There’s no secret that teenagers are some of the most susceptible people. They are easily influenced by different movements and this is exactly what’s happening with the eraser challenge. There have been many challenges that took over the world, but nothing is comparing to the eraser craze.

Unlike the famous plank or mannequin challenge, kids end up hurting themselves during the eraser challenge. Therefore, here’s what you need to know about this craze so that parents can get an idea of how to stop their kids from doing it. Make sure to check out #15 to see the horrors that it causes.

20. The Eraser Challenge

Right from the start, we need to mention that the eraser challenge trend has been going around for a couple of years now. The trend started to gain popularity during these past couples of months and parents are horrified by it! Here are the rules of the game

19. The Rules of the Game

In terms of rules, the only thing that kids need to do is to recite the alphabet. While this might not sound like something outrageous, you won’t believe what they have to do at the same time!

18. Reciting the Alphabet

The bad thing about this challenge is that while kids are reciting the alphabet, they also need to rub an eraser on their hand. As you can tell, this challenge is nothing to joke about. But when do they stop rubbing their hands? 

17. Power of Will

This infamous eraser challenge is considered to be a test of will among teenagers and their goal is to finish reciting the alphabet while hurting themselves. As you can see in the picture featured above, teenagers end up with serious scars! Although, this injury is nothing in comparison with what’s coming next.

16. Serious Injuries

Teenagers are competitive and they always want to prove that they are tougher than their friends. This is what’s pushing them to cause themselves serious injuries. You won’t believe what teenagers need to do in order to become the “winner“!

15. The Winner

While winning is mainly a good thing, we cannot say the same about this challenge. In order to win while playing this game, teenagers need to have the biggest wound! This is truly horrific. But do you know what’s worse than this? Stick around for the next picture and see for yourself.

14. Worldwide Popularity

The worst thing about this eraser craze is the fact that it became popular all around the world. This challenge is being done in nearly every school and teenagers are always looking to become the “toughest” one. Although, things get even worse than this…

13. Bragging Online

One of the reasons why teenagers put themselves to harm is so that they can compare their wounds against other people in online forums or on social media. How is this challenge able to give kids bragging rights? It all comes down to one thing.

12. Seeking Attention

While some teenagers might do this challenge just for the sake of looking tough, others are doing it purely out of a need for attention. Just go on Instagram and you will be shocked to see how many kids are bragging about their wounds. The next picture will also shock you.

11. Extreme Burns

Some teenagers went so far with this challenge that they ended up with permanent scars on their body. They will never be able to forget how “childish” they were when they tried to act tough by doing this challenge.

Some kids go even further than this! Check out next to picture to see how some are taking this challenge to the next level.

10. Going to the Hospital

There are numerous reports which show that teenagers who tried reciting the entire alphabet were sent to the hospital with major burns to their hand! Although, things get even more serious than this, just look at the next picture and see the horrors some parents had to go through after their kid tried this challenge.

9. Wound Infection

A kid in Chicago went into toxic shock back in 2015 after doing the eraser challenge with a dirty eraser. Can you imagine what his parents went through? What happened to this 13 year old boy should be an example of why schools need to get rid of this horrendous challenge. Stay around to find out how schools are tackling this problem.

8. Schools Try to Remove this Challenge

Considering that every kid that is trying this challenge is doing it in their school, parents started blaming the institutions for not providing a safe environment for their kids. Fortunately, schools are doing their best to get rid of this habit. You won’t believe what was the first thing that schools started doing against the eraser challenge.

7. Burn Marks

The first thing that schools started doing against this challenge is to advise parents to check their kids for burn marks on their hands, or other body parts. This way, parents can find out if their kids are involved in the eraser craze and to teach them about how bad it is. The school system ended up finding a more inventive way of checking for burn marks, and you will be surprised to find out how they did it!

6. Social Media

Knowing that kids love to brag about how tough they are on social media, schools started advising parents to closely inspect every post that their kid makes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You won’t believe what they found!

5. Horrific Burn Wounds

This is the type of horrific burn wounds parents started finding while checking their kids’ social media pages. While kids might be able to hide their wounds around the house with a long sleeve shirt, they are more than happy to share them on social media. And this is not all!

4. East Iredell Middle School from North Carolina

The first school that started reporting on this issue was North Carolina’s East Iredell Middle School. The school’s representative posted the above-featured picture on their social media page and asked the following question to parents “Do your children have any burn marks?”. Another school from Kansas took a different route and you won’t believe how they informed parents of this eraser challenge.

3. Mill Creek Middle School from Kansas

This middle school from Kansas decided to be more private about this matter and sent out letters to parents whose kids were doing this challenge. This left every parent in shock! You won’t believe what a loving mother wrote after seeing her son’s raw wound!

2. Disappointed Mom

After seeing how her kid harmed himself, a mom wrote the following on social media: “This made me very sad. But I am satisfied that the boy told me how badly his arm hurt many days later and how he would never try anything like this again”.

1. Regrets

Fortunately, kids are starting to see how stupid this challenge is and a new “#Regret” hashtag is trending on Twitter. Let’s hope that all kids see this hashtag and that it discourages them from trying this barbaric challenge.

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