Some people are unfortunate right from the start, being born with terrible diseases or conditions. But as for any human being, giving up is never an option. Each of us has the force to live and overcome everything that life throws at us. This is the story of Hannah who was born with primordial dwarfism, but she didn’t let that deter her from chasing her dreams. She’s amazing, see it for yourself!

20. Adoptive Family

Hannah was born with primordial dwarfism, a very rare condition that made her a special baby. Her birth mother didn’t want her and she put her for adoption. While this might sound like a sob story, you will find out that this was the best thing that happened to Hannah.

19. Jackie and Larry

Months passed and no one was showing interest towards Hannah, but that changed when Jackie and Larry came around. This couple decided to take Hannah into their already big family and show her how being loved feels like. Little did they know that soon will be Hannah’s turn to save her mother’s live!

18. Big Family

Jackie and Larry happily welcomed Hannah into their family where she was going to meet her new siblings Mark, Matt and Kelly. This is an amazing thing that Jackie and Larry did because raising a kid with serious health problems is not easy by any means. But Hannah grew into a wonderful woman and you won’t believe what she did when she became an adult…

17. Being Special

Everything was going great with the family and Hannah was happy, but as she grew up, she started realizing that she is not like all the other girls. There are only 100 people diagnosed with primordial dwarfism in the world and this made Hannah quite unique around her school. In fact, the biggest problem that she had to go through was not actually her health issue…

16. Bullies

As you can clearly tell, Hannah doesn’t look like your average high schooler. This made things hard for her because bullies kept picking on her. One of the worst moments in Hannah’s life was when her crush told her that no one will ever date her! How do you think Hannah dealt with the bullies? You’ll be surprised to see how strong she is!

15. Strong Girl

Even though Hannah might be small in stature, her heart is huge! She didn’t let the bullies get to her, especially when her three siblings were always there to protect her. Now this shows us what a great family Jackie and Larry raised. Check out what Hannah had to say about this. She is so inspiring…

14. Small Doesn’t Mean Weak

“Just because I’m smaller, it doesn’t mean that I’m any different”, said Hannah when asked about how she felt about her size. Hannah then added the following: “My mom and dad still made sure I had a normal childhood“. Even though her family always had her back, this didn’t mean that everything was going great for Hannah…

13. Serious Health Problems

Hannah has paid more visits to the doctors during her teenage years than most people do in their entire lives. Her health condition puts her at risk of brain aneurysms and other life-threatening problems. She actually went through a serious operation, keep reading to find out why.

12. Scoliosis

One of the biggest problems that Hannah had was scoliosis. This forced her to undergo surgery and get it corrected by implanting two titanium rods in her back. Now, this is something that no kid should go through, but Hannah proved that she is brave and that she has a great fighting spirit. Check out the next picture to see what Hannah thinks about her family.

11. Family is All That Matters

While the entire world was trying to make fun of Hannah, her family had her back. Hannah knows that family is all that matters and that nothing should ever get between them. Her family is so great that they customized their house in order to make her feel normal, with changes such as moving the light switches down so that she can reach them. Sadly, things would take a turn for the worse.

10. Polycystic Kidney Disease

Jackie, the amazing woman who took Hannah in was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. This is a life-threatening disease and Jackie needed a kidney transplant. Well, this is when Hannah realized that it’s time for her to return the favor. You won’t believe what Hannah did next!

9. Kidney Transplant

After making sure that neither her siblings nor her parents knew about her intentions, Hannah booked herself an appointment with a doctor. That’s when she found that her kidney is a perfect match for Jackie. Although, the doctor didn’t want Hannah to go through the operation since it will put her life at risk, considering her primordial dwarfism. Do you think she got scared and pulled back or did she go through and saved her mother’s life?

8. Life Saver

Hannah knew that Jackie saved her life when no one wanted her, and now it was time for her to do the same thing. The kidney transplant was successful and both Jackie and Hannah ended up with a smile on their faces. Hannah surely showed how much love and appreciation she has for her mother. Although, this is not the end for Hannah! Check out how she is pursuing her lifelong dream.

7. Her Biggest Dream

Despite her health issues, Hannah’s dream is to become a dancer. She even joined the gymnastics team when she was three just to get a better feel of the moves. Even though she might feel pain while performing difficult dance moves, she is not giving up!

6. Amazing Dancer

To no one’s surprise, Hannah became a great dancer. Not only that, but she is also an amazing singer and actress which makes her a triple threat in the showbiz industry. This shows us that no matter the odds, you should never give up on your dream! Check out what advice Hannah has for everyone who is going through hard times.

5. Motivating Advice

“My advice to anyone living with the condition would be to never give up on your dream, and keep trying”, said Hannah when asked about her dancing career. “I love hip hop it keeps me strong and ballet calms me down”.

4. Amazing Person

Even though people who suffer from primordial dwarfism don’t live past 30 years, this isn’t demoralizing Hannah. She just wants to be the best version of herself that she can be and impact other people’s lives for the better. Hannah even got to meet one of her favorite celebrities and you won’t believe who that is!

3. Meeting Selena Gomez

Maury Povich decided to help someone make their wish come true during the shooting of the 2,500 episode and Hannah was picked. Hannah’s wish was to meet Selena Gomez and The Maury Show managed to set up a meeting. This was an amazing moment in Hannah’s life, and Selena made sure to take tons of pictures with her.

2. Acting Career

It seems like Hannah is never going to stop from pursuing her dreams since she also managed to start her acting career. Hannah had numerous appearances in movies and TV Shows, but her biggest project was starring in the “Little and Looking for Love” documentary. While she might not have found the love of her life, this doesn’t mean that she is alone! Check out the next picture to see who are three of Hannah’s best friends.

1. Best Friends

Even though Hannah might not have someone romantic in her life, she has a network of friends who are always there to support her. Hannah’s story is one of persevering against the odds and she is surely going to achieve all her dreams in the near future. Nonetheless, Jackie and Larry are two amazing people who took her in when no one wanted to.

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