Southern California is a beautiful place that’s known for its lush woods. However, the bad thing about Southern California is that there are wildfires which cause massive damage to everything, including the wildlife that lives in the woods. Sadly, wildlife such as bears don’t have any means of escaping the rapidly spreading fire and they get hurt. Until these vets came up with a briliant idea!

20. Wildfires

Wildfires are some of the most dangerous things ever. Even though firefighters are doing their best to stop them from spreading, this is a nearly impossible job when the fire starts in the woods.

19. Helpless Wildlife

The wildfire is destroying the woods and everyone who lives inside it! This means that wildlife such as bears are basically helpless. While bears might be able to run away from a fire, their paws get burned and this makes it difficult for them to survive.

18. Hurting Bear

Our story starts when a group of rescuers found this poor bear in the woods. The bear had his paws burned off and faith was not smiling on him. The rescuers didn’t waste any time and quickly took the bear to the rescue center.

17. University of California

The bear was quickly taken to the veterinarians who work at the University of California to get the treatment he needs. However, the bear was not alone! You won’t believe what the rescuers found next.

16. Second Bear

The folks who rescued the first bear found out that he had third-degree burns on all four paws. To make things even worse, the rescuers found a second female bear that was pregnant! The mamma bear also had her paws burned off.

15. Impossible To Walk And Hunt

The two bears had no chances of survival on their own because they couldn’t walk or hunt anymore. While the odds were stacked against them, the bears were lucky that the veterinarians were there to help.

14. Mountain Lion

The rescue team also found a mountain lion who was in the same state as the two bears. Things were not looking good for the mountain lion either and he needed help. Keep reading to see just how bad the bear’s paws looked after being burned.

13. Badly Burned

As we can clearly see, the bears were badly injured. The next photo is even more shocking than this one!

12. Third Degree Burns

This is just how bad third degree burns can get! The worst thing about this issue is that the vets couldn’t simply just wrap the paws in a cotton bandage and you won’t believe why!

11. Eating The Bandages

The reason why the vets couldn’t simply bandage the bears and hope that they heal fast is that the bears would eat the cotton bandages. If the bears eat the bandages then they might have even bigger problems because the cotton can get stuck in their intestines.

10. Finding A Solution

The bears were in pain and the vets needed to come up with a solution to this issue. How could they help the bears heal without wrapping their wounds in bandages? Luckily, one of the veterinarians came up with this brilliant idea…

9. Brilliant Idea

One of the veterinarians came up with the brilliant idea to wrap the bears’ paws in fish skin! This would help protect the injuries and the bears could eat the bandages as well. Although, there was still one more problem…

8. The Bears Are Afraid

Bears are not that fond of humans, especially when they are hurt. Therefore, the bears didn’t sit still and the vets were not able to apply the bandages. The only option that they had left was to use anesthetize them. Let’s see how this plan worked out.

7. Applying The Bandages

The vets took the fish skin bandages and applied them to the wounded paws. The vets also wrapped the bandages in corn husks which would help protect the paws and speed up the healing process.

6. Fish Skin Bandages

The fish skin bandages were easy to apply and things were finally looking good for the two injured bears. The vets decided to use this same method on the mountain lion who was brought in at the same time.

5. Healing Fast

Seeing how well the bears responded to the fish skin bandages, the vets applied them to the mountain lion as well. This was a great idea because the mountain lion ate his bandages after a couple of hours. Good thing the vets didn’t use cotton.

4. Feeling Better

The bears were feeling better just days after the bandages were applied. This was amazing to see, but the vets still had something to worry about.

3. The Mamma Bear

Even though the mamma bear was healing well, the vets still needed to watch her diet and to make sure that she stays healthy. Nonetheless, the treatment was going well and this is all that mattered.

2. Getting Better

Now that the bears and the mountain lion were getting better, the vets started planning what to do next. What do you think they did with the wild animals after they got well?

1. Releasing Them In The Wild

The vets waited to make sure to that the wild animals are healthy and they released them back into the wild again. What they did is amazing and the bears were lucky to be found by them. Let’s hope the firefighters start taking better measures against wildfires because not all animals are lucky enough to be rescued.

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