes
Oct 14th 2016, 11:10am pst
Duration: 00:02:43
186.5K views 232 comments
499 likes 10 dislikes
Kellyanne Conway battles with CNN's Jake Tapper Classic Media vs White House confrontation
Feb 7th 2017, 01:02pm pst
Duration: 00:25:25
146.3K views 1.2K comments
781 likes 130 dislikes
CNN's Jake Tapper Destroys Fmr PLO Spox
Washington Free Beacon
Jul 10th 2014, 01:07pm pst
Duration: 00:05:58
139.2K views 516 comments
484 likes 91 dislikes
Tapper hits Spicer for scolding media on use of word ...
Jan 31st 2017, 01:01pm pst
Duration: 00:01:58
119.4K views 831 comments
2.2K likes 374 dislikes
Fiorina slams Hillary Clinton over 'extreme' positions on abortion
Washington Free Beacon
Jul 21st 2015, 02:07pm pst
Duration: 00:02:23
113.6K views 234 comments
335 likes 22 dislikes
Bernie Sanders dismisses Bill Clinton sexist accusation
Apr 8th 2016, 06:04pm pst
Duration: 00:01:31
99.8K views 710 comments
2.6K likes 182 dislikes
Christie: You can call NJ, NY explosions terrorism
Sep 18th 2016, 06:09am pst
Duration: 00:03:09
98.4K views 197 comments
202 likes 122 dislikes
"Is CNN fake news?" Jake Tapper CONFRONTS Kellyanne Conway
Trump Truth Watch
Feb 7th 2017, 02:02pm pst
Duration: 00:04:18
97.5K views 600 comments
283 likes 105 dislikes
10/21/16 Curt Schilling destroys CNN PUPPET Jake Tapper
Real News Channel
Oct 21st 2016, 09:10pm pst
Duration: 00:07:32
95.7K views 419 comments
840 likes 42 dislikes
Stephen Colbert's one question for Howard Dean
Mar 12th 2013, 04:03pm pst
Duration: 00:01:01
87.5K views 22 comments
333 likes 11 dislikes
Donald Trump full CNN interview with Jake Tapper
Sep 20th 2015, 06:09am pst
Duration: 00:09:45
87.2K views 402 comments
441 likes 161 dislikes
Architects and Engineers Respond to CNN's Jake Tapper Slander of 9/11 Truth
May 23rd 2014, 03:05pm pst
Duration: 00:07:07
80.3K views 3.1K comments
1.7K likes 48 dislikes
Full interview: Sen. Al Franken
Feb 12th 2017, 08:02am pst
Duration: 00:09:40
78.1K views 372 comments
448 likes 127 dislikes
Tapper reacts to downplaying of Steve Bannon's role ...
Jan 30th 2017, 03:01pm pst
Duration: 00:02:46
68.3K views 387 comments
615 likes 239 dislikes
Kellyanne Conway Outsmarts CNN Jake Tapper over Trump Invokes Wikileaks on Russia Hacks [FULL]
Jan 8th 2017, 06:01am pst
Duration: 00:11:48
66.2K views 464 comments
250 likes 82 dislikes
Marco Rubio on immigration, economics, same-sex marriage
Apr 14th 2015, 02:04pm pst
Duration: 00:02:41
64.1K views 302 comments
198 likes 110 dislikes
CNN's Jake Tapper: Too Close To The Story?
David Seaman
Feb 20th 2017, 09:02am pst
Duration: 00:08:23
63.6K views 1.3K comments
4.4K likes 79 dislikes
CNN's Jake Tapper breaks down Trump's lies to Kellyanne Conway
Daily Kos
Feb 7th 2017, 01:02pm pst
Duration: 00:00:51
60.6K views 17 comments
66 likes 9 dislikes
Donald Trump: What Hillary Clinton did was 'criminal...
Jul 26th 2015, 06:07am pst
Duration: 00:03:24
58.3K views 267 comments
385 likes 61 dislikes
Tapper: Trump's presser was unhinged
Feb 16th 2017, 11:02am pst
Duration: 00:01:51
54.4K views 657 comments
903 likes 477 dislikes
CNN: Jake Tapper Seems Like He's Had It With Kellyanne Conway & Trump Campaign Hypocrisy
The Majority Report with Sam Seder
Oct 24th 2016, 07:10pm pst
Duration: 00:06:23
48.5K views 185 comments
455 likes 53 dislikes
What 'Back to the Future' got right, wrong abou...
Jan 2nd 2015, 02:01pm pst
Duration: 00:03:31
47.5K views 68 comments
309 likes 11 dislikes
FULL CNN Obamacare Debate: Bernie Sanders vs Ted Cruz (part 4/5) on Affordable Care Act
Feb 7th 2017, 07:02pm pst
Duration: 00:13:54
46.1K views 362 comments
238 likes 7 dislikes
Giuliani: Trump's claim about Clinton marriage ...
Oct 2nd 2016, 07:10am pst
Duration: 00:02:37
41.3K views 409 comments
193 likes 89 dislikes
Donald Trump Full Interview w/Jake Tapper; CNN; 10-25-2015
Bob David
Oct 25th 2015, 11:10am pst
Duration: 00:17:59
40.1K views 99 comments
275 likes 24 dislikes
MediaOne Studios - Scott Adams 2/22/16
MediaOne Studios
Feb 22nd 2016, 03:02pm pst
Duration: 00:04:53
37.5K views 53 comments
likes dislikes
Green Beret discharged for beating Afghan commander
Sep 28th 2015, 02:09pm pst
Duration: 00:02:26
32.9K views 154 comments
196 likes 15 dislikes
Conway: Are Trump's falsehoods more important than h...
Feb 7th 2017, 04:02pm pst
Duration: 00:11:10
32.9K views 630 comments
294 likes 154 dislikes

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