One freezing day, a cat was found on the ground in the front of a stranger’s house. The man believed that the cat was already dead, seeing it still and frozen. But as he was passing by the poor cat, he saw her moving her paw. It was a sign that the animal was still alive, so he decided to take action.

The feline met her guardian angel and not only she found a new home, but she also got famous on YouTube! Here is the story of the ginger tabby who later received the name ‘Elsa’!

20. A Cold February Day

On a very cold day, a seventh-grade science teacher noticed something strange in front of his house. It was a feline that appeared to be dead. But at a closer look, the cat looked like it moved a paw. So, he did this…

19. Picking Up the Frozen Cat

The cat was alive, so the first thing he could think of was to pick up the poor animal and take it inside the house. Outside the temperature was below 0 degrees F (-18 degrees C). Despite the fact that it was frozen, he believed the cat could make it.

18. Saving Elsa

The man filmed everything. The video appeared on YouTube and immediately reached over 3 million views in just a month after rescuing her. Here’s what the man did to save her.

17. Warming Up

Although the teacher didn’t have high hopes for the frozen cat, he tried his best to help her defrost. So, he kept the cat under warm water until her body’s temperature felt more normal. The man tried to encourage the cat by talking to her. You won’t believe what happened after the poor animal woke up…

16. ‘Come On, Come On, Buddy!’

In the video, the teacher talks to Elsa: ‘You’re getting there, buddy’, he said while giving her the warm bath. The poor cat needed to be kept in a warm environment, so he wrapped her in hot towels. The cat’s nose suddenly turned to a healthy pink!

15. Meow!

After an hour of being all warmed up, she started meowing. Then she started moving and even accepted some warm milk. Guess what happened after six hours?!

14. Checking Out The Place

After 6 hours of being cuddled and brought back to life, Elsa started moving and eating. The cat survived after all and the teacher was relieved he could save her. But the cat needed medical attention. This was the vet’s opinion

13. ‘Feeling better?’

The video ends with the teacher asking Elsa if she’s better. Looking all healthy and happy, the cat cuddles against his hand and then the teacher says ‘Elsa, I love you’. Hundreds of people in tears commented on the video, thanking him for saving the cat.

12. Elsa Was Fine

The teacher took Elsa to the vet to check out if she was really alright. Surprisingly, the kitten was healthy and didn’t have any frostbites. She was a resistant feline! Here’s what happened to Elsa afterward.

11. A New Home

The man didn’t want to let the cat go back in the freezing weather, so after naming her Elsa, a fitting name for the ice kitty-queen, he decided to keep her.

10. Social Media Was Warmed

This person not only warmed the cat but also the hearts of many people watching his good deed on social media. He saved the cat and gave her a new chance at life. This man was her guardian angel! Check out how Elsa looks now!

9. House Cat 101

Elsa is now a pet and until now she has had a lot of time learning how to be a house cat. She was already great at giving cuddles. But she did need some instructions with the kitty litter.

8. A Happy Cat

You can imagine that Elsa is now a happy and healthy cat that no longer had to stay outside in the freezing cold or live the life of a stray, always looking for food and getting beaten up by other cats or chased by dogs.

7. It Was A Miracle

This new life is great! Elsa’s story shows us that miracles can happen. If the teacher didn’t find the cat in due time or if he didn’t notice that moving paw, Elsa wouldn’t be alive now. But the teacher was truly inspired!

6. Call it Fate

You can call it fate, or whatever you’d like, but it was meant for Elsa to be there. She got saved by this guardian angel and got to learn what a home means. Elsa gets food, a safe shelter and a lot of love from her hero.

5. Winter is Harsh

People should know that if they have stray cats or dogs in their neighborhoods, they should try to help them with anything they can afford. Bringing an animal back to life from freezing is a truly kind gesture!

4. Search for Shelters in Your Town

If you can’t take care of the saved animals for a few days, you can then place them in a shelter. At least you know you’ve done the right humane thing! This cat that had its paws stuck in ice

3. Cat Stuck on an Icy Puddle

This poor cat was caught in an icy puddle and got trapped. A couple saw the feline and tried to pick it up. Then they saw the horrible situation she was in and found a solution to help the poor cat.

2. Hot Water

Filling a bucket with warm water, they poured it over the cat’s paws and finally managed to free it from the ice. They then wrapped it in a warm coat and took it indoors. The frozen cat remained calm all the time and accepted the help.

1. Fluffy Warm Kitty

Even though her fur was bigger than Elsa’s and could keep her warm, this cat’s paws were the ones that trapped her. Both cases could have ended tragically

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