Who hasn’t heard of Tin-Tin the squirrel and his friend Tiger, the cat? If you’re one of those who hasn’t seen the awesome pair on social media or on the news, then we’re here to tell you their sad and sweet story. Their human parent, Decan Andersen, had two housecats. But one day, his life completely changed when he saw a tiny squirrel in need of help.

The story is very sad, but in the end, we promise that those tears will be of joy!

20. Adorable Friends


Decan Andersen had just two cats as indoor pets when one day he saw a tiny creature falling from a tree. It turned out to be a baby squirrel, but the poor animal was on the brink of death…

19. He Waited For a Bit


The man believed that probably the mother squirrel, who was 4 stories up in the tree would come get the baby. She did check it, but she probably felt like it was beyond any recuperation and left it there…

18. No Time to Think!


The man didn’t need time to think what to do, so he went to save the poor animal. He took the squirrel to the vet. There, he found out that it was a Eurasian Red Squirrel and he was only a month old.

17. A Huge Injury



The little squirrel received his name – Tin-Tin, and he was in quite a trouble. He had a deep chest wound, because of the branches he fell through. You won’t believe what happened after Decan took the baby squirrel inside!

16. Come On, Get Better


Coco, one of Decan’s cats saw Tin-Tin and immediately came to clean the poor baby squirrel. After making sure he was alright, Coco snuggled her new friend. The other cat, Tiger, was not very happy…

15. You Deal With It!


Decan recalls that his male cat, Tiger, didn’t like the idea at first: ‘After Tiger came home he understood his sister had claimed Tin-Tin and wanted nothing to do with him so stayed well clear.’ But then something amazing happened.

14. The Wound Healed Slowly




Tin-Tin’s chest wound slowly healed, and after 5 months, he could finally stop wearing t-shirts (they protected the wound from scratches). Meanwhile, Decan cleaned the wound every 3 hours and bottle fed him every 4 hours!

13. Time Flew Away


At a point, Tin-Tin was weaned off cat milk and the Danish wildlife preservation and his veterinarian recommended that the squirrel was no longer able to stay alive on its own. He was going to live with Decan.

12. Building a Castle


The man thought of a way to keep the squirrel inside the house, so for Tin-Tin’s night hours, Decan built a little castle. There, he would let the squirrel sleep and do its hygiene, always letting the cage unlocked!

11. A Tragic Event



One night, after a year of infinite cuddle with Tin-Tin, Coco died in her sleep, next to her human father. Decan said: ‘It came as a shock to us all. No warning, no signs. We were all heartbroken’. And then Tiger went crazy…

10. Getting Complaints


Tiger couldn’t understand what happened to Coco, who’s been his sister ever since they’ve been kittens. Here is what Decan said: ‘Her brother kept calling for her, went out searching for her, day and night. We even had complaints of his constant calling’.

9. Never Coming Back


After a while, Tiger realized that Coco will not come back. That’s when he finally bonded with Tin-Tin and has been able to overcome grief. And not only they love each other, but Tiger is also the protective big brother!

8. Nose Bumps


Decan said that whenever they met, Tiger and Tin-Tin will ‘greet each other with nose bumps’. When they go out, they’re inseparable. And Tiger will always be on the lookout for predators. This is what he does…

7. Chasing Off Enemies


‘I have lost count on how many times Tiger has spotted and chased off hawks, cats, other big birds and yes, even large dogs,’ said Decan. Tiger is doing his best not to lose his best friend… You won’t believe how old he is!

6. The Alpha Cat


Tiger is the Sheriff of the neighborhood and everyone knows it. The people call him the Sheriff ‘cause he’s always wearing his tux uniform, and he’s always out patrolling’, said Decan. The cat is 13 years old and he still got it!

5. It’s a Disney Movie


So, if you’re wondering if this photo is from a Disney movie, then we’re here to tell you that it’s the real deal! These adorable fluffs have bonded through grief…

4. Tin-Tin and Tiger on Instagram


Decan loves his furry babies and captures all the cute moments. He shares his photos, videos and all their experiences on their site – tintinthesquirrel.com, and on their Instagram page – tintin_the_squirrel. People are NUTS about them.

3. A Special Case


Nonetheless, owning a red squirrel is illegal, because it is an endangered species in different countries. But Tin-Tin is a special case and Decan has permission to take care of him from the Danish wildlife preservation until Tin-Tin’s last days – this could be 15-20 years!

2. Decan’s Advice


Owning a pet squirrel is not allowed. The only reason he does it is because Tin-Tin is accustomed to cats and he doesn’t know how to protect himself from predators, meaning he could die in 24 hours if left in the wilderness…

1. The Little Superstar


Decan said that Tin-Tin is now a superstar: ‘He loves the attention and getting his pictures taken. We regularly visit the forest nearby, where he shows us what he likes to eat’.

We’re so glad Tin-Tin has a best pal, Tiger and a human to take care of him for the rest of his life!

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