Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility, but it’s rewarding when you see the dog happy and healthy. Some dogs have a bad history, they’ve been abused or mistreated and a new life is all they need to show how loving they really are. This is what Catherine thought when she decided to adopt a Doberman. Meet Khan, an abused dog that made mommy Catherine go through a horrific moment. She later discovered that Khan was actually a hero.

20. A New Family

Parents usually get their children a dog to teach them what loyalty means. The children get a companion and learn to be kind to animals too. But rescue dogs have different backgrounds and some need more time to become confident in their new owners.

19. Khan Now Had a Loving Home

Khan, a Doberman Pinscher, was a rescue dog. Catherine Svilicic from Cairns, Australia, decided to adopt a dog and chose Khan as their pet. The huge dog would have a new loving home and he would be treated with kindness. One day, Catherine was in terror…

18. A Few Days Later…

Catherine saw that Khan was acting aggressively toward her toddler who was only a year and two months. Dobermans and Pit bulls don’t have the luck to easily get adopted, because of their fierce appearance and behavior. Seeing Khan so aggressive, she ran to her baby…

17. Something Was Wrong

Khan came from a house where he has been abused, but the Svilicic family wanted to give him a second chance. They even introduced the pooch to their baby and it looked like everything was right. But one day, Catherine realized she was too trusting.

16. A Horrifying Moment

For several days, Catherine supervised her daughter Charlotte and Khan as they played in the garden. Four days passed and everything was fine, but the next day, Khan acted crazy. He started knocking the girl to the ground and he looked like he wanted to start a fight!

15. The Little Girl Was in Danger

Charlotte was in danger. Khan pushed her around and then snarled at something. Catherine recalls it all: ‘was acting aggressively towards Charlotte, and kept trying to nudge her … threw her over his shoulder more than a meter, like she was a rag doll’. It was terrifying!

14. Was Khan a Bad Dog?

Catherine couldn’t believe that Khan, the dog that was friendly a few moments before, turned into a fierce beast and attacked her daughter. Soon before judging the dog’s actions, Catherine saw a brown reptile in the grass. Khan was not a monster

13. The Doberman Yelped

If Khan wouldn’t have saved Charlotte from the snake, she would have been dead from a bite. It seems that the snake was the venomous King Brown. Unfortunately, Christine heard Khan yelping. Was he bitten?

12. Khan Got Hurt

Australia is known for housing the deadliest animals in the world. A King Brown bite kills a human in just a few minutes. Khan was bitten on the paw, but he continued defending his tiny human. He would soon die if not taken to the vet…

11. The Poor Dog Was a Hero

Khan stood between the snake and the child and kept barking until the owners would come and help them. He was everybody’s hero and it only passed four days since he was in the new home.

10. Khan Was Taken to The Vet

Catherine had to act fast and take the dog to the vet. Khan’s life was in danger, as the venom started paralyzing him. If the family didn’t act fast, they could lose Khan.

9. The Poison Was Very Powerful

The highly venomous King Brown injects more venom than a regular snake. After battling the snake, Khan ran into the house and could no longer stay on his own feet. He collapsed and the venom started paralyzing the hero.

8. A Near-Death Experience

In just a few minutes, he couldn’t breathe normally and even though he was a large dog, he was at risk of dying. Catherine took the dog to the vet as soon as possible and the pooch received a shot of anti-venom.

7. Only Protecting the Little Human

The aggressive moment was only to protect his new little human. Khan spent a rough night at the clinic, but in the morning he had a big breakfast and soon made a full recovery. The hero would continue living with his family.

6. Khan Even Had a Diploma

Khan was actually a very good boy and he deserved the best. He would continue to lead a happy and fulfilled life with his family. Appearances can indeed be deceiving…

5. Dobermans are Dangerous…ly Cute!

Dobermans are bred in Germany and they’re known to be good guard dogs and companions as well. Not only they are fearless and always alert, but they are also great pets. Khan had it all and he proved to be a loyal friend.

4. A Loyal Friend

A dog is a loyal friend to the human that cares for him. Dogs appreciate the love and the attention, as they are very social and longing for human interaction. No matter the breed, they would always put their masters first.

3. Catherine Saved Khan

The loyal Khan saved Charlotte from the snake and as soon as Catherine understood what happened, it was a matter of minutes to save the poor dog’s life.

2. Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Huge dogs can look menacing, but if they trust their human friends, they’re friendly and loyal. Khan would have given his life for the new human he played with for only a few days. Let’s give a chance to these threatening, but lovely animals!

1. Khan, a Big Lovely Pooch

He might be huge, but he’s a huge lovely pooch that deserves all the happiness in the world with his new family. These are Khan and Charlotte, once she got a little bigger. Great job, Khan!

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