What do you do when you see something moving in a ditch? Carlos Carillo and his colleague did the right thing. They got off the car and walked closer to the moving figure which turned out to be a dog. The men were heartbroken to find the dog tied up and decided to help the unfortunate pooch. It’s an inhumane thing to do and it’s punishable by law. The only ones that suffer are these poor souls. We can only think what would have happened if the men didn’t find the animal. Unfortunately, this heartbreaking story keeps on repeating for many other animals.

20. An Ordinary Commute for Two Plumbers


On his way to work, Carlos had to stop to change a dog’s life. Both he and his colleague lend a hand to this adorable pooch that was left to die in the field. You wouldn’t believe how the dog reacted.

19. The Pup Had Its Mouth Taped


Carlos said that ‘We didn’t know he was a dog at first… We reversed and saw him’. So they didn’t waste time and got closer to see what happened to it. The dog was more than happy to see them, check out his happy face.

18. Rescued in Time


The poor fellow had its mouth tied and was left to die, but Carlos said that ‘He was very loving and liked the attention. He was probably just there for a day or so.’

17. His Paws Were Tied


The plumber – an employee of Shoreline Plumbing in Texas, decided to make a turn from his daily commute and save this boy’s life. The dog not only had his mouth taped, but also his legs were tied up with more than tape.

16. The Dog Didn’t Stand a Chance


If Carlos and his colleague didn’t appear and save the dog, it would have definitely died. Its paws were tied with tubing and tape and he wouldn’t have stood a chance. This next photo of its injured muzzle is outrageous!

15. He Was Injured


Carillo and his friend cut the dog free, and even though it seemed to have been there for a day, it was clear that the dog was in pain. They had to do something fast.

14. The Plumbers Were Worried


Both plumbers got the dog into their truck and drove to a no-kill shelter. They did the right choice, as the volunteers at the ‘Peewee’s Pet Adoption’ were ready to help the poor soul. But would he recover? Check him out at #11.

13.Would the Dog Recover?


Even though the state in which Carlos and his friend found the dog seemed to be okay, except for the muzzle, the dog seemed to be more than fine as they reached the shelter. His life would soon change for the better.

12. He Had a Chance


Carillo said that the dog was very happy to be alive: ‘Look at that face. He knows he was saved!’ But the dog would need some time make a full recovery before finding a furrever home.

11. His Life Was About to Change


At the Peewee’s Pet Adoption, the spokesperson said about the rescued dog that ‘His tail won’t stop wagging.’ It’s heartbreaking to see innocent animals suffer because of people’s devious behavior. But this dog got lucky. As for the people who left it to die…

10.From a Misfortunate Event…


They didn’t find out who was the person that left this poor dog to die. In a world with so many people that want to take care of pets and organizations that do so, we can’t imagine why there are still people that treat animals like this.

9. …To a Full Recovery


The dog was in good physical condition, except that he developed heartworms for which he started treatment. He’s made a full recovery and waits to find a home of his own.

8. And a Wagging Tail


‘He’s such a sweetheart’, said the spokesperson at the Peewee’s Pet Adoption. With their frequent adoption programs, the sweet-natured dog would soon find a family that will give him all the kisses he wants.

7. Trusting Humans Again


A regular Friday for two plumbers became the day when this dog received a second chance at living a happy life. But not many cases end up with a happy ending. These next photos show us sad stories, all are shared to raise awareness of animal abuse and put an end to it.

6. One of the Many Abused Animals


His story is no different from other cases in which people abandon their dogs in ditches or on the fields and tie them, leaving them to die. Having a pet is a great responsibility, and some people should think twice before getting one.

5. Animal Cruelty is Sickening


If people cannot care for a pet, they should find them another loving home and sign an adoption contract. There have been many cases where dogs ended up abused by new ‘owners’. Signing a contract will make the new owner legally responsible for their pet.

4. Animals Are the Victims


Abusing an innocent animal is plain wrong and only a deranged person would do such a thing. It is not a normal behavior and the only ones to suffer are these poor fellows.

3. Some Animals Get Rescued in Time


This fellow had the same fate, and in the end, he found help before it was too late. But this other pup will break your heart.

2. Others End Up Dead


Stories like this don’t usually end up with a happy ending. Unfortunately, this poor dog didn’t make it. He was found dead in a ditch.

1. Adopt, Save Lives


Don’t be indifferent to animals that suffer. If you see one in desperate need of help, either call 911 or the local animal rescue center. You could be their best chance at living a normal and happy life.

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