There are some stories in this world that are absolutely miraculous and are almost unbelievable and this kitten’s story is no different. You will be left shocked after you read his story and I can guarantee that you will be surprised. Read on to find out about a real-life miracle!

20. A frozen discovery!

It was Thanksgiving morning and the family awoke to about a foot of snow in their yard. “It was exciting and the kids ran right out the front door to play in it,” Branden Bingham said. However, they noticed something strange!

19. The Rescue!

“About 30 seconds into the fun my son stumbled over what appeared to be a frozen, lifeless kitten.” Terrified, the Brendan approached it and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

18. Edge of Life!

It was indeed a frozen kitten! The poor animal was probably living the cold and he had no one to care for him. Branded took a decision that will soon change both of their lives!

17. A Name!

They decided to name the cat Lazurus as Lazurus was a person who was brought back to life, and this little kitten was very close to dying and was brought back from the brink of death as well! But the kitten was so cold, that no one knew if he will make it or not. The next few days were crucial!

16. Housing!

“When I got him home, he was really dirty, and I tried to clean him the best I could. He seemed hungry,” Leslie said. Leslie gave the kitten the name Pinot, and then decided to give it to her cat-loving sister, Sarah, since they already had too many pets. Read on to find about Sarah’s adoption of the little kitten.

15. Snuggled Up!

“He walks between my feet everywhere I go, and I mean everywhere,” Branden Bingham said.”He lives on my lap, shoulders, head, wrapped around my calf, and pretty much anywhere he can get my attention.” However, there’s a twist on their story…

14. Loss!

Then Branden got injured and went to the hospital for a fractured leg and in the time that he wasn’t around at home, Lazurus would look for him everywhere and meow all the time. Find out what stopped Lazurus from doing this on the next slide!

13. Return!

When Brendan came back Lazurus was quite excited. He would not stop meowing in delight! The kitten also enjoys doing this next thing.

12. About Him!

“He has been the best recovery companion anyone could ask for. He’s more mellow and just feels aware of what’s going on,” Branden Bingham said. “It’s like it’s less about him and more about me.” Read more about Lazurus’ attachment on the next slide!

11. Sidekick!

“He’s just there by my side for anything, no matter what, and no matter what mood he’s in. It’s the cutest thing!” said Brendan. It seems that Lazurus is always by his side to give him support. Find out about what else Lazurus does on the next slide!

10. Attention!

It doesn’t matter what Branden is doing around the place, Lazarus wants to be a part of it. “Give me attention meow!” joked Brendan! And his loyalty doesn’t stop there…

9. BFF!

Here you can see them both sitting together, watching birds. Lazurus feels like a king whenever he’s around Brendan, it seems. Let’s move on to the next slide, where an absolutely cute picture awaits!

8. Together!

Whenever Brendan decides to sleep, Lazurus wastes no time in running up and jumping in with him and snuggling up close. There’s another thing which Lazurus loves to do which you can see on the next slide!

7. Happy Holidays!

Lazarus absolutely loves celebrating Christmas as he loves it when everyone is having fun together and is acting all happy, and he loves the attention he gets! Keep on reading to see how Lazurus is doing now, months after his miraculous recovery.

6. His Condition Now

Almost a year after he was found outside almost frozen, Lazurus is doing great and is extremely healthy although there seems to be a problem with his name…

5. Name Confusion!

Lazurus was named Lazurus at first, but it seems that the kids wanted to call him Olaf and so they decided to change his name! See the conclusion to this problem on the next slide!

4. The Result!

Now they just call him both Lazurus and Olaf and he responds to either one! They have given him the full name of Lazurus-Olaf. Now that we’ve spent a lot of time with Lazurus-Olaf, let’s move on to another brave kitty…

3. Meet Kiki!

This little kitty looks like it’s in a horrible condition. It was found in Afghanistan by an American soldier and he decided to rescue it and name it Kiki. Check out how it went on the next slide!

2. Operation Rescue!

A vet came the next day and put Kiki on a course of antibiotics. Today Kiki has fully recovered.

“Kiki is a very playful adventurous cat, he loves to explore and is very curious, he enjoys sitting on my shoulder, chewing on my hand and running up my legs. He hasn’t been put off by what has happened to him.” Now we have one final message…

1. A Final Message!

I just want to say that we should all be on the lookout for animals who could use a little help because just like Lazarus, they can grow up to be absolutely adorable and amazingly playful. Thanks a lot for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the story!

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