It might sound like a fairy tale, but fortunately for this woman, it’s all true! When she decided to adopt a dog, she never would have imagined that it was the same one she fell in love with when she was only a child. You won’t believe how lucky both the woman and the dog are now, after so much time of being apart. Here is their heart-melting story.

20. As a Little Girl

Nicole Grimes was only 10-years-old. She lived with her parents in West Brownsville and her loving grandma was by her side too. She was her confidante and knew that Nicole wanted to have a puppy of her own. So, Nana listened…

19. The Puffy Puppy

Emma recalls that as a child, she’d often talk to her Nana about wanting a puppy. So, one day, her Nana surprised Nicole with a Pomeranian-Poodle mix, that they called Chloe. Here’s what happened to the pooch…

18. ‘We Were Best Friends’

‘My mom picked me from school’, said Nicole. And then she saw the best surprise ever: ‘my Nana was there and sitting on her lap was this beautiful puppy with a pink bow in her hair!’

17. Four Years of Yapping

When Nicole turned 14, her father started working in customer service, from home. And Chloe was quite the barker, putting her dad’s job at risk. Something had to be done, and Nicole understood that her father’s job was very important…

16. Letting Go

Unfortunately for both Nicole and Chloe, the family had to give up Chloe. First, they started looking for a family that was friends with them, but Chloe didn’t get lucky. So, the family turned to the local dog shelter. It was a very difficult goodbye!

15. A Gift From Grandma

Chloe was a gift from her grandmother, and although she understood that it was also hard for her parents to part with the dog, Nicole said that she ‘was really sad because I loved the dog’. But years later, she meets Chloe again!

14. Talking About Chloe

Even being apart, Chloe was always in the family’s heart and Nicole would frequently talk about the dog with her mother. She even remembered her birthday: 26 October. Nicole is now 21 and she is a pharmacy technician. She has been thinking of adopting a dog

13. A Family of Her Own

As a young woman, Nicole now has a family of her own. She is married and they have a 4-month-old daughter. They live about half an hour away from where she grew up. Nicole thought that when her daughter would turn one-year-old, she could adopt a dog.

12. Facebook Miracles

But a few weeks from deciding to get a dog in the future, a friend on Facebook posted some photos of an elderly dog that needed a home. The dog was small and gray and looked so much like Chloe. She decided to take her in because it reminded her of her childhood pet.

11. ‘The Dog’s Name Was Chloe’

Not only the dog’s name was also Chloe, but there were more similarities: the dog was 11 years old, the same as Chloe would be, and this old dog acted just like her childhood pet. You won’t believe how the dog reacted when she saw Nicole.

10. ‘I Knew in My Heart’

‘When she was dropped off she came running up to me and was licking my face’. Her husband didn’t believe it, but Nicole took the dog to the vet to check the microchip. It was confirmed that this old pooch was her little Chloe!

9. ‘The Only Difference’

Nicole said that there is only one difference: Chloe is ‘smaller and doesn’t have teeth’, because of the old age. When Nicole’s dad saw the dog, he admitted it was the same dog: ‘she started walking around in circles’, just like when she was small.

8. It’s Her!

‘I said, I got to tell you the truth, I really think that’s her’, said Nicole’s father. And this reunion is even more emotional, since Nicole’s grandmother that gave her the puppy, died three years before. Nicole thinks that it’s all her grandma’s work in getting these souls reunited…

7. A Sign From Nana

Nicole said that they ‘think it’s a sign from my Nana’. Now, Chloe lives again with her former owner and takes care of her baby daughter. They’re ‘so cute to watch’, said Nicole. But where did Chloe live before?

6. A Good Life

Nicole found out that Chloe lived seven years with an elderly couple. When they died, Chloe lived with a neighbor that was Nicole’s Facebook friend. Nicole said that the little fluff was a ‘very loved dog’ that had a great life.

5. Chloe is Still a Barker

Sometimes, Chloe barks, but Nicole doesn’t have a problem with it and she feels like she won the lottery. She’d never thought that she would ever see Chloe again! ‘This is my dog from when I was a little girl. It’s just the craziest thing.’

4. An Exact Match

Chloe is an exact match with the childhood puppy and Nicole couldn’t be happier about it. She checked with the humane society and the answers were positive. Chloe is indeed the dog that was given away eight years ago!

3. A Happy Ending

The executive director of the local humane society, Kelly Proudfit said that this is a ‘crazy story’ and that dogs have indeed great memories: ‘it sounds like the dog must have recognized her’. And she’s right, it really is ‘a great, happy ending’!

2. Chloe is Now a Mellow Elderly Dog

Chloe’s behavior has tempered with age and she’s more of a mellow dog, rather than the exhausting and full of energy little fluff Nicole had when she was a child. But the best thing is that Chloe and Nicole are back together.

1. Part of the Family

The old pooch is now a part of Nicole’s family and lives together with her husband and young daughter. We’re so happy that Chloe and Nicole are now reunited! This indeed sounds like a fairy tale!

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