Few things are more provocative than people abusing animals but fortunately, there are some people who devote their lives in order to give those animals a second chance in life. Animals often fall victims of abuse by their owners. Situations are even worse when the poor animals are used for profit. This story of a circus tiger will show you how respect and care for animals is a duty of every human.

19. Aasha The Tiger


Aasha is a Bengali tiger and at the time her story began when she was just 9 months old. But Aasha didn’t look like a tiger of her age, as she was abused and exhausted. It was clear that she wasn’t healthy. But her situation was even worse… Click next to see why.

18. Underweighted And Sick


Aasha weighted only 30 pounds, a weight that a healthy 3 month-old cub must be. Also, she appeared to be really sick and her body’s condition was bad. It was clear that something was up with Aasha. Once you learn why you will understand immediately.

17. Touring Circus


Aasha was a performing tiger at a touring circus. She had to travel long distances in not appropriate conditions and she was forced to perform almost every day. Click next to see how the circus treated her.

16. Starved And Bullied


The circus crew didn’t pay attention to Aasha and often left her to starve. Also, she was put in the same cage with a bigger tiger which picked on her casually. Circuses are known to abuse and neglect animals so Aasha wasn’t really an exception. Click next to see how everything changed in one day!

15. Inspection


One day during an inspection of the circus by the USDA someone noticed Aasha and demanded answers. He was concerned about her health and wanted to transfer her into Keahey’s care. It was this person who informed Aasha’s guardian angel. Click next to find out who she was!

14. Vicky Keahey


Vicky Keahey is the founder of Texas “In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue And Educational Center” who was informed about the USDA inspector about Aasha. Once she learned about Aasha she rushed and demanded to take Aasha from the circus. “I asked how could a 9-month-old tiger be that small,” Keahey says. Aasha’s  life was in danger and her guardian angel was there to take her away.

13. Keahey Care


As Vicky took Aasha to Keahey care and committed to help her become healthy again. She started a proper diet plan in order to reverse her starvation state which required extra care and expertise.  Also started to give her special meditation as she appeared to have a serious disease: ringworm. But the adaption wasn’t easy as it is revealed in the next slide.

12. Asha Hated Water


Aasha hated the water and often Vicky had to chase her around in order to give her a proper bath. “Every day, twice a day, I would go in and give Aasha medications and spend time with her,” Keahey said. “I knew I was going to have to handle her in order to get her well.”. Did it work? Find out next!

11. Started To Recover


Vicky explains the situation she was in: “Aasha’s bald spots covered almost her entire body and her skin was dry [with] cracked, darken areas and bleeding,” Keahey says. After some time Aasha appeared to be healthier and with more energy. Her skin was better and she seemed to be happier. “After eight weeks of treatments you could see little bits of fuzz growing back to [what once] bald spots,” Keahey said. “By the time the treatments were over, Aasha loved the water so I put a small tub in [her enclosure] for her to splash in,”

10. Social Issues


When Aasha first came in she was put into isolation given her bad situation. As she was now more healthy and her mental health significantly better it was time for her to meet the other tigers of the facility. It was then when she found someone who changed her life forever. Click next to see!

9. Meet Smuggler


Smuggler was another tiger of the facility and he was the first tiger Aasha met there. Their connection was obvious, and as Vicky said : “Love at first sight”.

8. Tiger Flirting


Smuggler went crazy for Aasha and was constantly trying to show off. Once Vicky realized the bond that the two of them had started to set them into supervised dates to see how they would do together.

7. Everything Together


The dates became baths and soon the two tigers were inseparable! It was time for them to be put together into the same enclosure.

6. Living Together


It was clear that Smuggler and Aasha were meant for each other. They managed to pass the testing period of them living together and Vicky approved it by moving them both into a bigger enclosure.

5. Absolute Soulmates


Aasha found her soulmate and her mental health appeared to be better. She had more energy than ever, she was eating more and behaved better to Vicky. It was the least she could do for her.

4. Vicky’s Reaction


Vicky was thrilled! Not only did she literally saved Aasha from death but introduced her to Smuggler her other beloved tiger. Vicky used to spend hours with the two tigers and they appeared to realize how much they owed her.

3. Aasha’s Recovery


Aasha went from a starved, neglected and sick tiger to a full grown playful and happy tiger. Also she found her soulmate and it is obvious that she was thrilled!

2. A Year After


A year after the two tigers were living together with the same excitement and energy as the first day Vicky introduced them to each other. “Aasha is still about half Smuggler’s size, but he knows when to steer clear of her,” Vicky says.

1. Animal Care Organisations


If it wasn’t for Vicky Aasha’s future would be frightening. Surely Aasha’s story must raise awareness and funding for these organizations that literally save lives…

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