Animal cruelty has always made us cry while watching poor animals struggle to survive. The Rescue From The Hart team went through horrible moments with many poor souls and have successfully brought a lot of animals back on their feet. But one day, they heard about a severely abused dog. The puppy was almost dying. The team didn’t give up and come up with the last idea they hoped it would work. They needed a miracle… We promise that your tears will be of joy by the end of the story.

20. Rescue From The Hart

In Los Angeles, there is a non-profit animal rescue group, called Rescue From The Hart. They work together with the local community and global communities as well to make people aware of the pet overpopulation issue and end animal cruelty.

19. A Gut-Wrenching Story

The rescue group got contacted about a dog which was severely abused. Someone had that dog and intentionally starved it. As they got the poor puppy, they saw a tiny figure made of just skin and bones. The vets didn’t think it stood a chance.

18. Organ Failure

But neither the vets and nor the rescue group wanted to give up on the puppy. They named her Angel and started doing everything they could to save her. The problem was her internal organs were shutting down. They had to do something fast!

17. Angel Was Dying

Only a miracle could save Angel. And the rescue team tried to comfort the poor dog in her last moments. Maybe a gentle touch could give Angel hope to carry on. This sweet little girl put her heart on the line and wished Angel could survive. But they didn’t expect this to happen…

16. The Worst Case of Neglect

The rescue team has never seen such a neglected dog. For Angel, to get this malnourished, it meant that they starved the dog for months. Angel didn’t have the strength to fight for her own life. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending and you won’t believe what happened soon after this girl touched Angel for the first time…

15. A Social Media Case

Angel appeared on social media, with the help of a member of the rescue team. There, they talked about how the dog’s recovery progressed: ‘she’s moving her head and eyes around a lot more’. What started as small gestures, would soon turn into a slow but steady recovery.

14. Angel Was Struggling

‘As I kissed her goodbye this afternoon, I said the following to her over and over: You are loved. You are important. And we will fight for you.’ A member of the rescue team said on The Rescue From The Hart Facebook page.

13. More Visits From Volunteers

Angel needed a lot of medical care, blood transfusions, and patience. She had to be fed little portions of food because too much food at once would have been deadly. But for Angel, one of the most significant gesture was getting some love.

12. A Kiss Can Save One’s Life

The puppy was slowly getting better with all the cuddles she got and all the attention from her visitors. After a few days, Angel could get up on her feet and search for treats on her own. You won’t believe how she looks like now!

11. Making New Friends

Angel could walk again on her own and in the meantime she also made a lot of friends. Despite all odds were against her, the puppy was thriving! Can you believe Angel looks like this now?

10. A Long Road to Recovery

Meanwhile, Angel was still struggling to recover. She was under medical attention, receiving blood infusions and getting tests for the internal organs.

9. A Cruel World

The world is not so amazing when you start seeing the monsters that abused so many animals. But the world also has kind people that dedicate their lives to helping poor souls get well and live a happy life. Angel’s story is shocking!

8. The Abuser Was Arrested

The person that abused Angel is a woman from California, Kay Buell, who apparently was a foster and faced 15 counts of felony cruelty. She was arrested and her bail was set at $650k. At the preliminary hearing, a lot of people went to stand by Angel.

7. The Day of the Rescue

When Angel was brought in by the team, her weight was only at 11 pounds. Angel had only a few hours to live. But the odds were not against her and with the love and the struggle of those around her, she managed to stay alive.

6. Months Passed…

Time passed and Angel got better. You can see she had more meat on her skinny bones and she was very happy. The team has posted on the Rescue From The Hart official YouTube channel a video with Angel’s recovery and it’s breaking our hearts.

5. Heart-Breaking Moments

The footage contains scenes from the beginning when Angel was tucked into a blanket. She couldn’t stand on her own feet. It then shows us the moment she walked all by herself. Guess how the video ends!

4. Almost a Year

The description of the video states that it took the team about a year to make this video and ‘her full recovery took just as long’, but it’s all ready. And Angel was also ready to start a new life with a new family that would take care of her.

3. A Surprise Happy Ending

The charity group wrote about the video that it might be heart-breaking, but there’s a ‘surprise happy ending we have all been waiting for!’. Can you guess what it is?

2. A New Home and A New Friend

At the end of the video, we see Angel looking so different that we need to look twice to make sure she’s the scrawny puppy at the beginning of our story. She is now happy, living with a furry sibling and her new family!

1. Tears Of Joy

We promised you tears of joy and you got them. Angel got a new life, she is a healthy girl and has a forever home. There’s nothing else Angel needs now!

The charity group thanks everyone who helped them save Angel and other animals in need. They wouldn’t have done it without their support and donations.

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