Life can be cruel at times. Especially at old age, when it gets difficult to recover from the damage done.

Such is the story of this 83-year-old man from a village in Turkey when he lost everything in a fire. On the verge of despair, he found something in the ashes that gave him a desire to live. Behold some intense emotions and witness how a small ray of hope can equip you with enough energy to fight back against disastrous events in life.

20. Meet Ali Mese


In a small town in western Turkey, Ali Mese lived a simple life with his wife and son.

Everyone was happy and enjoying a calm life until a big mishap struck them. Find more on the next page>>

19. FIRE


On a casual morning, Ali was getting his breakfast ready. While attempting to light his wood stove, Ali accidentally spilled a very high volume of gasoline onto the flame, the house exploded with fire.

18. Neighbors to the rescue


Ali’s neighbors came out to check for the burning sound and screams, they immediately called for help after spotting the flames. Firefighters reached the spot quickly and extinguished the burning flames.

But unfortunately it was too late to save the house and the only thing left was a smoldering pile of wood.

17. Lives saved


Ali was saved by the firefighters. His family barely made it too.

But the realization of the disaster was more stressful. Tears rolled down his face as he saw everything he worked for getting vanished in front of his eyes.

16. Everything lost


The Mese family just lost their everything and were devastated.

They lost their home, their life savings, but there was one more thing they were searching for desperately in the ashes. What was that? Find on the next page.

15. PETS!


The Mese family owned several cats that they were searching for. But heart-breakingly they couldn’t find a single sign of any of them.

The feeling that they must have lost all their beloved animals traumatized the family. Ali felt utter disappointment, his pets were like family members to him.

14. Ray of Hope


While searching desperately for his pets, Ali suddenly heard a little meow sound struggling to escape from the wooden rubble.

Ali couldn’t believe his eyes; it was one of his cats, Sarikiz!

13. Sarikiz miraculously survived


Sarikiz immediately jumped into Ali’s arms. Ali was left clueless about how to react to this affection. While he lost everything, he found someone who was still loving him the same.

12. Intense emotions


As Sarikiz jumped into Ali’s arms, he couldn’t control his emotions.

Ali had no idea how Sarikiz miraculously survived the fire when any other thing couldn’t. The feeling was so intense that he immediately started crying and hugged Sarikiz

11. Glimpse of a new start


Ali just couldn’t stop kissing and hugging Sarikiz. She was one of his favorite pets. Sarikiz translates to “blonde girl”, she was equally happy to see Ali after the massive disaster.

Even though Ali and his family were homeless now, finding Sarikiz gave him the power and hope that everything would turn out okay.

10. Rushed to Hospital


Ali and his family were rushed to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Unfortunately, they had to leave Sarikiz behind. 

9. Surprise for Ali


The rescue team of Turkish Red Crescent cleared up the site. The members came to the hospital to meet the Mese family.

But they didn’t come alone and had a big surprise for them. They also brought Sarikiz!

While Ali and his family members were being treated, The rescue team cleaned up Sarikiz and fed her.

8. Joyful reunion


The team of Turkish Red Crescent brought the treated Sarikiz to permanently reunite with her owner. The reunion turned out to be incredible.  Just look into Ali’s eyes filled with happiness as he stares into his ray of hope.

7. A fresh start


Ali lost his everything, but at least he had Sarikiz and his family members who loved him the same way. He embraced Sarikiz like she were his child.

6. Photos of the team


After the treatment was completed and Ali was ready to discharge from the hospital, he asked the Turkish rescue team to click some photos with him as a memory. The rescue team helped Ali throughout the disaster and even reunited him with his favorite cat.

5. Left with Sarikiz


Ali left the hospital with his family and Sarikiz. He had just some minor injuries and a bandaged right hand. Even after this disastrous and traumatizing incident, he seemed happy and calm.

This proves how simple humans are. Even the slightest ray of hope can help us get over the biggest tragedies of our life.

4. Help from everyone


The story went viral. It reached the officials and the government helped Ali and his family find a new home. A GoFundMe page was created to raise some financial aid for the Mese family. So far, it has raised over $6,000!

3. Happy in their new home


Even after this tragic accident, Ali didn’t change his positive attitude towards life. His wife was very happy to see such strength in him. The Mese family was getting more and more comfortable in their new home and their daily life was gradually getting back on track.

2. Back on track


The Mese family were incredibly lucky to be rescued safely after such a disastrous accident. Their pet Sarikiz fueled them with the hope required to fight back when it seemed like they have lost everything and there is no way up.

1. Happy Ending


It was an incredible experience and thankfully captured on camera how Sarikiz changed Ali’s mood so drastically. Whenever he sat down to think about the day of the fire, the view of everything being burned shattered his heart. But how once he saw his cat Sarikiz, he got the hope that everything will be okay and it isn’t the end of the world for the family.

It was awesome to witness how something as small as our beloved pet can inject in us the strength to fight back against whatever situation life brings.

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