If we are talking about dogs, I think it’s safe to say that pit bulls are the most feared ones. There’s a common misconception that pit bulls tend to attack everything that moves, but that just isn’t true. Luckily, Kiah is here to help pit bulls get rid of that bad reputation.

20. Meet Kiah


This happy dog is Kiah and she is trying to change the way people view pit bulls. To make things even better, Kiah is a K9 dog that’s helping police catch criminals.

19. Bad Reputation


People are scared of pit bulls and there’s no doubt about that. Just look at the angry pit bull in this picture, wouldn’t you be terrified? However, the question that everyone seems to forget to ask is why is this pit bull angry?

18. Mean Mugging


The reason why some pit bulls are mean is that they are taught to act like that since birth. There are bad people who use them in dog fights and this is what made pit bulls have such a bad reputation. Sadly, this reputation comes with grim consequences.

17. Abandoned Or Euthanized


Pit bulls without a loving home don’t have that many chances of surviving out on their own. People are afraid to adopt them and they are left out on the streets. Even worse, animal shelter euthanize them because no one wants them. As heartbreaking as this might be, this is the cruel truth.

16. Kiah Wants Change


Kiah wants to change people’s perception of her breed. This lovable dog is doing her best to make people more aware of the fact that pit bulls are not mean by nature and that they are taught to act that way.

15. One Person A Time


Even though Kiah might not be able to talk, her cuteness is changing people’s view of her breed one person at a time. To make things even more interesting, Kiah herself had a rough past… keep reading to find out where she was saved from.

14. Rough Past


Kiah was neglected and mistreated and things were not looking good for her until a police officer named Justin rescued her. The interesting thing about this is that despite being mistreated, Kiah didn’t become mean.

13. Strong Willed


The police officer saw that Kiah is strong-willed and that she overcame her struggles and he realized that she is the perfect candidate for the new K9 unit post that was recently opened in his police station. Without giving it any second thought, he started training Kiah.

12. Hard Training


Justin wanted to make sure that Kiah is able to pass the test course and he took her under his wing. The police officer taught Kiah everything she needed to know. Let’s see how she did on the course.

11. Difficult Course


The course proved to be more difficult than expected, especially since Kiah never did something like this in her life. Luckily, the pooch didn’t give up! Keep reading to see how she overcame her challenges.

10. Not Giving Up


Even though Kiah didn’t have any sort of training before being rescued by the police officer, she didn’t give up and kept running. Eventually she got to the last stage of the course. Do you think she managed to complete the course?

9. Official K9 Unit


Obviously, Kiah didn’t give up and she became an official K9. The cool thing about this is that she is one of the world’s first pit bulls to become a K9 agent. Now this is a huge achievement.

8. Helping People


Now that Kiah was an official K9 agent, the police officer started taking her out on the streets. Kiah’s main goal was to help people and change their perception of pit bulls while doing so. How do you think Kiah did around strangers?

7. Fighting Stereotypes


Kiah loved helping people, but more importantly she loved fighting against stereotypes against her breed. Check out the next picture to see what the police offer has to say about her.

6. Lovable Dog


“She’s a part of my family. I love her to death. She’s my best friend and my partner every day”, said Justin. Can you believe how strong the bond between these two is?

5. Adorable Smile


“Kids love her, and as soon as you meet her she just wants to give kisses and play. I haven’t seen a mean bone in her”, added Justin. What do you think Kiah’s favorite activity is?

4. Patrolling The Streets


Just like you would expect from a dog, her favorite activity is patrolling the streets. What better way for a dog to protect people than to run around the city all day long?

3. Local Celebrity


Seeing how lovable this cute pit bull is, no one should be surprised to find out that she became a local celebrity. Not just that, but Kiah and Justin have been invited on a popular TV show!

2. Famous Dog


Kiah is becoming quite famous and Justin hopes that she will use this to change the way people see pit bulls. Do you think she will manage to do that?

1. Best Friends


The best thing about this entire story is that Kiah is helping her breed while having fun with her best friend at the same time!

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