Winters are threatening the poor with freezing temperatures and harsh weather. But a little boy from China didn’t back down. He walked about 3 miles (4.8 km) in 16°F (-9°C) to go to school for his final exam. His trek went viral on the internet and the boy was called ‘Ice Boy’ when several pictures surfaced on social media. Trembling and frozen, the child and his family received help to warm themselves during winter. The Ice Boy’s story will melt your hearts!

20. The Ice Boy

Meet Wang Fuman or the Ice Boy. This picture was snapped by his teacher to show people that some children must walk a long distance to school in harsh conditions. You won’t believe what happens when they get to school!

19. A Small Kid

At only 8 years old, Fuman has to walk alone 3 miles to go to the Zhuanshanbao Primary School, which is in Xinjie – Yunnan Province, China. He was so determined to get to school even on a freezing temperature, to take his exam!

18. Learning Conditions

You’d think that once he gets to school he can finally get warmer but you’re wrong. The class in which he studies is not heated, and the poor kids tremble inside. But despite it all, Fuman has a goal…

17. The Headmaster

Even the headmaster of the primary school, Fu Heng, was shocked to see Wang with icicles instead of hair and eyebrows. The boy’s cheeks were burning red and Heng had to take that picture. The reason will melt your heart.

16. A Simple Picture

Heng wanted to show everyone what determination means and also to raise awareness of the lack of funds the school has. Usually, kids dream of toys and cars, but Ice Boy has other wishes and you won’t believe what they are!

15. Wang’s Dream

Fuman became famous, so the Beijing News interviewed him to see why he was so motivated to go to school on that freezing morning. He said that he loves going to school and that he loves mathematics. Your heart will break when you’ll hear his words…

14. School on Monday

It was a freezing Monday and Fuman was wearing only a few clothes. When asked about that, he replied: I have three jackets, but I didn’t wear any of them because they were all dirty and not washed yet’. He washes his clothes by hand and the water was too cold that day!

13. Why Did Children Laugh?

In the background, you can see children laughing. That’s because, as Heng said, Fuman is the ‘class clown’, making his classmates laugh all the time. Despite having a difficult childhood, the boy has a positive attitude.

12. Extreme Poverty

Fuman lives in a mud house in Ludian with his older sister and their grandmother. Their father, Gangkui Wang, works in a different city to support his family and the mother has left her family. The poor boy’s hands are dry and wrinkled and here’s why…

11. Farming at 8 Years Old

Not only the boy regularly goes to school, but he also helps around the house. He helps his grandmother with the farming work. In those freezing conditions, he even suffered from frostbites. On top of it all, he misses his father a lot, but it will all get better soon…

10. 99% At The Test

The picture showing the boy’s cracked hands show us his marked exam paper. He achieved 99%, despite being less fortunate than others. The school did its best to support Fuman: they gave him breakfast every day.

9. Becoming Famous

As soon as his father saw the viral photo, he came back to check up on his children. He gave Fuman 5 yuan as pocket money and the boy said in an interview that he would ‘save it for treatment when my parents get sick’.

8. A Better Life

Fuman’s life started getting better once he became famous. People around the world made donations to his school. The school received 20 heating pieces of equipment and 144 warm sets of clothes. They also got $15,000 but not all donations reached Fuman Wang… People were shocked after they heard this…

7. A New Job

Fuman would regularly see his father now that the bureau has offered the father a job in his hometown. Donations to the family reached over 17 million yuan, but not all of it got to the family. His father taught his boy a good lesson

6. A ‘Twisted Manner of Charity’

Chen Furong, the head of Ludian Education Bureau explained why from all the donations, the family only received 8,000 yuan ($1,270). People donated six times over that amount of money. But Chen said that they will use the rest of the funds to help other similar cases. Some agreed, while some argued.

5. Benefits for More Children

Some people agreed to this solution in helping other poor families, but others argued that the money was sent especially for that case. But Mr. Chen said that getting rich overnight will not help Fuman grow up healthy. Fuman’s father said the same…

4. You Must Study

Mr. Wang Gangkui told his son that he will only change his destiny by studying hard and working for his money. So, this is why the little boy was so determined to get good grades at school. Fuman’s education will be the only opportunity to achieve a higher social status as a grown up.

3. When It’s Over…

Fuman’s dream is to get to Beijing and study when he’s older. Asked by the Beijing News if he knew he was that famous, the child said he wasn’t aware of it. And when the focus was no longer on him, he said that ‘when it’s over, it’s over.’ His next words will bring tears to your eyes.

2. Strenght to Carry On

‘I just want to study well’, Fuman said. And thanks to the donations to his family and school, he has extra money, some warm clothes and a warm classroom in which he can pursue his dream. Unfortunately, Fuman is not the only poor child…

1. Millions of Children in China are Like Fuman

The country struggles with education inequality. Rural areas don’t have schools and students must walk in harsh conditions for miles to get to an unheated school. It’s a contrast to wealthy families in cities that spend money on extra classes and summer camps…

Many advantaged children thrive, whereas poor children cannot improve their future because they cannot invest in their education, thus resulting in having small salaries or no jobs. We hope the Ice Boy’s story will change this situation.

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