A couple from California has been arrested after a horrific discovery was made in their home. Police officers found their 13 children chained up in the home next to their beds. Nobody suspected the parents at all and the mystery is only beginning to unravel more and more.

20. Perfect Family

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David and Louise Turpin gave off the impression that their family was one to be envious of. They managed to create an entire illusion of perfect surrounding their marriage and their lives as parents to their 13 children. No one would have expected the terrible truth.

19. Social Media

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The Turpin’s would often post tons of photos of themselves and their children onto social media. The photos included birthday parties, their wedding vow renewal, and a family trip to Disneyland. The kids were always smiling in photos…

18. Identical

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In many of the photos of the family, the couple would dress everyone up identically depending on their gender. The kids even had similar haircuts to one another. “They all dressed alike when they went out,” Betty Turpin, David’s mother, told CNN.

17. Protective Parents

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The couple would often line the children up according to age in order to keep track of them during family outings. “It was easier to keep up with the kids,” their grandmother said. “They were very protective of the kids.”

That’s why when the news broke of their secret home life no one knew what to think.

16. Captivity

Image: The Desert Sun

David, 56, and Louise, 49, are both being accused of keeping their children shackled and captive in their own home. Officers found the home in terrible conditions with some of the children padlocked to their beds. The children’s ages ranged from 2 to 29.

15. Escape

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The situation was discovered when the couple’s 17-year-old daughter had managed to escape. She climbed out of a window and phoned 911 from a deactivated cell phone she found in the house. That’s when she told officers the shocking news.

14. The Truth

Image: The Independent

The 17-year-old told the officers that her parents were holding her and her 12 siblings captive. When officer’s found her she had photographic evidence to back up her claims. Riverside County Sheriff’s Capt. Greg Fellows followed up on the claim and found the terrible living conditions that the girl described.

13. Emaciated

Image: Daily Mail

The teenager, who was so emaciated police thought she was just 10 years old, told cops her 12 siblings were being held inside the home on the 100 Block of Muir Woods Road,” The Daily Mail wrote.

12. Findings

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The Sheriff’s deputies found 12 of the other siblings in the home and they described them as “malnourished and very dirty.” They were so underfed that officers assumed many of the adult children were younger than they really were. The children were swiftly removed from the home.

11. Being Treated

Image: Corona Regional

The police revealed that the adults are being treated at Corona Regional Medical Center in Corona while the six minors are currently at Riverside University Health System Medical Center in Moreno Valley. When police first showed up at the Turpin residence, Louise didn’t understand why.

10. Intervention

Image: Today Show

Captain Fellows noted that when the police showed up at the Turpin house, their mother Louise was “perplexed as to why” the police were even showing up in the first place. Child protective services had never shown up before, as they never seemed to have a reason to.

9. The Charges

Image: Los Angeles Times

The parents are being charged with torture and child endangerment. Their bail has been set at $9 million each. Many are still uncertain as to whether the children all actually belong to the couple. The neighbors described the situation as odd.

8. Neighbors Opinions

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The family moved to their house in Perris in 2014. The neighbors all knew that a large family was living in the home, however, many of them noted that they never really saw the younger kids leave the house. They noticed that the kids would come out to mow the lawn and then retreat back indoors.

7. Observations

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One of the neighbors described the children as  “very pale-skinned, almost like they’d never seen the sun.” Another neighbor noted that the kids appeared to look very thin and malnourished. Still, another had observed that the parents came off as “standoffish — not in a mean way.”

6. Wedding Vows

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Videos uploaded to social media by the couple showed them renewing their vows at the Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas in 2013 and 2015. In the video, you can see that the girls are all dressed in identical purple plaid dresses while the boys all wore dark suits. “This is a highly respectable family,” Betty Turpin, their grandmother said.

5. Aunt Speaks Out

Image: Daily Mail

Louise Turpin’s sister, Teresa Robinette, spoke out about the entire situation and said she was “heartbroken” to hear about what was going on. “I can’t even say the words to you that I would like to say to her. I’m so angry inside. I’m mad,” she was quoted saying.

4. Former Home

Image: CNN

The couple formerly resided in Murrieta, in southwestern Riverside County, and in Texas. Their former home in Texas was foreclosed on and the condition of the house was terrible with windows broken and waste covering the carpet and walls.

A neighbor of theirs in Texas had an unusual name for the Turpin home.

3. Texas Neighbor

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Shelli Vinyard, their neighbor in Texas, called their house “the compound.” “I thought it was like a religious compound over there,” she said. She recalled that the children were home-schooled and “kept them away from anybody.”

2. Confusing Events

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It seems that the entire situation with the parents and their children is unclear. It is quite confusing how a family that goes on Disneyland trips together and smiles in photos can secretly be holding their own children captive in their home.

1. More Details

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More details surrounding the case will come forward and police continue to further investigate. For now, all we know is that the Turpin family was able to keep things quiet for so long despite such terrible home conditions. It leaves one wondering about everyone’s dirty little secrets.

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