Driving on a cold April evening, a man found something lying near the road. It was a small injured wombat. It seemed that he found it too late to be saved. Thinking of removing the animal from the street to prevent someone else swerving their vehicle, he was surprised to find something else. Near the injured wombat there was a tiny pink baby wombat. The poor baby was alive, but without his mother, he wouldn’t have stood a chance. So the man had to make a decision…

20. A Sad Discovery


As the man drove on an Australian road, he found an injured animal. While he saw that the unfortunate furry animal was no longer alive, he discovered something else.

19. A Mother’s Protective Embrace


The dead animal was a mother wombat which held her baby in her arms. The man noticed it when he tried to remove the dead animal from the street, so he made a decision.

18. Rushing for Help


The man, whose name wasn’t mentioned, chose to rush to the nearest clinic and make sure that the tiny wombat would make it on his own.

17. At the Vet


Reaching the vet, this tiny critter received the name of Digger and had a bright future ahead of him. He seemed fine, but if the man wouldn’t have noticed it, he wouldn’t have stood a chance. Let’s check out the whole story.

16. Wild About Wildlife


The owner of the nonprofit animal rescue center, Lisa Milligan stated that: ‘Digger would have been run over, too, or died from stress and cold’ if he wouldn’t have been saved. But how was the tiny wombat feeling?

15. Resilience Kept Him Alive Too


Lisa also said that the baby wombat ‘was very cold and grazed from the road. I thought he was going to be lucky to survive’. But time passed and Digger got bigger and cuter. If you’ve never seen a full grown wombat, here a picture of one. You won’t believe how cute Digger looked!

14. Digger Grew Cuter than Ever


‘Digger has a lot of affection to give; he is a little naughty at times but loves a tummy rub’, added Lisa. And here is where the story gets even better: Digger has made a lot of friends!

13. Max, the New Brother


Lia adopted a baby kangaroo, named Max. As soon as Digger got better, Max was the one who looked after him since the baby wombat arrived at the sanctuary. But wait, there’s more!

12. Lending a Paw


The baby kangaroo was trying to lend a paw to his adoptive mom and he even held Digger’s bottle. There’s nothing cuter than baby brother love. Look at them cuddling!

11. Best Buds


Digger grew bigger and became Max’s best buddy. They love cuddling and playing together. The small pink baby was no longer in danger.

10. Helping Baby Digger


Max has been a great help in helping Digger fully recover. He was the furry little friend that replaced the baby wombat’s mother.

9. Max, The Big Brother


Max is Digger’s big brother that casts his protective shadow over the baby wombat. Look at how Digger gets all comfy while being around Max! Are you ready for more adorable photos?

8. The Kangaroo’s Curiosity


Max was very curious about the baby wombat. This was the first step to building such a beautiful friendship.

7. Digger’s Story Got Better


But he was later taken at the clinic, as he had to get a surgery. His bladder was blocked, an issue which would have been lethal. He got well and got discharged several days later.

6. Max is the New Mummy


Lisa looked at the furry brothers and saw that ‘Max is his new mummy’s shadow’, she also added that ‘What I do, he helps’.

5. ’I’m Helping!’


Max was trying to help Lisa, but he would always create a mess in the meantime. This couldn’t get any cuter! Here are more photos, so you can drown in cuteness!

4. A Second Chance at Life


Digger is happy to be alive and is now a healthy big wombat. And Max has grown big too, but they’re both still together. They’re either sleeping or playing and when they’re just chilling around, it’s time for cute photo-shoots!

3. Wild About Wildlife


Lisa Milligan manages this non-profit shelter and helps orphaned animals like Max and Digger. The shelter relies on donations from kind people.

2. Check Them Out On Facebook


The furry siblings can be seen on the official Facebook page of the shelter. That page contains all the information you want to know about their activity. Helping this kind of shelters makes a difference and helps people take care of orphaned wildlife.

1. Want to Help?


If Digger’s incredible recovery melted your heart, then you can help out too. You can help an animal in need, like the unnamed man that discovered Digger or even make a small donation to the local shelter. Food, bowls, blankets, and consumables for them are always welcomed!

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