Life can get you in a series of unexpected situations. While children should all be happy and explore the life they have ahead, others are doomed to spend their lives depending exclusively on others. Nobody wants it, yet is often happening. The story we are going to talk about is something that should be considered more like a life lesson. In an evolved world, today, doctors are also taken by surprise by mysterious cases. Check out the story of Martin, a boy from South Africa, that surprised everyone!

20. What A Place!

South Africa is a beautiful coastal country and it’s worth waking up in the early morning to its magnificent sunrises. Believe it or not, these views are just for the lucky ones.

19. A Typical Family Living In South Africa

We present you the Pistorius family in the 1980’s. While being all happy, things that happened later took them all by surprise.

18. A Child’s Passion

Back then, Martin was just a happy and normal 12-year-old boy obsessed with anything related to electronics. While attending school one day, he had to leave the classes earlier for having a sore throat.

17.  Getting Into Some Serious Problems

Accusing these symptoms, the pain was not going away so easily and gradually he stopped eating, speaking or even making any eye contact. What was happening?

16. What to do?

The Pistorius got scared and were still hoping for the doctors to provide a cure for their son. But there was no answer; not a good or a bad one. The poor child’s health did not improve.

15. After 18 Months

In about a year and a half, Martin was no longer in control of his body. He had too fully depend on his parents’ help as he wasn’t able to move. Although he went to a lot of doctors, nobody knew what was wrong with him.

14. How It Evolved?

While not using his body, the poor Martin started looking like a complete rug doll and with the decrease in the mass muscles, his hands and feet curled up like claws, his mind failed and he fell into a type of coma.

13. A Rare Illness

As if things were not already severe, Martin suffered from an unknown degenerative disease that had left him with the mind of a newborn. Later, the doctors diagnosed him with a rare disease: cryptococcal meningitis and tuberculosis of the brain.

12. Prepared For The Worst

The doctors didn’t find a way to prevent the spread of the illness, and the family was told to prepare for the worst and to slowly arrange their son’s deathbed since there was no recovery for his motor functions or brain activity. But what happened next surprised everybody.

11. Goodbye, Childhood!

The saddest thing in the world is for a parent to prepare for his child’s death. After taking Martin home, he was basically monitored the whole time.

10. A Sparkle Of Hope

Two years passed and Martin showed more desire to keep living the life. The parents then started to support him more and took him to a special care center for eight hours per day. At night, his father would wake up every two hours to turn his son just to prevent any bed sores.

9. Trapped Inside His Own Body!

Willing to live and trapped inside his body, Martin woke up around the age of 16 years old seeing and hearing everything around him. Too bad he couldn’t move his body. Just his thoughts kept him company for a while.

8. “I Hope You Die!”

Joan Pistorius, Martin’s mother was at the end of her despair and said these words in front of him. She just couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to feel some kind of release. But Martin heard everything she said!

7. Everybody Ignored Him

Nobody knew about his new condition and since his brain was disconnected from his physical senses he couldn’t give a sign. Even though he could, they wouldn’t see it. There was no hope, he thought his life will be like this forever.

6. Barney & Friends

All he can remember is how he was treated at the special care center. He was left in from of the TV for hours. Barney & Friends was the only cartoon playing and he hated it. But the people from the care center never stopped doing cruel things to him.

5. Even More Harsh Days At The Center

He was treated with no mercy, yelling at him, pulling his hair or crashing the metal spoon against his teeth while force-feeding him. One time he was even sexually abused. He could not hold it for longer, he became desperate inside.

4. He Began Re-engaging With His Thoughts

A strong desire was coming from within. He started regaining his mind and things got better for his body too. At first, Virna van der Walt, an aromatherapist saw his reactions, and then everybody could not believe their eyes.

3. He Regained His Full Consciousness!

After 10 years of waiting, Martin has regained his full self at the age of 25. By the therapist’s recommendation, he was sent to the Centre For Augmentative And Communication. He even forgave his mother’s actions because he understood her frustration.

2. No Longer Alone!

After he learned how to use a computer, he taught himself how to read and after a while became a web designer. In 2008 he got to meet online a person that will forever change his life. He met Joanne, a social worker from the UK and he fell in love. One year later, in 2009, he asked her to marry him.

1. Ghost Boy

The title of his autobiographical book captures the exact feeling he had while nobody could see his efforts to break through. Martin Pistorius is currently moving in a wheelchair, still unable to walk, and uses a voice synthesizer to speak. In the present, he declares himself truly happy saying that life is worth living.

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