One of the biggest issues that hospitals are faced more than often is the long time that people need to wait on the national organ list. Therefore, scientists are trying to create chimeras by combining human and animal DNA in order to create custom organ donors.

This is a rather controversial topic, but this isn’t stopping scientists from making progress. Stay around and find out how scientists managed to combine the DNA of a human with the one of a pig and created an organism that managed to live for 4 weeks!

20. Organ Donors

There are many diseases, injuries and health problems which require an organ transplant and the waiting list is just way too big. In fact, reports are showing that 22 people die every day because they are not getting the organs they need. This is what forced scientists to make this next decision.

19. Custom Organ Donors

What you are seeing in this picture is a pig embryo that’s been injected with human cells for the sole purpose of becoming a custom organ donor. The embryo is still in its development phase. But how old will it get to be? 

18. Four Weeks Old Pig-Human Embryo

Even though this seems like something that’s been taken out of a SCI-FI movie, the pig-human embryo lived for 4 weeks. This is an amazing feat and it’s showing that there’s potential. Make sure to check out next picture if you want to see how the scientists inserted the human DNA into the embryo.

17. Inserting Human DNA

This is how scientists were able to insert human cells into the pig’s DNA. If it seems like this isn’t the first time that scientists did this, that’s because it is not. You won’t believe what other animal DNA combination scientists made before this!

16. Rat and Mouse Chimera

The first time that scientists were able to successfully combine the DNA of two species, a mouse and a rat were involved. Scientists are calling these organisms chimeras. The reason why scientists are calling them that is truly jaw-dropping!

15. Chimera

The reason why scientists are calling hybrid animals like that is because they are making reference to the mythical creature known as Chimera, which was part lion, part snake and part eagle. You won’t believe how they managed to create these creatures!

14. Creating Chimeras

This is exactly how scientists use different DNA cells to create organisms that are affected by chimerism. This is crazy, right? You know what else is crazy? 

13. Stem Cells

The first method that scientists and doctors all around the world tried to create custom organs with was through stem cells. These cells have the ability to create any tissue or organ and this makes them ideal for what the world needs. However, things didn’t go according to plan and this is the reason why.

12. Failing to Create Organs from Stem Cells

Scientists and doctors have tried numerous times to create organs with the help of stem cells. Sadly, their research didn’t prove to be successful because stem cells are not that easy to manipulate. Stay tuned to see why stem cells are difficult to work with.

11. Surviving in Petri Dishes

In order to cultivate and develop stem cells, scientists need to put them in petri dishes. The downside of this method is that stem cells do not survive in petri dishes and they always fail to develop. Leaving stem cells aside, make sure to check out the next picture if you want to find out how a human-pig chimera is going to look like!

10. Grown Up Human-Pig Chimera

This is what it would look like if the chimera managed to survive and develop for more than four weeks! If this picture shocked you then you need to get ready for what’s coming next.

9. Human Eyes

It seems like it couldn’t get any more creepier than this. However, the human-like features are what make chimeras a controversial topic. Make sure to keep reading because what’s coming next is simply shocking!

8. Horrific Creature

The question that’s sitting in everyone’s mind is if what happens when scientists go too far and create a being such as the one from the picture? This is definitely scary, but scientists are assuring the world that this is never going to happen because of the following reasons.

7. No Room for Error

The scientists who are in charge of this experiment assured the world that there’s no room for error and that everything they do has been theorized at least a thousand times before. More than that, scientists will never insert animal cells into human DNA. But this doesn’t mean that the wide public is fine with the idea of custom organ donors. You won’t believe what’s driving people crazy when they think about chimeras.

6. Morality Issue

The main problem that everyone has with custom organ donors is that it crosses a moral line. Scientists are basically creating animals which serve the sole purpose of growing organs and dying. You won’t believe the answer that scientists gave when they were asked about the morality of their experiments.

5. Cruel or Not?

As a response to the immoral allegations of their experiments, scientists hit back with this following question: Is it cruel to sacrifice the life of an animal in exchange for the one of a human? This is a brilliant question that’s got people thinking but it doesn’t end there. Stick around to find out what the scientists said next.

4. Pig Farms

Scientists also said that people raise pigs on farms especially for the meat they provide. This should make it easier for the entire world to understand that being able to create custom organ donors is an amazing thing and that it is not immoral in any way.

Beware, the next picture might shock you!

3. Pig Lungs with Human Blood

The main reason why scientists have chosen to combine human cells with pig DNA is because they once filled a pig’s lungs with human blood and they worked just fine! Although, there’s still one major risk when it comes to custom donors and scientists are not ready to take chances yet!

2. Rejecting Organs

While the entire world is left in awe by the fact that scientists managed to create a living organism from both human and pig cells, this doesn’t mean that organ donors are going to benefit from them anytime soon. There will always be the risk that the host’s system might reject the organ. Nonetheless, this leaves us with this following question.

1. Final Thoughts On Custom Organ Donors

The question that everyone should ask themselves is if they can live with the thought that scientists are creating hybrid organisms for the sole purpose of growing organs.

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