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Rep. John Lewis Takes Action on Guns
Jun 22nd 2016, 08:06am pst
Duration: 00:05:31
362.5K views 4.4K comments
4.1K likes 4.6K dislikes
John Lewis Extended Interview - Getting Into Trouble to Fight Injustice: The Daily Show
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Aug 9th 2016, 12:08pm pst
Duration: 00:07:35
297.0K views 485 comments
4.1K likes 146 dislikes
Rep. John Shimkus: God decides when the "earth will end"
Progress Illinois
Mar 27th 2009, 03:03pm pst
Duration: 00:02:26
239.7K views 1.4K comments
431 likes 869 dislikes
Congressman John Lewis: "Get in Trouble. Good Trouble"
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Sep 1st 2016, 12:09am pst
Duration: 00:08:19
208.0K views 539 comments
3.3K likes 168 dislikes
Ex-KKK apologizes to Rep John Lewis
Feb 9th 2009, 03:02pm pst
Duration: 00:08:07
194.0K views 439 comments
558 likes 39 dislikes
Rep. Fleming (R-LA) Discusses Implications of New Taxes on Job Creators on MSNBC
Sep 19th 2011, 07:09am pst
Duration: 00:04:16
186.6K views comments
94 likes 270 dislikes
Barbershop Stories with Jon Batiste and Congressman John Lewis
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Nov 28th 2016, 06:11am pst
Duration: 00:10:09
155.5K views 388 comments
4.0K likes 84 dislikes
Rep John Mica Does A Surgical Interrogation On James Comey.... Whom Then Proceeds To Melt Down
The AntiCoIntelPro Show
Jul 8th 2016, 08:07am pst
Duration: 00:07:01
139.2K views 621 comments
1.1K likes 43 dislikes
Rep. John Lewis is a Southerner for the Freedom to Marry
Freedom to Marry
Feb 23rd 2014, 01:02pm pst
Duration: 00:01:54
127.3K views 149 comments
290 likes 26 dislikes
CBC PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton, John Lewis Attacks Bernie Sanders
The Young Turks
Feb 11th 2016, 06:02pm pst
Duration: 00:10:14
126.7K views 1.3K comments
3.2K likes 144 dislikes
Dingell: It will take some time for ObamaCare to "control the people"
Ed Morrissey
Mar 24th 2010, 05:03am pst
Duration: 00:01:08
110.2K views 264 comments
161 likes 28 dislikes
The Next News Network
Jan 20th 2017, 02:01pm pst
Duration: 00:03:43
98.3K views 1.0K comments
3.3K likes 48 dislikes
A Response to Rep. John Boehner: I'm an American, and I support a Public Option.
Oct 6th 2009, 05:10am pst
Duration: 00:06:42
97.9K views 1.0K comments
1.3K likes 110 dislikes
Rep. Kriesel's Full Speech On Gay Marriage, Bucking The GOP
Michael McIntee
May 22nd 2011, 11:05am pst
Duration: 00:05:57
95.2K views 186 comments
1.2K likes 18 dislikes
Rep. John Lewis: Donald Trump Won’t Be A ‘Legitimate President' | NBC News
NBC News
Jan 13th 2017, 12:01pm pst
Duration: 00:01:40
88.0K views 1.5K comments
367 likes 827 dislikes
Conservative Black Chick Asks Rep. John Lewis "What Have You Done Since Selma?"
Trump Nation
Jan 16th 2017, 05:01pm pst
Duration: 00:02:27
73.0K views 252 comments
1.2K likes 20 dislikes
Watters tracks down Rep. John Lewis.
Fox News Insider
Jan 27th 2017, 08:01am pst
Duration: 00:00:30
66.8K views 56 comments
126 likes 4 dislikes
Rep. John Lewis: Trump Not A Legit President | The View
The View
Jan 17th 2017, 10:01am pst
Duration: 00:04:28
66.3K views 273 comments
440 likes 158 dislikes
What's the harm? Let's ask Congressman John Shimkus
Apr 5th 2009, 12:04pm pst
Duration: 00:02:27
64.0K views 802 comments
548 likes 53 dislikes
Tucker Carlson - Former Black Panther Mason Weaver Slams Rep John Lewis
UK news US
Jan 16th 2017, 06:01pm pst
Duration: 00:05:03
61.0K views 54 comments
271 likes 7 dislikes
Hardball: O'Donnell Wants An Answer From Rep. Culberson
Aug 14th 2009, 03:08pm pst
Duration: 00:09:50
57.4K views comments
485 likes 72 dislikes
Rep. John Lewis Is Starting a Fight That He Expects the Black Community to Finish
Yvette Carnell
Jan 13th 2017, 07:01pm pst
Duration: 00:13:39
52.5K views 1.2K comments
2.4K likes 110 dislikes
Rep. John Lewis Testifies on the Nomination of Senator Sessions to be Attorney General
Jan 11th 2017, 10:01am pst
Duration: 00:06:54
47.9K views 619 comments
615 likes 425 dislikes
Rep John Mica Surgically Disassembles The FBI's Excuses On Why They Refuse To Comply
The AntiCoIntelPro Show
Sep 13th 2016, 07:09am pst
Duration: 00:06:47
44.5K views 116 comments
478 likes 7 dislikes
Rep. John Lewis complete testimony against Senator Sessions (C-SPAN)
