On one Christmas day, a local radio station received an anonymous letter from a cancer victim, a loving wife who passed away two years ago. Saddened by the powerful letter, the station immediately called the late lady’s husband and asked him to pay them a visit. What was written in the letter will bring tears to your eyes…

20. The Call

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One day, David Schmitz received a call from the KSTZ radio station in Des Moines, Iowa, that informed him they had an important letter for him.

19. A Christmas Wish

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The radio station is known for granting Christmas wishes, but this one was so special that David was called to hear it personally.

18. Personal

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“They said they had received a letter from someone that wanted to grant me a wish, and I had to go in person to hear it”, said David. It was truly unexpected.

17. A Letter

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As it turned out, David’s previous wife and mother of four, who died from cancer two years ago asked her friend to send a letter to the station after her husband found a new mother for her children.

16. Different Wish

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So, after David asked Jayne to marry him, he received the call. The radio station described the letter as something they’ve never received before.

15. Meaning

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The station manager Scott Allen said the letter was so special, everyone no matter the age, was moved. And he was not wrong.

14. The Words

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My reason for writing is this. I have a wish. I have a wish for David, the boys, and the woman and her family if she has kids also. I want them to know I love them very much. It started.

13. Powerful

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After those exact words, she had three Christmas wishes that were waiting to be fulfilled.

12.The First Wish

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The first thing she had wished for was to treat her husband’s wife to a special spa day. These were her exact words…

11. A Step Mother

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“She deserves it”, she said. “Being a step-mother to the four kids she left is not something everyone can do, I truly respect her”. But that’s not all…

10. Thank You

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“Giving motherly love to little Max that only she can give is what makes her a great person. Make her smile and let her know I respect her.”

9. Love

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“Thank you. I love you, whoever you are,” she said, The second wish involved the whole family of seven.

8. The Second Wish

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The second wish was to have the whole family on a magical trip, so they can have beautiful lifelong memories. And the third is for the doctors and nurses at the Mercy Medical Center.

7. The Third Wish

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She wished them aa night out full of drinks, food and fun for everything they’ve ever done for the cancer patients at the same hospital. The husband was in tears.

6. Surprised

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David said that he was surprised, but at the same time, he wasn’t. “That was Brenda after all, she had so much forethought before she died” He added.

5. Jayne’s Words

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“She loved me”, Jayne said. That’s what meant the most for her, a woman she had never met loved her. That’s all it mattered. What the radio station did for this family is absolutely amazing.

4. Disneyland

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The radio station granted all of her wishes. They are sending the whole family in Disney World and Jayne will have her spa day.

3. A Bond

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Jayne said that they’ve never had a vacation together and that this will be a perfect chance for all of them to bond together, to be a family.

2. Beautiful World

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“Our hearts are pumping and we are so filled right now”, she added. What Brenda did is purely out of love.

1. The Whole Family

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This story proves that the world is sad and beautiful at the same time, and all that matters is love and family.

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