Wild animals should never live in cages! And they should certainly not be used in circuses for people’s entertainment. Take Aasha’s story, for example. She is a Bengal tiger that was only 9 months old when she was discovered in a traveling circus. At her age, she weighed less than normal and she didn’t look healthy either. But USDA inspectors found out about her and called in back-up…

Check out this sickly tiger cub’s transformation into a beautiful and happy tigress!

20. The Bengal Tiger


This poor Bengal tiger only weighed 30 pounds and she was 9 months old. Her weight should have been appropriate for a 3-month-old cub. Not only was she malnourished, but parts of her fur and skin were missing!

19. The Travelling Circus


Aasha was caged and mistreated and belonged to the traveling circus. She didn’t have a place of her own, so she had to share the cage with a large tiger that would pick on her, thus the missing fur and skin…

18. Stepping In


The founder of In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center from Texas, Vicky Keahey was informed about Aasha’s case and jumped in to help the poor cub. But wasn’t it too late?

17. Open Wounds


Her rescuer, Keahey said that the cub had her entire body covered in ‘bald spots’ and some of her skin was ‘cracked, darken areas and bleeding’. And you won’t believe what else was wrong with the poor animal!

16. The Case Required Treatment


Not only had the cub suffered in that circus, but it also had ringworm and open wounds! Keahey said that the baby tiger had to be given medications and medicated baths. Here’s what she said…

15. No, Not Bath Again!


‘Twice a day, I would go in and give Aasha medications and spend time with her’, said Keahey. And when it was time for the special bath, Aasha would run away, because she hated taking baths!

14. Recovering…


It took 8 weeks for Aasha to recover and then she finally started to heal. She will soon look spectacular and Keahey said that Aasha even started liking to swim. You won’t believe what happened after 8 months.

13. Fuzzy Aasha


The tiger cub started to grow back her fur and you could see bits of fuzz on the bold spots. That was a great sign, it meant that the treatment was successful. Aasha now had her own enclosure and a tub to swim in it!

12. Keahey’s Little Kitten


Aasha not only got well in the meantime, but she also grew larger and in a few months, she needed a newer enclosure. Although she was not a kitten, Aasha still loved to play with her mommy, Keahey. Check them out!

11. A Long Journey


After eight months, the tigress was a beauty. She looked like a real tiger and it was time to see her reaction when introduced to other tigers. Knowing that as a cub she had issues with the bully tiger at the circus, everyone was troubled…

10. Next to a Huge Tiger


Aasha was put next door to the big tiger and they waited to see their reaction. Even though the tiger was three times bigger than the young tigress, there was an attraction

9. It’s a Match!


After she was introduced to the bigger tiger they hit it off from the start. His name is Smuggler and when he saw her, he ‘went crazy for her’. He’s such a show-off… Look at them being so cute together!

8. Under Mommy’s Supervision


Even though it looked like Aasha could handle things on her own, both tigers were supervised when they played. After seeing they’re great together, it was ready to move them in the same enclosure.

7. It Seems Like a Long Time Ago


It all started in 2011 and now, years later, we are amazed to see the sickly tiger cub turning into a beautiful and healthy tigress. She is not only well cared for, but she has a great partner and she’s very confident!

6. Facing your Fears


Aasha has learned to trust again and to overcome her fears: she is no longer mistreated, she no longer fears baths – she adores them! – and she has a great home and family that loves her. And that’s not all!

5. Aasha and Smuggler


After so many years, both tigers still live together in the same enclosure and spend all their time together playing or cuddling. Keahey said that even though she was smaller than Smuggler, he knew ‘when to steer clear of her’.

4. A Great Friendship


Watching them play together like that fills our hearts with joy, especially knowing where Aasha came from. It’s so great to see that she has a loving family and a place to call home!

3. Thriving in The Best Home


It’s heartwarming to see this beautiful tigress having the best time of her life, knowing where she came from. She now has a home where people that love her treat her right and take good care of her!

2. Wildlife Rescue, Texas


If it wasn’t for Keahey and her In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center, Aasha wouldn’t have been alive by now. Unfortunately, not all animals from the circus get to have such a happy ending

1. Should You Go to an Animal Circus?


PETA has gathered more than enough reasons why we shouldn’t go to an animal circus. Not only the circus abuses their animals by training them to perform for shows, but they’re mistreated, beaten and poorly taken care of!

Wild animals should live in the wilderness and not in cages and spend time in rings for our entertainment!

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