If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it must be that nature is scary. There are many fierce predators like crocodiles or tigers which would mess us up if we stepped on their territories. However, this doesn’t mean that we should only be scared of large animals because tiny bugs are even more frightening. Today I am going to show you the scariest bug you will ever see!

20. The Kissing Bug


This is the bug that’s been terrorizing American people. While the bug might be small in size, the damage one of his bites can do is tremendous. You won’t believe why scientists call it the kissing bug!

19. Deadly Bites


The reason why scientists are calling it a kissing bug is because it chooses to bite people around their mouth and eyes. As if a bug that’s biting people isn’t creepy enough, it has to bite them by the face! Although, this is not the only nickname that this bug has…

18. The Assassin Bug


The bug is commonly known among people as the assassin bug. This name couldn’t be more appropriate for it. Just look at the picture above, it is carrying his dead prey on his back. Let’s check out what experts have to say about this bug.

17. The New HIV/AIDS


Numerous experts are calling the kissing bug as “the new HIV/AIDS of the Americas”. This should give you some insight on how fast these bugs are spreading all over the US and how menacing their bites are. But why are these small things so dangerous to us?

16. Deadly Bug


While the kissing bug might not be as big as a Mongolian death worm (pictured above), its bites literally kill people! Yes, one bite from this small bug and you might die if you don’t get the necessary treatment. Let’s move on to the next picture and see why the bug is so deadly.

15. Chagas Disease


The reason why this little bug kills people is that they are infected with Tyrpanosama cruzy which is a parasite that carries the Chagas disease. Therefore, it’s not the bug’s teeth that kill people, but the parasites he carries within. I will explain what Chagas disease is in the next photo, but I need to warn you that it’s not for the faint of heart!

14. Symptoms of the Chagas Disease


The Chagas disease is the one that kills humans after being bitten by the kissing bug. The first symptoms that appear after a bug bites someone are: fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, vomiting and headaches. While these symptoms might be annoying, this is not the reason why the Chagas disease is deadly. Look at the next picture and find out why.

13. Heart Failure


This deadly disease causes people to suffer from heart attacks, heart failure, altered heart rate and many other cardiac complications. You know what’s the worst part about this disease?

12. Immunity Drugs are Hard to Find


The worst part about this disease is that the only way to treat it is by using special prescription drugs and they are very rare. These drugs are only given through the CDC after getting a thorough consultation from a doctor which means that the disease has more time to spread before people get to treat it.

This is why people need to be on the lookout for these kissing bugs! Check out what you need to do if you ever get bitten by one of these bugs.

11. Feeling Suspicious


These bugs can get to anyone no matter who you are. So if you start suspecting that you might have been bitten by a kissing bug, then the first thing you need to do is to call a doctor and get yourself checked out because if not, the Chagas disease might spread to your heart muscles.

10. Accelerated Heart Rate


If your face is covered in “mosquito bites” and your heart starts racing without any reason then this might mean that a kissing bug is around your house. Don’t waste any time and get everyone out of the house and call a special bug cleaning crew, then go to a doctor. Check out the next picture to see where kissing bugs are mostly found.

9. Kissing Bug Locations


These bugs are spread throughout the US. There are reports that date back to mid 1800 which show that kissing bugs killed people in many states. However, the states with the biggest kissing bugs numbers are Texas and Arizona. Let’s see what you can do next to avoid the bug.

8. Spotting the Bug


Kissing bugs are about ¾ – 1 ¼ inches in length. The best way to differentiate them from other bugs is to look at their mouthparts which look as an extension of the head. You know what else you can do to avoid getting bitten by kissing bugs?

7. Keep Pets Indoors


Domestic animals such as dogs and cats can also be infected with the Chagas disease. Therefore, people who live in areas where there are kissing bugs should make sure to keep their pets indoors. You won’t believe what is the biggest mistake that people make when they encounter kissing bugs!

6. Squashing Kissing Bugs


The biggest mistake that some people make is to squash the bug with their bare hands. If you do this, you will instantly get infected with the Chagas disease if the bug is carrying the parasite. As if these bugs weren’t scary enough, you need to find out the real reason why they bite people and animals from their faces!

5. Sucking Blood


The reason why these bugs choose to bite people and humans from their face area and not some other place is because they suck blood. Yea, vampire like! These bugs love to suck the blood of mammals, birds and even reptiles. Make sure to stick around for the next picture and see what the CDC recommends people to do in order to keep themselves safe.

4. CDC Recommendations


The CDC says that people need to seal every crack in their homes that leads to the outside. This includes attics and crawls spaces. The CDC also recommends people to clean up piles of wood and rocks that are next to their houses.

3. Size Doesn’t Matter


Nature is filled with little monsters just like the blood caterpillar that’s shown in the picture above. People need to learn how to protect themselves and how to avoid interacting with these small, but dangerous beings because they are more deadly than they look. You won’t believe how the CDC advises people to remove bugs from their homes.

2. Getting Rid of Kissing Bugs


Getting rid of a kissing bug is not as easy as it might seem. The CDC advises people to not squash the bug and to place it inside a locked container instead. After doing that, people need to fill the container with rubbing alcohol or to freeze it in a fridge. Why do you think CDC is so meticulous about getting rid of these bugs?

1. Catching Kissing Bugs


The CDC wants to figure out a safe and efficient method of keeping the kissing bug population down. This is why the CDC asks people to safely remove them from their homes and not to simply throw them out in the wild.

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