It’s hard to take care of sick animals or animals that have a deformity. They need a lot of care, love, affection and time. However, when you own an animal, you have to make sure that it has a good quality of life and that you fulfill its needs no matter what problem it may have. Every animal needs a chance at life! So that’s the case of a little kitten with a deformity that some believed that it was a lost cause, but it proved them wrong! Its story will amaze you and will give you hope that everything is possible! Make sure not to miss #19, #16 and #13!

20. A Strange Baby Kitten

That little kitten was born with a condition that is called radial agencies. That condition can cause a deformity of the arms, because it affects the growth of the radius bone. So the arms of that adorable kitten, due to the disorder were bent in a way that she couldn’t walk. Click next to learn what difficulties had the kitten to go through!

19. ” I’m A Kangaroo!”

The previous owner of that little kitten didn’t want to keep her, due to the fact that she had that deformity. She thought that she was a lost case, so she decided that the adorable kitten should be euthanized. However, the kitten needed a chance to prove her wrong. Click next to see how an act of kindness turned everything around!

18. “Ok Now I’m Ready For The Photo”

As the kitten was at the clinic in order to be euthanized, something amazing happened! A member of the staff at the clinic named Cheryl, thought that it was a shame for the kitten not to have a chance to life, so she decided to call “Save Grace Rescue” in Northern California. Do you want to know how the kitten’s life turned out? Click next!

17. “Is That A Fly?

When the kitten arrived at the clinic, she was just four weeks old and weighted less than one pound. However, Cheryl believed that there was something special about that kitten. And she wasn’t wrong! The kitten despite its problem was playful and always wanted to run around exploring things.

16. “I’m Superman!”

Because the little kitten couldn’t walk with her four legs she was hopping around with her back feet and that was really adorable. Because of that they named her “Kanga Roo”. Not long after that, a lady named Joyce showed an interest about adopting Kanga and a while later she found her forever home at Joyce’s.

15. Skittles

Joyce’s family became Kanga’s family, too. In that home, there were many other dogs and cats, but Skittles who was one of the other cats in the house created a strong bond with Kanga. She was very protective and affectionate with Kanga.

14. Hugs And More Hugs

They were inseparable. They would always want to spend time together and just have fun. Skittles took Kanga under her protection and Kanga’s deformity didn’t seem to bother her.

13. Sleeping Together

They would always enjoy each other’s company and they really appreciate a good nap on the couch together. Look how adorable they are as they are sleeping together!

12. One Year Old

When kanga became one year old, her family found out something really amazing about her! Her loving and affectionate nature made her a perfect surrogate mom for many kittens that needed to feel the maternal care.

11. “Hello My Name Is Alealani”

Kanga is now taking care a little gray and white kitten name Alealani, who was born with the same condition as Kanga. The two of them are having a great time and Kanga is really affectionate with the little kitten.

10. Love And Affection

Kanga is trying to teach Alealani how to get around as they have the same deformity. However, both of them are doing great and they really enjoy spending their time together. The two of them have created a strong bond between them and a beautiful friendship.

9. A Fighter

Kanga proved everyone wrong. She wasn’t a lost cause. She was just a special little kitten full of will for life. She was a fighter as she didn’t let her deformity become a burden for what she wanted to achieve and her story should inspire everyone.

8. “Just Chilling”

She was very strong and hardworking. She learned to do everything that a cat does but in her own way. She couldn’t let her deformity bring her down as she was a kitten full of life and energy, trying to explore everything.

7. Relaxing

Cheryl, the woman from the clinic was right when she believed that the little kitten that had been brought to them in order to be euthanized had something special. She was a fighter!

6. “That Was Tasty!”

Kanga is a really special cat. She is loving and affectionate. Despite her deformity, she is full of life and ready to run around and play with her friends without hesitating.

5. “What Is That?”

Kanga had also had Skittle’s help and affection that made her feel like home. Like she was a part of the team and that really help Kanga get back on her feet and adapt to the house. They were partners in crime from the beginning!

4. So Many Kittens!

Joyce’s family always wanted to help animals have a chance to live. They believed that everyone disserved it. As a result, they adopted many animals and they tried to help them have a great life surrounded by love and care.

3. Kanga

They didn’t have a problem to adopt an animal that had a deformity. They believed that these animals were the animals that needed them the most as for many out there they were a lost cause.

2. “Where Is Santa?”

Because of them and the clinic that couldn’t stand the little kitten to be euthanized, Kanga is now living a great life with people that love her and believe that she is special and not a lost case. She was given a chance to life and now she enjoys every moment of it.

1.  A Second Chance To Life

Kanga is a fighter and no one can deny that. She is an adorable cat full of life and energy ready to give love and take care every other foster kitten in need. She is truly amazing and she has a bright future in front of her.

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