Jan 11th 2017, 11:01am pst
Duration: 00:07:03
41.1K views 668 comments
466 likes 197 dislikes
John Holdren Explains Climate Policy To Rep. Larry Bucshon
TP Clips 8
Sep 18th 2014, 09:09am pst
Duration: 00:01:28
40.8K views 44 comments
47 likes 1 dislikes
Rachel Maddow On Minnesota's Anti-Gay Marriage Constitutional Amendment
May 23rd 2011, 07:05pm pst
Duration: 00:12:50
40.1K views 366 comments
471 likes 25 dislikes
Man Asks Entire Town for Forgiveness for Racism
Feb 8th 2009, 07:02pm pst
Duration: 00:03:50
40.1K views 110 comments
176 likes 6 dislikes
Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings Extends On-Air Hand To Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Jan 16th 2017, 07:01am pst
Duration: 00:08:33
40.0K views 284 comments
215 likes 123 dislikes
US Congressman John Lewis is Nuts
Jan 13th 2017, 04:01pm pst
Duration: 00:03:24
38.9K views 440 comments
1.1K likes 33 dislikes
Dem Rep. John Conyers Asks Comedian Stephen Colbert to Leave the Hearing Room
Sep 24th 2010, 09:09am pst
Duration: 00:03:30
38.8K views 67 comments
41 likes 4 dislikes
Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) On Obama's Victory
Nov 4th 2008, 08:11pm pst
Duration: 00:02:09
33.9K views 72 comments
99 likes 2 dislikes
John Lewis On Trump, Russia: 'We Must Not Be Silent' (Full Interview) | Meet The Press | NBC News
NBC News
Jan 15th 2017, 08:01am pst
Duration: 00:14:11
33.5K views 643 comments
289 likes 241 dislikes
Holding Rep. John Lewis accountable
Fox News
Jan 19th 2017, 07:01pm pst
Duration: 00:05:38
30.8K views 379 comments
561 likes 19 dislikes
Rep. John Shimkus: Capping C02 emissions will steal "plant food"
Progress Illinois
Mar 27th 2009, 02:03pm pst
Duration: 00:01:31
25.0K views 55 comments
26 likes 31 dislikes
Full interview: Senator Rand Paul
Jan 15th 2017, 08:01am pst
Duration: 00:09:51
24.6K views 81 comments
166 likes 29 dislikes
The 10,000 Rep Swing Challenge (Dan John): Kettlebell Workout Of The Week
Pat Flynn
Oct 5th 2013, 08:10am pst
Duration: 00:03:08
24.4K views 14 comments
80 likes 5 dislikes
Georgia constituent pens open letter to Rep. John Lewis
Fox News
Jan 16th 2017, 03:01am pst
Duration: 00:03:03
24.3K views 280 comments
604 likes 22 dislikes
Ex-Klansman Elwin Wilson 'I'm sorry'
Feb 8th 2009, 06:02am pst
Duration: 00:07:53
21.3K views 82 comments
75 likes 8 dislikes
Arkansas Rep John Walker Arrested For Filming The Police
Nevada Cop Block
Sep 30th 2016, 12:09pm pst
Duration: 00:13:07
20.3K views 353 comments
117 likes 17 dislikes
Ratcliffe Grills AG Loretta Lynch on Clinton Email Investigation Decision
Congressman John Ratcliffe
Jul 12th 2016, 12:07pm pst
Duration: 00:08:12
19.2K views 88 comments
283 likes 3 dislikes
A Day in the Life of U.S. Congressman John Carney
Feb 28th 2012, 06:02pm pst
Duration: 00:10:04
19.4K views 12 comments
70 likes 2 dislikes
The Slave Rep. John Lewis Attacked Trump And Now He Is Playing The Race-Card
The Doctor Of Common Sense
Jan 16th 2017, 04:01pm pst
Duration: 00:06:37
19.0K views 506 comments
1.5K likes 10 dislikes
Rep. John Lewis Speaks Out Against GOP Voter Suppression Efforts
Ways and Means Committee Democrats
May 10th 2012, 08:05am pst
Duration: 00:01:52
18.8K views 99 comments
153 likes 13 dislikes
Yung- Gamin-Ghetto-Spokesman
Jan 14th 2017, 09:01am pst
Duration: 00:04:01
16.6K views 577 comments
934 likes 24 dislikes
Rep. Michele Bachmann Completely Baffles John Brennan With Bizarre Questions During CIA Hearing
Apr 13th 2013, 01:04pm pst
Duration: 00:04:21
14.8K views 183 comments
48 likes 2 dislikes
Rep. John Lewis: I Would Not Invite Donald Trump to Selma | Meet The Press | NBC News
NBC News
Jan 15th 2017, 06:01am pst
Duration: 00:01:02
14.5K views 144 comments
96 likes 127 dislikes
Rob Schneider Tried To Explain MLK to Rep. John Lewis and the Internet LOL'd
Pop Trigger
Jan 18th 2017, 10:01am pst
Duration: 00:08:07
13.4K views 125 comments
313 likes 39 dislikes
D.L. Hughley Is Pissed at MLK III for Choosing Trump Over Rep. John Lewis | TMZ
Jan 18th 2017, 07:01am pst
Duration: 00:00:54
13.2K views 108 comments
117 likes 25 dislikes
Trump attacks Rep. John Lewis, CIA, and SNL on Twitter
CBS News
Jan 16th 2017, 08:01am pst
Duration: 00:06:52
11.4K views 169 comments
61 likes 28 dislikes

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