Bonnie Hart is a 64 years-old woman who lives in Texas. She is the proud grandmother of two nieces, but this isn’t the only thing that she is proud of. Bonnie Hart is also the proud owner of a couple of pets that make her day better and bring smiles to her face. However, there is something special about these pets and you won’t believe it until it you see it!

20. Texas Grandmother

Bonnie looks like a normal grandmother, right? But you won’t believe what type of beasts live in her backyard!

19. How It All Started

Bonnie’s story starts when her dog ran off her property in the nearby woods. The woman got worried and started searching for her dog, especially since she knew that there many fierce beats who live there. You won’t believe what she found!

18. Searching For The Dog

As Bonnie was yelling for her dog, something totally unexpected happened! The pooch came out of the woods, but he wasn’t alone!

17. Unexpected Visitors

The dog came back home, but he was followed by two black bears! This terrified Bonnie and what she had to say about this is even scarier…

16. Bonnie Speaks Out

“I thought they were other dogs. And as they got closer, I went Holy moly, they’re bears”, said Bonnie. Let’s see what Bonnie did next.

15. Ferocious Predators

Despite their cuteness, we need to keep in mind that bears are still ferocious predators and this put Bonnie’s life in danger. However, the most amazing thing happened when Bonnie got closer to the bears.

14. The Bears Are Friendly!

To Bonnie’s surprise, the bears were friendly! She got closer to them and they felt comfortable around her. Not only that, but the bears didn’t even want to fight the dog which is quite unusual for them. You won’t believe what the 64-year-old grandma did next.

13. Taking The Bears In

After making sure that the bears were friendly, the grandma did the most amazing thing by taking them in as her own. She was now living with two bears in her backyard! Isn’t this crazy? How do you think her husband reacted to this?

12. A Big Family

Everyone loved having the two bears around! They were now part of the family. If you think this story couldn’t get any crazier than this, then you are wrong! Make sure to stick around for the next pictures because you won’t believe the other pet that Bonnie owns…

11. White Tiger

Yes, Bonnie owns a white tiger. This grandma keeps coming out with new surprises. She received this pet as a gift when it was just a cub. And that’s not all…

10. Tiger Cub

While most people wouldn’t even consider owning a dog or cat, this woman took in a tiger cub.! The next picture will show you just how brave Bonnie is.

9. Top Of The Food Chain

Tigers are ferocious beats who sit at the top of the food chain. Tigers are nothing to mess around with and Bonnie knows that too well. Check out what type of security measures she has in case something goes wrong.

8. Tranquilizer Guns

Even though Bonnie loves being around her exotic pets, she knows that something can go wrong at all times. This is why she bought a couple of tranquilizer guns to keep her safe. Luckily, nothing bad happened until now. You know what’s the craziest thing about this?

7. Playing With The Beasts

Even though it’s pretty dangerous, Bonnie still allows her nieces to play with the pets. “I think it’s a little bit crazy that she likes having tigers and bears”, said one of her nieces. The older niece had a different opinion though.

6. Cool Grandma

“I think it’s really cool. I mean, it’s definitely a different experience. Bears are my favorite animal. Like, overall.” said the oldest niece. We think it’s pretty safe to say that Bonnie holds the title of being the coolest grandma ever. This unusual grandma has even more surprises…

5. Curious Visitors

Bonnie is also proud that her neighbors come to visit her and see the exotic pets every now and then. Although, who would miss an opportunity to see a real-life tiger or bear if they lived right next door?

4. No One Is Going To Take Them Away

Bonnie was asked what will she do if someone ever comes to take her pets away and this is what she had to say: “Shoot them. Point blank. Come on my property and try to take my animals? I don’t care if it’s tigers, bears, horses or dogs, somebody’s going to get shot”. Although this may sound scary, Bonnie is a wonderful person who loves her pets very much. But taking care of them is not as easy as you might think.

3. Expensive Food

We should also mention that while owning bears and tigers might be cool and dangerous, it’s also quite expensive! Bonnie says that she pays somewhere around $1,000 to $1,500 every month for food. Can you imagine spending that much money for your pets?

2. Hungry Tiger

Bonnie says that her tiger is the one who eats the most and that it prefers beef, pork and chicken. While the tiger prefers a diet that’s filled with proteins, the bears enjoy something completely different.

1. Berries and Watermelons

Good thing that the bears love eating berries and watermelons more than meat because they would cause Bonnie to go bankrupt. Nonetheless, what do you think of this cool grandma?

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