Dogs are a man’s best friend, but not everyone deserves them. Today we are going to present the case of Caitlyn, who fell into the wrong hands and became scarred for life. Caitlyn was sold to a heartless person, who taped her mouth for 36 hours straight! Fortunately, Caitlyn will get justice as we will soon find out.

20. Cruel Man

This is how Caitlyn looked when she was found, just 36 hours after being sold to a cruel man. Caitlyn’s previous owner sold her for only $10 and this is what the new one did to her. But who could do such a thing?

19. The New Owner

To Caitlyn’s misfortune, she was sold to Sick Dodson. The man we are seeing in this picture is responsible for what happened to poor Caitlyn and he sure got was he deserved! You won’t believe how Caitlyn managed to run away from him.

18. Breaking Free

As you can clearly tell, Caitlyn had her mouth taped off but that’s not all! She was also chained outside the new owner’s home. After spending 36 hours in agony, Caitlyn managed to break the chain that was holding her captive and ran away. But where did she go?

17. Going Back Home

Caitlyn went to the only place she called home, her previous owner’s house. The one who sold her for only $10. Despite him selling her in the first place, the previous owner did the right thing and took her to the vet. You will be shocked to hear what the vet had to say about this.

16. No Blood Flow

Right from the moment they first saw her, the vets knew that Caitlyn’s blood flow was stopped. This meant that her tongue might have nerve damage and that she might never get well. The vets didn’t waste any time and put Caitlyn in surgery.

15. Getting Better

Fortunately for Caitlyn, the surgery was successful and she started feeling better. Although, she was still having big troubles and doctors didn’t know if she was going to completely recover. Scroll down to see what problems Caitlyn needed to overcome.

14. Not Able to Eat or Drink

Caitlyn’s mouth was hurt so badly that she couldn’t eat or drink anything. This worried the vets and they didn’t think that she was going to survive her injuries. Luckily, Caitlyn soon started feeling better and she started eating. Let’s move on to the next picture and see how Caitlyn looks after having her mouth freed.

13. Looking Better

One day after the surgery on Caitlyn’s mouth was finished and she was feeling better already. The dog finally had a spark in her eyes and wasn’t afraid anymore. You know what’s the best thing that happened to Caitlyn though?

12. Feeling Safe

Caitlyn was finally safe and she was surrounded by people who care for her. Love and nurturing are surely the two things that helped Caitlyn get better. But what happened with the man who treated her in such an inhumane manner?

11. Lawyer Ted Corvey

Despite having only bad luck until now, Caitlyn finally got something going on for her when lawyer Ted Corvey decided to take up her case. Ted Corvery proved to be an excellent lawyer with a sense of justice because he promised that he wouldn’t stop until Sick Dodson (the culprit) got what he deserved.

10. Going to Court

Ted Corvey took Caitlyn’s case to court and he fought against Sick Dodson for two years! The lawyer didn’t want to settle for a small sentence, and he wanted Sick Dodson to get the maximum penalty. Let’s see what happened after Ted Corvey’s two-year long lawsuit ended.

9. Going to Prison

Even though Caitlyn’s face was filled with scars, she finally had a reason to smile! The man who hurt her was going to prison for a long time! Lawyer Ted Corvey managed to get the full sentence of five years in jail for Sick Dodson. You will be shocked to find out what the judge had to say about this whole ordeal.

8. The Judge Wishes for More

Judge Markley Dennis who was in charge of this case didn’t shy away from making this shocking statement towards the accused: “I wish I could give you more”. What’s interesting is that the judge’s wish turned true! Stick around to see what happened to the man who hurt Caitlyn.

7. Gun Charges

It seems like Karma was playing its part since Sick Dodson was also jailed for gun charges right before Caitlyn’s case was coming to an end. Your jaw will drop when you’ll find out how much jail time the man got in the end!

6. Fifteen Years in Prison

Sick Dodson, the man who is responsible for putting Caitlyn through pain got what he deserved! The man was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Now, this should be enough time for him to realize that what he did was wrong and inhumane. Check out what the Director for anti-cruelty had to say after seeing this case.

5. 36 Hours of Torture

Aldwin Roman who is the Director of anti-cruelty said the following about Caitlyn’s case: “I remember seeing the fear… in her eyes. That was 36 hours of torture”. The Director followed up that statement by saying that animal cruelty is never going to be tolerated while he is around.

4. Goofing Around

In the end, Caitlyn is finally in a good place. This photo shows us how she likes to goof around and that her appetite for food is back on track. This is what we can take from Caitlyn’s whole experience.

3. Animal Cruelty

The way that the lawyer, the judge and the Director of anti-cruelty acted should serve as an example to all of us. No animal deserves to go through what Caitlyn had to suffer and everyone who hurts an animal should have the same fate as Sick Dodson. Just look at the next picture and see how much pain Caitlyn went through.

2. Permanent Scars

Even though things are looking good for Caitlyn right now, she will remain with these horrific scars on her face which will always remind her of what some people are capable of.

1.Internet Celebrity

We should mention that Caitlyn is now an internet celebrity and that her new owner is using her fame to shed light on how gruesome animal cruelty can be. Raising awareness is the only good thing to come out of this. Nonetheless, do you think that Sick Dodson got what he deserved?

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